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Site update Sept 22 2011

Ah, what a strange week.

Mayo Chiki episode 12 preview

They’re back at that inn they stayed at back in ep 08? Probably a flashback… but that scene with Punyuru’s bare back towards us… certainly can’t be a flashback. Perhaps… next ep… Subaru becomes a woman! XD

By the way, is it just me, or doesn’t the guy in the bottom right pic look like the twintail fetish friend of Kousaka from Nyan Koi?

Kamisama Dolls

Actually nothing much to post here. That preview for episode 12 came online after episode 12 aired. Amusing….

Blog update

Updates ended up being slow again, for once it’s not actually about the work I do, and that’s because of my Wireless Carrier again. You see, I had trouble accessing a number of sites (AGAIN!), including but not limited to Sankakucomplex (even the Channel), Danbooru, and others. As you might have guessed I upload large images to those sites in case Blogger can’t handle it (or if deemed NSFW). Why in the world does Blogger have a 1600 dimension limit on images anyways? Isn’t Google a big company already? Either they are hiding the option to un-limit images, or there really is none….

Kanade kisses K….Jirou

Well they call him Jirou, so…. Kito Kito Kanade? >___>

Ani Site update: Sept 14, 2011

Mayo Chiki! Episode 11 preview

Starchild’s preview went up. Seriously, what is this? Kanade X Subaru action? First Subaru…. down there…. and then Kanade…. ever so gently…. *nosebleeds profusely)

Kamisama Dolls episode 11

I knew it from the preview that went up on the website, that this was going to be a fun episode. NOT DISAPPOINTED one bit.

My current sig at Animesuki

How do I describe this ep? Uh, I don’t know, other than “watch it yourself” because continuing the trend of starting an episode with a bit from the previous ep, we get a clearer look at Kyohei using Kukuri’s left hand.

Of course the best part happens to be any scene with Mahiru, and I mean every scene of her in this ep was truly amazing, both her voice work (which IMO sounds totally NOT like any of her previous works that I’ve heard), not to mention for once she not only calls Hibino out on her big ones, but she has the pleasure of actually fondling them for herself XD

Mahiru pointed at Hibino about 3 times. Kuuko, where are you? XD

The episode isn’t just about her though, Koushirou was hilarious with his “whatever” face when he said Kirio would react that way to a beautiful oneesan. I wonder how his wife deals with this guy XD

Anime needs more adults like him.

Moyako tagging along for the ride, maybe she’ll be the referee lol. At least next ep has some solo-tentacle action for Hibino XDDDD

40 minutes. 70 images. Possibly my best GIF ever (Camera panning+ stitch!) Bigger version at the channel.

Mayo Chiki! Episode 10

Ah, birthdays. Spending them alone isn’t fun, so why not spend it with friends and family. In Kureha’s case, it was a good idea to spend it with her friends who aren’t any more sane than she is.
In the event Blogger resized this to less than 720p, larger one goes here.

 I found it funny, you know, how Kureha spends her birthday at a friends place, and then at a rented public establishment. Usually this sort of thing is done at the subject of the day’s home. At least that’s how we do it in Germany, but then again, Kureha’s still a kid, so she needs to have her fun at a Chuck E. Cheese’s type of place XD

I love product series placement in Anime.

I gotta hand it to Usami, girl’s got cooking skills. At least I don’t have to see that cliche here, of a girl who can’t cook. My biggest question though, way back in episode 05, after Usami does her swimsuit shopping with Jirou, and she gives off a vibe that she doesn’t want to go home so soon… Is that because of the Ringu girl and the 2 Chuckies? Speaking of which, that “The Ring” must have been some movie if it’s still parodied to this day. Anyways, is this like Mawaru Penguindrum where they can’t see the horror characters, or everyone just chooses to ignore them…

This makes the second series that I can pull a “Lipstick teacher” nickname…

 Probably, the best part of the ep is clearly the Birthday song, I tell you I’ve heard that typical “Happy Birthday” used and abused in this country (where they, for some reason, like to yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” all of a sudden as if they are trying to let the whole world know. I note this because in Germany, for the most part we don’t sing it at all (or this is something only the older adults do in comparison to a child), so hearing this song in Mayo Chiki, and the different kind of lyrics that was used, really brought a smile to my face, and Kureha is in good company.

Who wants to make a bet a Dakimakura with more skin would sell more than this? XD

Kureha recounting her memories of birthdays past was also fun, as we see just how much Kureha did her Jirou takedown training, which I have to say Kureha is well mannered to pick on someone her own size, at least with the teddy bear, and then as the days gone by I think that bear was her perfect sparring partner as she was able to handle Jirou himself in the years to come. Maybe we can now thank Jirou for actually handing himself that Gynophobia, all thanks to that bear? Hmm….

Look at Jirou’s leg. That seriously has to hurt.

Of course the end of the ep, I can’t tell who got the last laugh. Kanade, in all her sadistic ways, or Usami, apparently the new character that’s easy to poke fun at. I say ever since ep 06, she’s been enjoying the company of her new friends so much that they in turn seem to toy with her quite easily, which… would actually make her gullible…

Ani Site update: Sept 12, 2011

Kamisama Dolls Episode 11 preview

Ah, Mahiru mounts Hibino. You know, the past few days I found myself getting about 5, maybe 6 hours of sleep out of 24 hours in a day. In my not-so-awake state of mind, I actually saw Hibino as a naked girl wrapped in only a valentine gift wrapped ribbon…. I’m not losing my mind, am I? Tell me someone else saw it that way too…. tell me…

Mayo Chiki! episode 11 preview

Well, Starchild’s preview has not gone up at the time of this post, but TBS’ did. According to them, a new term begins, and it looks like Subaru X Jirou moments are now awkward. I thought awkward moments only happened if the 2 fell in love with each other…

If you’re wondering about Mayo Chiki’s first DVD release, here’s what it has:
-Some kind of commentary with Jiro Sakamachi (CV: Satoshi Hino), Subaru Konoe (CV: Yuka Iguchi)
Full-color booklet, 16 Pages, maybe it’s like that little artbook that came with Infinite Stratos
-The DVD Jacket illustrated by Kosuke Kawamura

Aw, no Specials? No “Bath time with Kanade”? Not even some “Training with Kureha”? I would love to watch Kureha sleeping….lol.

Ro-Kyu-Bu character song samples

Ah, Ro-Kyu-Bu. What many call a loli anime, and with this kind of cast, the character CD’s ought to be something. Thanks to Animesuki member Konakaga, I was convinced to give the samples a listen. I gotta say I loved every one of them. I had questioned myself how do they make different versions of the OP, as my first prerogative is always “Probably like Strike Witches’ Bookmark Song”, which was sung the same way by the different voice actresses for that series. But I was surprised the different Ro-Kyu-Bu OP versions were very much different than each other, and you’ve got different song styles too, Tomoka’s up-tempo version, Maho’s catchy jazz style, Airi’s was relaxing in a soft style, and more. I think out of all the individual character songs, Hina’s made me melt so fast, I hadn’t realized I had that sample blaring for almost an hour ON LOOP.

Give them a listen here, and don’t forget their sales dates if you’ve melted enough to buy them: Tomoka, Maho and Saki are available now, Hina’s arrives in 2 days, and Airi goes gold on the 21st.

A decade ago: September 11th, 2001

Los Angeles, California. I went to bed the previous night thinking the next day would be like any other, but I was awoken by my brother calling me saying “did you hear?” And so I groggily went over to the ol’ tube television and saw the towers burning.

Being the cognitive person that I am, the first thing that came to mind: “The world will change forever”

Despite in my opinion that strangely worded sentence (which was in English, not German or any other language), it didn’t take long to see how the world will change. I knew the Americans wouldn’t take this sitting down, that they wouldn’t let it go (at this time I was still involved in Military Strategy), and this was the first time in my life that I saw a country practically stop to a standstill for about a day. It was this event which unfortunately delayed Full Metal Panic, and airport security never was the same again. Due to the massive combat experience of the US Army in the past decade, the Drone Wars truly have just begun. Though many experts and analysts agree that the Drones cannot win a war on their own, it is without a doubt the insurgents in Iraq and Afgahnistan have accelerated the development of UAV’s.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this day 10 years ago, to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice: their lives, so that many of us can enjoy the freedom we have today.

I may not have directly been affected by the events on that day, but one assuring thing I know of: Osama Bin Laden did not last 10 years afterwards. I now wonder if Full Metal Panic will rise up in its greatness again. I haven’t gotten myself involved in that series since Tessa’s Second Raid OVA >__>

A photoshopped Infinite Stratos pic

Ah Rinny, you’re a lot bigger than I thought. But how…

I-I’m sorry Shirley Charlotte-sama! Cecilia made me do it!