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RE: the controversy tackles Guilty Crown….again

It might help to see this one first for the joke to really hit home

The series remains funny as always:

Big shout out to you mini mkv uploaders, that is, those of you who soft sub these. You know who you are 😉

RE: the controversy pokes fun at Guilty Crown again

To celebrate (!) Gai’s death, I present the alternate universe:

Note: the joke might make more sense if you watched a certain communist sub >__>

Is this a coincidence, deja vu or…?

 What do these 3 have in common? A lot more than you think 😉

First of all, I hate coincidence. Second of all, irony always likes to bite me in the grass. Third…. I know I did not see this coming, but it sure is (creepy?) hilarious. Let’s look into it.

First off a little rundown of what RE: the controversy is. RE: the controversy is my reply to controversy regarding a topic that springs up in a series, whether by me or by what others’ interpretation of a particular scene in an Anime. I then poke fun at it in the form of these (usually) 4koma-like set of screenshots subtitled by my over-the-top zany imagination. The result varies per individual (usually in the form of laughs)

So, the biggest hit of my Spring 2011 4koma joke subs (or trollsubs, as a fellow Animesuki member put it), was Dog Days, specifically this one that pokes fun at the relationship between Millimeter and the Hero. For Summer 2011, I started things with this one, the most popular one that season, again poking fun at the relationship between the lead male and (arguably *cough*) the lead female of the series Ro-Kyu-Bu. And then of course for Fall 2011 there is the recent Guilty Crown one, which proves to be my biggest hit in terms of total enjoyment by readers at 3 different websites I posted it. Again, I poked fun at the lead male and lead female’s relationship. Now what makes all this so hilarious? You might have figured it out by now, but here we go:

1. All 3 series feature a lead female with Pink Hair.
2. Two of the girls are great singers, while the 3rd girl is a great ball handler….with a niiice voice 🙂
3. All 3 girls are deeply involved with the lead male in question.
4. All 3 girls are…. not the best in breast size in their respective series.(I didn’t call them flat!!)
5. All 3 girls have some form of ribbon hair accessory tied onto their heads.
6. All 3 girls were “hurt” by the male protagonists in my joke subs.
7. For the male characters, all 3 have hair that begins with a b (1 blonde, 2 browns)
8. All 3 of the lead males are referred to with names beginning with the letter “S”, with Sink, Subaru and Shu (technically, Dog Days’ “Sink” is officially called “Cinque”, but pronounciation-wise it’s “si-” instead of “ke-“, and no one I’ve seen online referred to him as Cinque, and fansubbers stubbornly stuck with their “Shinku” lol)
9. Finally, I gave Bad Endings to all 3 male protagonists. NO SURVIVORS LOL.

I swear I did not plan all of this, heck I originally did not plan to watch Guilty Crown if it weren’t for a certain mod’s posting of the Nyantype/Megami posters (before the Fall 2011 began, the poster with Ponytail and catgirl in bodysuits). Now how’s that for a deja vu filled coincidental irony? XD

Now I feel like looking up all of next season’s anime and see which one of my watchlist involves a pink haired girl. I’ve hurt them enough XD

The return of the real RE:the controversy; Guilty Crown Ep 10

Yup, I love this series. It’s so funny, actually. Here, like this:

Ah, a little after thought:


RE: the controversy, Unbalanced x2 Chapter 81

Don’t ask, just read. Trust me, if you read Unbalance x2, this is one you don’t want to miss. A warning, you might need to put your drink down and not eat anything before proceeding:

High quality download


Really, I so wanted to see more of the twintail laying the smack down on the lying….never mind.

I wonder how readers would have reacted had Jin-ho done the hitting…

In order to prevent myself from going sane, I had to play my “INSANE” playlist during the making of this manga parody, which includes Dance, Funk, Electronic honky tonk, songs with vocals and Ani songs and even The a La Menthe, Noisia’s Machine Gun, and Track #2 from the Free Bulletstorm OST.

Some info, and jokes if they don’t make sense:

-Hmm… where do I start. I was chewing some gum for 2 hours, and then found the time to work on this parody, and apparently continued chewing the gum….
-Something more meaningful, some of you might remember that my memory is extremely good, so finding what panels to use wasn’t so hard. What was hard is the standard page size layout that I use for the “RE: the controversy” Anime trollsubs (which you can see by clicking the tag), which basically means fitting an acceptable amount of panels within the page size. You can see some empty space in the early pages, which is a result of lack of panels to at least support his change of attire.
-Which is my favorite edit? I have to admit, I’m not the kind of guy who likes to hit girls, but the “torture” scene was easily my most hilarious one, which helps Twintail-chan was doing the beating and not Jin-ho. Of course the hilarious part about it was how easy it was to find a shot of Jin-ho at that angle. Believe me when I saw this, Im Dal Young’s manga will have this same exact angle for the most of the manga/manwha.
-Yeah, what I’m going to update later on, in short, during the days of Oct 16-24, my laptop suffered a multiple partition failure (I like to set up 2 or more partitions to separate OS from FILES) after I moved partitions off their designated sector area. Long story short, my lappy is back on XP, RAM downgraded to 1GB, and…. life goes on 😛
-This is actually my second manga edit, which the first one was for Kimi No Iru Machi.
-Yeah, I simply added a “d” to the title. totally a parody, ja?
-Honestly, in no way is this to be a snide shot at Im Dal Young. I’m not going to lie, I found his works entertaining….to some degree. There is the eventual hiccup in storytelling, or the rage that follows after reading the newest chapter, but…. I can’t help but think of the “what if’s”. I would like to meet the guy, or maybe even a conference chat, to see the clashing of these minds :D. It would be even better if he could read this parody.
-And uh…. buy the manga/manwha if you like it. Or wait….XD

And, finally, thanks go out to:

-The A-Team, for all this… MY BLOG ISN’T AN ONLINE READER Whoohoo! 😀
-Animesuki forum members, for putting up with my insanity.
-Sony, for their lack of driver support forcing me to regress my Vaio back to Windows XP.
-And whoever made Angry Birds, a game I can safely say I have NEVER played, yet heard (gruesome) tales about.

I’d appreciate it if you guys can spread this around the net. After that chapter 81 came out, with so many negative reactions, I thought we all could use a laugh before the eventual final chapter. And if you can point to my blog here, that’d be nice 😀

Disclaimer: the mangatron does not condone the torturing of girls, *cough*especially ones with a cute face and nice rack er legs*cough*, and the mangatron does not recommend one plays a game such as Angry Birds for the entire duration of an international flight, especially one spanning around 11 hours (Seoul, South Korea to London, UK), and most importantly….. don’t stalk your love interest halfway across the globe just to surprise confess to her, be a freakin man and man up to her face to face and confess! Imagine what happens when you get dumped!? Round trip ticket much? Hentai doujin protags do a better job than Jin-ho 😛

RE: the controversy, Ro-Kyu-Bu’s ep 04 "I’ll do anything!"

So that part in ep 04, when Tomoka told Subaru she’ll do anything, I think this is what happened afterwards:

Why does she have to learn from him…

I would rather learn from Miho-neechan anytime 😀


SCANDAL! Mangatron cheats on Houki

Ah man… I knew it. I’m turning into a Cecilia fan XD

Look at those legs! PANTYHOSE!!!

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RE: the controversy, Ro-Kyu-Bu! Bad Ending

And he was never heard from again.

And, just because: