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I am 3 days late!

3 days late? For what? Why, that sad announcement I mentioned in the previous post….several days ago XD.

As of last Sunday, I decided to postpone all fansub translating duties till further notice. I cite several reasons:

-A new project with my work came up, and I have to prioritize that.
-With less free time than I had before, I decided to use the remaining free time with watching anime(to clear my queue) and for other anime humoristic concoctions I may come up with.
-Some of you may not know, but I hate typing. Well, just a little bit…not exactly hate, but when you’ve done that for a considerable amount of times in your life, it get’s kind of stale, and my last translation job, To Heart 2 OVA, was nearly 400 lines and I kinda went ballistic lol. We can probably thank Mavis Beacon for that >_>
-And… ears are sensitive, kinda like a….rabbit lol. I aim to use my headphones the least amount of times as much as possible.
-(What kind of excuse was that previous one? Lame lol)

Ahem anyways, the main point is, stopping my translation duties does little to free up any free-time I have. I don’t game as I usually have done, I don’t draw as much as I did before, and well, very little time these days….

It hurts me to have a minor role in fansubbing, as I found it quite enjoyable working with fansubs. Now, I’m not saying I’m quitting fansubs, I’m just stopping translations for groups. Oddly enough, that makes it one less translator in the fansub world with the already low amount of translators these days.

Have any thoughts on my decision? Leave a comment and vote on the following poll, as I now introduce post based polls specifically for the post in mind.

What do you think of mangatron’s decision about translating?
mangatron! You betrayed us! Anime will never be the same without you!
Rest well, old friend.
By not translating, you disgrace all the anime girls you love.
You’re lying.

Welcome to mangatron Ver 2.0 Master Grade!

Ok well not master grade lol, still some tweaks to the templatey I must do, but yeah, new layout designed to separate both sidebar columns to hold their respective items. Also means an entirely new and different way of doing things now. Changes that are noteworthy:

  • -All blog related items are now on the left. Which means if you’re looking for something related to the blog, you’ll have to look at the left. Like if there’s some nice ecchi picture posted here you might find a link to a source on the left….hehehe….
  • -All other special items go on the right. Like polls, ads, pop-ups, troj-…….uh, forget the last two lol….
  • -Now all posts will be tagged, so you can find the related posts using the links at the left sidebar. Don’t ask why I didn’t do so earlier ~__~
  • -Of course, Chocosis banner of the old blog is gone. Word has it a campaign to erase the “lolitron” nickname has begun….
  • -Note Fate Testarossa banner XD
  • -This blog will be strictly anime and manga based. Posts about my odd life will go to my personal blog, posts about my gaming life will be posted at the Gamespot blog.
  • -And, last but not least, behaviours will change lol.

Now, to answer a few questions:

Q: What happened to you? Did you die?
A: I’m right here lol.

Q: Where?
A: Next question please.

Q: Fate-oh chan <3!

Q: Behaviours? You mean you will embrace the “lolitron” nickname?
A: Ok this is getting out of hand lol….

All new behaviours I will do in the future will be explained now, as my FAQs seem to have failed lol. Notice the links area on the top left? I’ve linked to the sites I visit regularly. Meaning I read the articles, and I’m going to provide my view of them here. Yes, all news/updates and anything I see these days I’m going to provide my insane/crazy view on them. lol. All part of the anime humor title I wish to resurrect. And, look at the right. Notice two oddly cute girls one on top of the other. ……No, not the yuri way, I meant one image above the other lol. Now, I know this is weird, and don’t ask how I found the site lol, but it’s one of those things that let you create your own, ahem, girl using pre-made templates/images like shirts, skirts, pantsu and…..wait, I never seen the last part lol….ahem anyways, the whole process doesn’t take even 10 minutes, and who knows….I just may make a whole plethora of them lol. Favorites and newly made girls will go on the right, and NO! They are not LOLI lol XD. Site is still beta, apparently. So why do I bother using this site? Well, I draw manga now and then, and I find it amusing creating a new design for a girl every now and then. Who knows,I just may create a cute design from this site and use it in a manga lol. Next new “behaviour” of mine, I was thinking of returning to the Photoshop side of me. You know, like that Sayuri Amamiya pantsu I made. No, I don’t intend to do de-clothing like them dudes at Ozaku Getter, but the kind of Photoshopping like…..what I said earlier lol.

Polls will be added to posts that are opinion based, like for instance, my episode summaries. And anything crazy I may concoct. Polls will also mostly be “What do you think” kind of polls, although that may change.

Well, that seems like a lot. I must have alot of time on my hands, ja? Well, this sunday I am going to make an announcement, and, as a spoiler it may be a sad news kind of announcement lol. But, if you pursuade me to re-think this “sad announcement”, maybe I’ll think it over, huh?

Once again, I am back, and remember to update your links! Silly Blogger, for some odd weird reason won’t let me re-use the old domain I used. Also, if you’re an Animesuki Forum member and someone who is passionate about anime as I am drop a comment on this post so I can add you to my buddy list. Right now I’m compiling a special list of people that I will reveal the purpose of later, but even if you’re not an Animesuki forum member drop a comment with your most used username and forum/site location of username and I’ll add you to this “Special list”. What is this list anyways? Hint: I hear some of you don’t have as much money as others…

I never did say what happened to me, right? Go to my personal blog to find out what happened to me.

List of changes:

-New 3 column layout derived from a Final Sense design
-Added: mangatron’s locations. Links to forums/sites I am a part of.
-Added: Danny Choo, Moe-yo!, Gunota, Dalong banners
-New gaming stat added: Delta Force Blackhawk Down
-Added: Gamespot badge
-Added: Resource links
-Added: Post tags
-Added: Polls
-Added: Anime girls created at Doll Wizard.

Have something to say about this new layout? Drop a comment and vote your respective vote on the poll at the right sidebar column. And don’t forget to visit my personal blog as I have alot to explain as to my absence for the past two weeks. Also, all IM options have been removed from forums and the like, I had one bastard who IM’s me telling me to feck off lol, without bothering to tell me what to feck off and where XD.