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New Highschool DxD previews

You can watch it here (sorry I didn’t embed it.)

How bad is my connection? My wireless carrier seems to hate all things Google (seriously), and my uploads to my blog here are always incomplete, so you might have noticed most of the images here are from my WordPress blog. Frustrating.

Is this a coincidence, deja vu or…?

 What do these 3 have in common? A lot more than you think 😉

First of all, I hate coincidence. Second of all, irony always likes to bite me in the grass. Third…. I know I did not see this coming, but it sure is (creepy?) hilarious. Let’s look into it.

First off a little rundown of what RE: the controversy is. RE: the controversy is my reply to controversy regarding a topic that springs up in a series, whether by me or by what others’ interpretation of a particular scene in an Anime. I then poke fun at it in the form of these (usually) 4koma-like set of screenshots subtitled by my over-the-top zany imagination. The result varies per individual (usually in the form of laughs)

So, the biggest hit of my Spring 2011 4koma joke subs (or trollsubs, as a fellow Animesuki member put it), was Dog Days, specifically this one that pokes fun at the relationship between Millimeter and the Hero. For Summer 2011, I started things with this one, the most popular one that season, again poking fun at the relationship between the lead male and (arguably *cough*) the lead female of the series Ro-Kyu-Bu. And then of course for Fall 2011 there is the recent Guilty Crown one, which proves to be my biggest hit in terms of total enjoyment by readers at 3 different websites I posted it. Again, I poked fun at the lead male and lead female’s relationship. Now what makes all this so hilarious? You might have figured it out by now, but here we go:

1. All 3 series feature a lead female with Pink Hair.
2. Two of the girls are great singers, while the 3rd girl is a great ball handler….with a niiice voice 🙂
3. All 3 girls are deeply involved with the lead male in question.
4. All 3 girls are…. not the best in breast size in their respective series.(I didn’t call them flat!!)
5. All 3 girls have some form of ribbon hair accessory tied onto their heads.
6. All 3 girls were “hurt” by the male protagonists in my joke subs.
7. For the male characters, all 3 have hair that begins with a b (1 blonde, 2 browns)
8. All 3 of the lead males are referred to with names beginning with the letter “S”, with Sink, Subaru and Shu (technically, Dog Days’ “Sink” is officially called “Cinque”, but pronounciation-wise it’s “si-” instead of “ke-“, and no one I’ve seen online referred to him as Cinque, and fansubbers stubbornly stuck with their “Shinku” lol)
9. Finally, I gave Bad Endings to all 3 male protagonists. NO SURVIVORS LOL.

I swear I did not plan all of this, heck I originally did not plan to watch Guilty Crown if it weren’t for a certain mod’s posting of the Nyantype/Megami posters (before the Fall 2011 began, the poster with Ponytail and catgirl in bodysuits). Now how’s that for a deja vu filled coincidental irony? XD

Now I feel like looking up all of next season’s anime and see which one of my watchlist involves a pink haired girl. I’ve hurt them enough XD

Playing today’s Anime on a low-end Windows Laptop

Original unedited screen capture

 Whoa, isn’t that pixelized. How do we fix that? Read on to find out!

Having recently helped a fellow Animesuki Forum member regarding playback of today’s anime with a low end laptop, I figured it’s time I shared the setup. First, we’ll need a few things here. Note that I’m currently on XP so chances are everything might not go the same way, but I did these exact same things on Win7 when I used it so I’m sure it’ll work with OS’s higher than XP. A 64Bit OS might not work at all, unless the 32Bit versions of these files are used. I should also mention that if you have any codec packs installed, you’ll need to remove those. Personally I was never fond of those.

 My Specs. That’s 1GB of RAM, Intel GMA 965 x3100 graphics.

First we’ll need:
FFDshow, files with the newest date (Note than a 64Bit OS can still use the 32Bit FFdshow because we’ll be using the 32Bit MPC)
Media Player Classic (Yeah I’m using the old one :D, so any MPC better than that should work too, including Home Cinema. By the way, since I’m on XP, I use Media Player 6 as well, yes the very old one, for smoother playback XD)
Haali Media Splitter.
These files. (just in case, but inside are my FFDshow settings)

So, first off, we’ll install FFDshow, and then Haali media splitter.
Maybe those newest FFDshow files took care of this(I’m still using Rev 3996 October 14, 2011), but you might need to  extract the 3 .ax files in my Codec Essential’s RaR file into “\Windows\System32\”, and then go to Start Menu->Run, and type “regsvr32” (without quotes, again this is a 32bit setting so 64bit might be different). These help if you’ve got no video/audio when playing a file.
Run the “ffdshow.reg” in my Codec Essentials, although since I’m using an older FFDshow that might not work :(, so here’s how to do it manually:
Let’s configure FFDshow, because this is important. When you open the FFDshow Video Decoder Configuration, select “codecs” on the left panel, and on the right side select H.264/AVC, make the decoder “libavcodec” and look blow this part and you’ll see a checkbox that says “skip deblocking always”, and make sure it’s checked.
On the left panel, select “Decoder Options”, and make sure it looks as follows:

This is important: On the left hand side, scroll down to “Output”, and make sure you’re settings are as follows:

Then, go to the “RGB Conversion” on the left panel, and make it as follows:

We’re done with FFDshow, onto configure MPC.
In MPC, make the settings as follows:

(I use “VMR7 Renderless” because I’m a screen capper, you can use “VMR7 Windowed” if you’re a non-screen capper)

That’s just about it. If you’ve got Intel Graphics, it might help to disable any sort of video playback enhancement your software has. Due to some screw-up between Intel and Sony, I’m using an incompatible driver set, so I’m sure these settings should work independent of video drivers. I have tested files from a number of fansub groups, so I know it’s not isolated to just one group or encoder (unless all these groups outsource their encoding to a freelance third party like we used to back when I was a translator). I’ve been using FFDshow since I shunned CCCP back in 2006, and back then this configuration was able to play 720p video on my 2005 model solo-core 1.6Ghz laptop. Even better is that playing Quicktime Trailers from Apple Trailers also works with this setup without even installing Quicktime, and playback of Real Media files is also possible without RealAlternative. That’s not all, if you use MPC Home Cinema, you can play back .flv Adobe Flash files (might need to install the ActiveX Flash Plugin, use Internet Explorer to install, not Firefox or other browsers). Post comments to let me know how this all works out

 Now that looks better!

The first of several changes.

What a strange month of October. Bad health, self-inflicted partition errors, Qaddafi bites the dust, not to mention I am so in love with the Fall 2011 anime season. But, this post was meant to be a minor update on one of the changes to my blog, and I’d like to announce the new plan in regards to posting certain things: WordPress will be the more extremely perverted side of things. A lot of this mostly revolves around stuff relating to 18+ stuff that’s not appropriate for my blog here, which I want to avoid the Adult content rating as much as possible for Blogger. According to my observations of WordPress-based hentai doujin scanlator teams, it seems one does not need to engage in that extra step of “you are about to enter a mature site” thing Blogger has, supposing you do make an 18+ blog.

I know it seems like a weird decision, but consider this an evaluation for myself: can I completely move to WordPress, or can I not live without Blogger? I have a lot of fun memories here, while WordPress…. looks awfully plain. Maybe that’s where its strength lies…

Anyways, visit the Majikoi episode 02 uncensored pic above over at the wordpress post!

Majikoi Uncensored… partly

Ah, the beauty of girls... without blockades(Yeah her hand is that big). WordPress, why do you make this so hard...

Well that doesn’t look good. I don’t mean the girls, I mean why in the world is WordPress so…. I don’t know, screwy? I know this is my first WordPress post, but it’s so unfriendly. For example, I do image captions a lot. With Blogger I get to set it manually, but WordPress has an option to make it automatically. Should be easy, right? Wrong. Apparently, adding the picture first would not let me type into the body of my post. I had to switch to html editing, type some random jargon after the tags, and then I can type outside the darn caption box. I don’t swear often, but damn I had to do it now. My blinking text cursor disappears sometimes too…

Yes,  I use Firefox. Yes, I have no choice because of my capitalistic wireless carrier (seriously, compressing the entire internet all based on User agents for IE, FF, and Chrome? Sunnova…), and what the bloody hell, Chrome is so… okay, I did search for stuff relating to the User agent, and I have not found an add-on for user Agent editing like Firefox’s User Agent Switcher. So there, Firefox as my browser of choice (or my lack of choice).

Ranting aside, WordPress has a lot going for it in regards to these nice set of options. Just… I just don’t like all this mass dependancy on javascripting (Or how about this: a flash uploader by default for adding images? How much did Adobe pay you guys…:P) I switched to a browser based uploader for my images in a heart beat. I guess I need time to work on this whole WordPress’ing…

Ok finally ending my rants, let’s talk about the picture, ja? Why is it uncensored “partly”? Well, I abandoned the uncensoring project for this scene. There’s a number of reasons, mostly but not limited to:

-This was worked on right after ep 02 came out. Of course, shortly afterwards my laptop needed serious maintenance, so a considerable amount of time passed and the novelty of the joke is a bit stale.

-This is actually a composite of 2 720p-sized scenes. I failed to realize that the scene where the dog floats out of the bath was an easier edit than my first choice, the very first time you see this scene (when the girls started chatting). So I thought it’d be easier to add my edits of the first scene with edits of the second scene, and we have the not so bad looking incomplete image above.

-I suffered several health issues during the time since Majikoi ep 02 aired, which just several hours ago I suffered a sever migraine (a recurring health problem, if you did not know).

-I decided to… fix a Charlotte Dunois image instead. :p

-When the eps proceeding ep 02 had even more fun scenes to uncensor, I realized this wasn’t as unique as my Mayo Chiki endeavor (that episode 05 thing).

-As anyone who had to move stuff from one hdd to another, I can tell you I’m still having a heck of a time moving stuff around. I had to move over 300GB of data around…

And, last but not least. Look forward to my Shirley edit 😀

Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls official art and more

Oh look, another girl with a weapon about twice her size…

A few days ago, I was heartbroken at the minimalistic numbers of Naoe-chan artwork, and so I hunted down the official site in the most complicated way (blog-to-anime-site-to-Hyakka-Ryoran-site) possible since I was using my smarthphone to do this.

Similar to what I did with Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, I’ll be collecting them into one place that would be [hopefully] easily accessible to all sorts of devices, be it tablets or smartphones.

Click here to go to the album

My favorites of course being Naoe-chan 😉

 Look at Naoe-chan’s legs…

Also on board the main site for all things Hyakka Ryoran, is a number of 4koma drawn by Kazahana Chiruwo. I’ll admit, this artist does make me look like a recruit lol (to pat myself on the back, I go Black and White). Although, I think one has to know the characters before hand or have novel knowledge to fully enjoy the 4koma, as I’m wondering if these characters really do have these personalities. I uploaded the 4koma to the Hyakka album in case the main site be difficult to browse (my smartphone has next to no east asian language support, or at least Opera Mini doesn’t, which can probably be said for Opera Browser too depending on ROM language). Strangely enough, 4koma #10 seems to be inaccessible (too ecchi perhaps? XD). There’s 20 (or 21) 4koma so far, with some nice Naoe-chan, Fabio, you got your work cut out for you, buddy.

Here be the sources for these fine arts:

You’re probably wondering why I don’t list some images though, these should be accessed on sites like Danbooru, Moe Imouto, etc. (funnily enough, the official art of the (novel?) designed girls weren’t on Danbooru a couple of days ago, so I got those off There’s also the reason that, I still have not seen Google’s image hosting rules, which I play it safe by not showing 18+ content so as to avoid the Adult tag on my blog. That, and, the Photobucket fiasco had me think twice as to just how often these sites change their TOS or just what is it that ticks them off (tell me why did they have to delete this picture, which was “in violation of their terms”).

Comments open to all, no login required. Users already signed into their Google account can comment too.

Let the Twintail love flow

Lately, the only anime I’ve had the greater part of my mind on is Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls, and it’s a no brainer who the girl in that series excites me most, Naoe Kanetsugu. So, in a different approach than the Teruya Eiko interview (which I feel should stand on it’s own as the only tail related interview), I’ll talk a bit about why the love flows for my Naoe-chan.

The source

There’s always a reason for wanting something, right? Like, you’d want a car so you can drive it to take you places, or you’d want a girlfriend for some lovin’, or like how you’d want a cell phone to make calls as you’re out and about. In the case of Naoe-chan, there’s a reason why I like her, right? Well, not in the way that you think, as it’s not limited to my tail interview, but rather the source of all things character design.

Raira (or will the licensor-to-be call her Lyra?)

That’s a really big scroll. And a lot of butt to wipe :p

It’s no surprise I like to call on the Luminous Arc girls for some default template designs, but Raira for Luminous Arc 3 is, of course, the girl of that game that tingles my spider sense (this being way before I heard of Hyakka Ryoran). As you can see, Naoe-chan shares somewhat of a similar design to Raira, and for some reason I have an infatuation with girls carrying weapons much larger than normal (It’s known among LA2 players that Dia from Luminous Arc 2 is my favorite of LA2). “But mangatron! They’re all twintails!” you say, but I’d like to show you how I love the twintail and why my love goes deeper than at a glance.

I’m always amused thinking how these girls would look like in real life…

Know Your Twin Tails presented by The mangatron

There’s more to the twin tails than just a girl having two tails of tied hair. There’s the side mount, and the rear mounted styles. In the following image you can see where I’m going with this:

I’m a big fan of Hatsune Miku, green hair and all, which she sports the side mounted twin tails. This style accentuates the tails more than rear mounted, as both tails are somewhat visible from all angles (mostly due to the hair accessory used). This method shows how nicely the hair accessory ties the hair, and makes possible almost all types of accessories to be used to tie the hair. This style also accentuates what I like to call the Twin Tail Wave. (as in, when Miku turns her head sideways, the twin tails primarily go in opposite directions, clockwise or counter-clock. I might need a better name…)

 The Twintail Wave. Note the background tail going to the right and the foreground tail moving to the left

Naoe-chan, and Raira with the rear mounted tails, provide a whole different experience to the twin tail description. By having rear mounted twin tails, when viewed from the front, they can give the illusion that they have a lot of hair flowing behind them with two hair accessories atop their head (Note Naoe-chan’s front view in the pic a few lines up). Now, whatever accessory they use to tie their hair, cannot be very wide (like the gigantic ribbon seen in anime, recent anime think Zakuro from Otome Youkai Zakuro), and it can only be fully seen from the side or rear views. Next, when these girls turn their heads, both tails primarily go in the same direction, what I like to call The Twintail Line Drive (baseball fan here). Rear mounted twin tails can also give the illusion of a ponytail when viewed from the side of a girl running forward.

Line drive up the middle into center field! The Yankee’s lose!

If you ever wondered just how much of a twintail fetish I am and how much I love Naoe-chan, this should probably dispel any concerns as to how crazy I am about them. XD Of course, this post is just the tip of the iceberg for my Twintail love, there’s still various other topics, such as hair color, tail length, hair accessory used, etc. Which is for another time…hehehe…. *cough*

Comments open to all, no login required. Users already signed into their Google account can comment too.

7 Days of Anime July 18-24

7 Days of Anime (7DA) is a column by the mangatron where he grades the episode of the week for the series’ that he follows. Grades are done with 3 things in mind: 1) How well the episode fits into the current pacing [of the main story], 2) How well it maintained a viewers interest, and 3) overall enjoyment level (Animation quality, sounds of music and voice, and use of story elements).

A = Time well spent
B = If it’s your cup of tea, drink it
C= Only the fans will enjoy it regardless
+ = And then some
– = Something is missing…

Asobi ni Ikuyo episode 02

Pretty much a continuation of last weeks episode, but it concludes that part of the story at the end of this ep..

Grade: B-
Pros: Hmm… action? With gun slinging girls? XD
Cons: Showed quite a lot, with its share of answers answered and questions with no answers. Like how does Aoi-chan get out of that armor :p

Strike Witches episode 03

3 little witches went to the boot camp. 3 Little witches fought a Neuroi. Then the 3 little witches slept together… on the same bed XD

Grade: C
Pros: Perrine-chan crotch.
Cons: About as normal as a Strike Witches episode can get, so nothing negative here.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 04

Continuing backstory’s of Otogi Bank members, this one focuses on Otsuu-chan (the maid).

Grade: B-
Pros: I made note on the Animesuki forums about how I felt the 2 recent eps were more touching to me than all of Angel Beats minus the last 5 minutes.
Cons: Not much in the way of Ryouko x Ryoushi if that’s what floats your boat.

Amagami SS episode 04

Final Fight of the Haruka arc. That was quick.

Grade: B-
Pros: Haruka’s “Wow!”
Cons: In the aftermath of their romance, they didn’t seem to age well >____>

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 04

More adventuring from Agnes and her good friends. Whoever said this series isn’t ecchi needs to see this.

Grade: B-
Pros: Agnes undressing. Naked Agnes. Agnes taking a bath. Agnes Agnes AGNES
Cons: Carina gets shafted for the most part of the ep. But it is an Agnes ep, so….

Highschool of the Tot Episode 03

More manga adventures of school related personel surviving. It’s…. Highschool, you know.

Grade: C
Pros: Maybe if I don’t find anything good to say, does that count as a good thing?
Cons: It’s an animated manga so far. Wait, that doesn’t seem bad…

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 04

Shino and Aria return to school and the regular hilarity insues.

Grade: A
Pros: Bondage Teddy bear. ENOUGH SAID.
Cons: This episode can do no wrong…

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episode 03

Continuing the showdown between Kazehana and the Disciplinary Squad.

Grade: B
Pros: Benitsubasa kicking butt.
Cons: Not much Yukari-chan T___T

Winner of the week: Seitokai Yakuindomo and it’s Bondage Teddy

 Ceiling Teddy Bear (Bondage Ed.) is watching you… never mind.

Seriously, the entire episode should win the award, but Bondage Teddy stood out as the most hilarious surprise that not even I could have foreseen. The entire execution from the in-box camera to the one by one revealing of the bear, his hanging, and right down to the closing of the moment with Tsuda’s “Ha Haaaaaa…” Pure brilliance.

Due to my wireless carrier being a dick, I’ll be keeping the 7 Days of Anime with short descriptions. Once I break even back to normal weekly updates and should my wireless carrier continue to provide good service, then I’ll be providing much more than 1-liner episode descriptions and probably a better description for why I graded said episode its grade.