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SCANDAL! Mangatron cheats on Houki

Ah man… I knew it. I’m turning into a Cecilia fan XD

Look at those legs! PANTYHOSE!!!

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RE: the controversy, Ro-Kyu-Bu! Bad Ending

And he was never heard from again.

And, just because:

Mission Impossible: Boob Protocol

This from the trailer alone, is this the new scheme? I know I tried to make my top banner something to look at, but this should be a first for the Impossible movies. In the first movie, it was just basically 1 girl, but even she wasn’t much of an impact on the movie. The 2nd movie, was also just 1 girl, who seemed more like a bond girl to me than just a girl caught up in that mission. The 3rd movie had more than just 1 girl, which may have started this trend. Maybe they figured enough with just 1 girl. let’s add more.

Oh, and there was that small audience reaction to the Eminem music in the US trailer, so I suggest you see the Japanese trailer to see why. I have to say the Japanese trailer tries to sell me a Mission Impossible movie, while the US trailer looks like just another action movie.

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The mangatron is getting married!

Houki, my love.

I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Even the Mariana Trenches.

I will love you from the top of my heart to the bottom of my heart.

I will hold you, and caress you. As long as you leg scissor me, that is.

No matter how many times you beat me with your wooden sword, I will
never hate you for it. Just don’t hit my sweets.

When we’re fighting an enemy, I will take a bullet for you with my
Tabane-wedding gift custom built I.S., even if it kills me.

We WILL have kids. If we have a boy, I will not name him Ichika. If we
have a girl, I will name her Shirley. You know, after the 501st
Squadron girl, not… never mind.

In sickness, and in health, for queen and country.

Houki. Will you marry me?

Leaked audio recording of the mangatron’s proposal:

Oh bugger, I’m in for it now lol…

Please do not ask about the diamond ring. And I know there’s only 1 Mariana Trench, but I kinda wanted to cover the others, while name dropping the most well known one. That and… I’m tired of re-takes 😛 Oh, and can anyone guess the hilariousness of Houki’s reply? Just basic Japanese skill is needed there to see the sad conclusion to my one-sided love XD

You guys are perverts!

47% thinks there’s not enough boobies? 

Well, a new season of Anime, and with that I change banners again. I decided to do that since there seems to be a bit more space up there, so hopefully I can change it every season. Though I’m liking what I see now, thanks to poll results, it seems like my readers didn’t get enough boobies last season. Happy now? Okay so it’s not much votes, but a good turnout compared to other polls. Sad that the Sengoku Girls didn’t catch on 😛

Interesting info:

Q: Since when did you decide to make your top banner a boobie banner?
A: Well you know, it sells? Honestly lol, I like to look at them. And that’s it.

Q: Why does Kanako from Nyan Koi always seem to be up there regardless of the current season?
A: She holds a special place in my dreams heart. You might have heard already, but it was that Fall 2009 season where I made my on-time return to Anime viewing, and for such a grand adventure, I really wanted to absorb the series with the cutest girls. Enter Nyan Koi, Kampfer, Sacred Blacksmith, Seitokai no Ichizon, and the like, and that’s where we’re at now. Kanako has a personality I fell in love with, and ahem her big ones too of course. It was the pool episode (09 or 10 I think) where she had an underboob scene, and that was enough to splurt massive amounts of blood from my nose. Of course her eyecatch (the image used in the banner) also made me bleed profusely, so there we have it. KANAKO!

By the way I always do multiple vote choices. You know, in case you think there’s a lot of a little bit of no boobies…. er…

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R-15 episode 01: more like Rated R

Why censor her? The girl was just going to lift her skirt to cool her self down after a hot day…

Hmm, when was the last time I’ve seen lipstick on an Anime Girl that looked this good?

Ah, if I ever needed a reason to watch this series, she’d be it…

…except there’s quite a number of twintails to go around,


Chief-chan actually went no-pan…

Listen up TV stations! The censors are too bright, ya hear? Because she says so!

She needs a dakimakura with a clarinet on it, hugging this hard thing isn’t healthy…

Hey, any Infinite Stratos viewers out there? Looks like Clarinet girl went to the same twilight zone as Ichika lol.

Ok, this be the second Anime I’ve seen this season that defies the Laws of Physics. First of all, we have the guy being all heroic and trying to… defend against a missile.
 Forget the absurdity of that, what is important is that he’s facing the missile, and let’s round it off to him having his back to her. Now, the explosion dictates that objects in contention with the force must be blown backwards.
 Now, looking at the bench, it suffered a terrible blow straight down the middle, meaning that girl should be particles in the wind. Even so, the explosion would have blown her up and over the bench, over the plateau, and down the cliff. Yet, we see him on top, her simply having rolled down off the bench, and despite the fairly intact clothes of the two, the poor bench suffered critical damage. I have now just typed this whole thing for nothing.

Hopefully Sadistic Chief-chan will continue to have more screen time, I admit she’ll be the driving force behind my will to watch this series.

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idolmAster episode 01: FPS anime

My waifu. Look at those legs!

Ah, idolmAster. Everytime I think of an iMaster anime, I always remember Xenoglossia… if that’s how it’s spelled lol. Really, back when that Xenoglossia came out, it struck me as odd, I was expecting something more like what we have now for Summer 2011.

And I don’t mind more of this kind of first person Anime style for iMaster. It’s fun, I’ll tell you that much. Life at the office is so lively with this many girls, and what, before producer-san arrived, there was only 1 male? President-san was a lucky guy XD

Oh, and this made me laugh:

I don’t need to explain, right? Because I’d love to show her something I have that changes as it gets bigger 😛

And I seriously want to be Hibiki’s hamtaro. I love that girl, she’s got nice proportions, not too big up there, purrty legs, and a ponytail. MY WAIFU. Not saying I don’t like Miki’s big ones 😀 Anyways at the end of the ep, producer-san is no longer a faceless fellow. All those iMaster doujins made me laugh too, at how we the reader was supposed to be him. Oh, and the dancing credits, ah a good reason to watch the credits for every ep, let’s see if I can do that.

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Mayonnaise Chicken Episode 01

Makes me wonder if I ever tasted chicken dipped in mayonnaise. Aside from a chicken burger anyways…

But I totally got the MM! vibes from this, mainly of the guy getting beat by the girls. And really, that’s such an obvious pairing right there, a girl dressing up as a boy, what a perfect medicine for a guy afraid of girls. Where have I seen that before… amusing that they called him a chicken, considering I already decided on that.

I still enjoy this series though, my M tendencies aside, as the girls are so purrty (Subaru in hair down girl uniform mode). I am hereby awestruck by Narumi. May the world know this day that the mangatron hath fallen for Yukikaze all over again XD NARUMI IS MY WAIFU AWHOOOOO NICE BIG EARS

Yes, I have not read the manga. Yes, that is an egg head decision and yes, I don’t think I will read it until the series finishes airing lol….

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