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Hi-Res Infinite Stratos OVA preview

Click images for 720p sizes
Houki taking a bath! Looks like I need a bath too! *strips and pounces on Houki*

I admit, I can’t help but laugh at the articles and blog posts online that do a deep analysis about why Infinite Stratos sells so much. I say Screw It, it’s all about the girls, plain and simple english XD

Seriously, it’s not often we get a series with mecha girls, and not to mention getting an OVA like this, with the girls in casual outfits? Look at Laura, wearing a party dress or something lol. Shirley looks like she just stepped out of a high class all-girls school, and Rinny looks like the weather is cold out lol, but I’m all for Houki and her sleeveless dress shirt, miniskirt ZZZZZZZZettai Ryouiki combo XD

-Fun facts:

What does the above picture mean? It could mean that there are fans of Ichika’s and Banager’s voice actor, or you know…. mecha fans. Analyze that!

Not bad, eh? #11 in Anime category, and #35 in DVD’s in general, I’d say Infinite Stratos is doing quite well…. 1 year later without some Madoka airing. Analy-…. never mind.

-Sad fact: I’ve yet to see a single BluRay/DVD version episode of the TV series. Now where’s that box cutter…. XD

A little update

Usami finally reveals her pantsu in the disc release for Mayo Chiki!

I think I’ve been here before. The part where I thought small, quick posts were a lot better than dead silence. And that’s why I’m writing this post on the last day of November to inform those 600+ readers that have come by the past several weeks. First off, November has been a very unhealthy month for me. You might recall that Charlotte Dunois photoshop in the early weeks of this month. That job cost me in several ways, including days of writhing pain in my right wrist, which led to me frequently using a cast/splint more often, as well as repairing my Trackball mouse I half destroyed almost a year ago for use once again, and completely ditching the conventional mouse altogether. Ah, both good things and bad things never happen by themselves, and not long afterwards, real life comes back into my life, and that’s where we’re at the final weeks of November, where that second-hand smoke incident earlier in the year happened again (old man neighbor continues to smoke despite suggestions he stop), resulting in the past 5 days with me continuously inhaling menthol 24/7, something one might also know as aromatherapy.

I’ve had free time to watch about half my Fall 2011 Anime list, why not the rest of that on forums and my blog and what not? I do also participate in XDA-developers ROM cooking duties, and this is the main part of my update that I felt should be shared. My time on XDA-devs is important, and not just for me, for others too who depend on the skills I utilize as a ROM Chef. Why not share that knowledge so others can take up the slack? Sure, I did, my work has brought in 2 Chef’s, but those ended up being basic ROMs, with bugs no less, and it ends up as there’s something only I can do, which for some reason no one else does, and instead they look to me, the godfather of this line of phones. You know that feeling you get when you have a good idea, and try to do it?

I never try to think about what to do if I fail, but this is one of those many situations where I also cared not to think of the consequences of when I succeeded, and the impending expectations others place on you. But with blog post drafts piling up, time does not smile upon me, and if my health gets the better of me, my time may run out before I know it.

The broadcast of Mayo Chiki episode 05, where the chicken’s head conveniently covers what HAS to be seen XD

I love Masamune Usami

Ah, how many times to I have to say this? Forget it, at least the Usami Madness continues 😛


Mayo Chiki Episode 08, Usami-chan baths!

Ah, how frustrated I was when episode 08 rolled around, and I never got to see Usami-chan bathing. Well, with my overflowing ero-power, I made Usami-chan bath.

I loved this ‘shop, mainly because it was such a ridiculously clever use of mind tricks. I make no secret that I’ve been studying the human psyche, and I decided to utilize some of that in tricking the eyes of what they normally don’t perceive. Let’s look at how I made this ‘shop:

Ah, the original scene. Subaru should have let her hair down :p

Here’s a scene from episode 06. Why did I choose this scene? See the time of day? It’s sunset, casting a soft orange glow over Usami-chan, giving her an identical coloring as if she was in a softly lit place, such as the hot spring.

Ah, here’s where the mind trickery starts. Of course, Usami has her head slightly down, while Subaru has her head up high. That means some of the foilage in the background has been covered by Subaru, and not Usami. So, I’m not going to draw some leaves, so I decided to rip them off the background itself.

Let’s put it over Subaru, so that it looks like the foilage was originally there. Looks terrible, ja?

Until the final product of course. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the mind trick I’m playing on viewers is the fact that the foilage is quite literally just a bunch of leaves, by itself it looks like a bad copy-pasta, but when semi-covered by Usami’s face, our perception of the foilage is no longer complete, and instead our brains get the idea that someone is standing in front of the leaves, so they are therefore random to our eyes.

Of course, the joke is, in a picture like this, what’s the first thing you look at? The foilage? The rocks? The cute, naked girl that’s smiling at you? XD

Mayo Chiki episode 05: through the eyes of a pervert

So you think you watched Mayo Chiki episode 05 in it’s BluRay form? Think again.

Well…….. Of course it’s photoshopped. But this is how I wanted to see this episode, that pink pantsu must not be obscured!

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Suzutsuki Kanade Pillow cover

I have this great idea. I would spill some milk all over those exact same spots on the pillow, and then lick it. LICK IT ALL OVER.

She’s 9,240 Yen, apparently arriving September 15th.

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Usami madness

 You know, I kinda like this wallpaper. Everytime I be working away on my lappy, I’ll always get the feeling I’m going to get my butt kicked if I don’t work hard enough XD

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Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls official art and more

Oh look, another girl with a weapon about twice her size…

A few days ago, I was heartbroken at the minimalistic numbers of Naoe-chan artwork, and so I hunted down the official site in the most complicated way (blog-to-anime-site-to-Hyakka-Ryoran-site) possible since I was using my smarthphone to do this.

Similar to what I did with Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, I’ll be collecting them into one place that would be [hopefully] easily accessible to all sorts of devices, be it tablets or smartphones.

Click here to go to the album

My favorites of course being Naoe-chan 😉

 Look at Naoe-chan’s legs…

Also on board the main site for all things Hyakka Ryoran, is a number of 4koma drawn by Kazahana Chiruwo. I’ll admit, this artist does make me look like a recruit lol (to pat myself on the back, I go Black and White). Although, I think one has to know the characters before hand or have novel knowledge to fully enjoy the 4koma, as I’m wondering if these characters really do have these personalities. I uploaded the 4koma to the Hyakka album in case the main site be difficult to browse (my smartphone has next to no east asian language support, or at least Opera Mini doesn’t, which can probably be said for Opera Browser too depending on ROM language). Strangely enough, 4koma #10 seems to be inaccessible (too ecchi perhaps? XD). There’s 20 (or 21) 4koma so far, with some nice Naoe-chan, Fabio, you got your work cut out for you, buddy.

Here be the sources for these fine arts:

You’re probably wondering why I don’t list some images though, these should be accessed on sites like Danbooru, Moe Imouto, etc. (funnily enough, the official art of the (novel?) designed girls weren’t on Danbooru a couple of days ago, so I got those off There’s also the reason that, I still have not seen Google’s image hosting rules, which I play it safe by not showing 18+ content so as to avoid the Adult tag on my blog. That, and, the Photobucket fiasco had me think twice as to just how often these sites change their TOS or just what is it that ticks them off (tell me why did they have to delete this picture, which was “in violation of their terms”).

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