Monthly Archives: December 2009

Still under Renovation

Blog is still undergoing renovation. Ja ja, wouldn’t I like to have this done by New Years…

post date test part 3

Here we go again. This time we’re on a Samsung SGH-i617 Blackjack II w/WM6.1 posted with Opera Mini 5 beta 2 via JbedRose for smartphones.

post date test part 2

Here we go again. Let’s see how multiple same day posts go. Posted from a Palm Treo750 with Opera Mini 5 beta 2 via jbed java machine 2.1 ver.

Posted date test

This is an email test posted from a Palm Treo750 smartphone. You might have noticed that some posts do not have a “ppsted date”. Sure makes it hard to track down changelogs.

Could be Firefux, could be the template. Let's see what a phone post can do.