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Health problems again, less eating, etc

I’d feel like a zombie by now. I swear the past 1-2 weeks I’d only have put about 1 meal’s worth of food in my stomach. So let’s say, a normal human being has 3 meals a day, right? For 7 days = 21 meals, 14 days = 42 meals. And yet here I am at 14+ days = 1 meal. Ouch. No wonder why I feel weak. Not getting enough nutrients. Which, probably has an effect on how much anime I watch. Can barely laugh during those good times as it is. Which has also affected my work performance, I don’t even remember the last time I opened Photoshop. And yes, I still have to release that oh-so-special picture I finished 2 months ago. Why am I even holding onto it….

And, a rather disturbing update. It appears blog readers prefer I watch MSLN StrikerS. Why, may I ask? Is it because of that “loli” option that was in the vote options? >_>

I swear the next person who calls me lolitron will……will get $10 dollars from me via Paypal! [insert AnimesukiForums :heh: emote here]


ChevyAutobot game, Transformers, etc….

Ah, so many things to do and so little time? How do I end up in that situation?

Got the top spot back at the game, and doesn’t look like I’ll hold it if that POPUPimous Prime keeps accepting new user challenges. A person in contact with told me email verification is not in play. Hmmm….. and I’m the one who’s been playing that game since it opened to the public.

A copy of my ChevyAutobot stats are at the left sidebar in the Gaming links area.

Here I was not am there!

Ah, having traveled up north here in Germany, I’m now staying at my Uncle’s place temporarily, with my return to the U.S.A. presumebly after this. Now, a couple of things I wanted to update with. Firstly, I know that this picture (bottom of the post) needs to see the light of day, but I’m waiting for the right time to reveal it since I myself am getting restless when it comes to that picture lol. Next, while I’m here at my uncle’s house many things can happen like a rabbit nesting on me to a cat messing with me, so I’ll be sure to blog those over at my personal blog.

So enough about Germany and on with the updates. Of course you may have heard that my cousin is a young small girl, so while she has easy access to my sleeping quarters I don’t think my Dollwizard family will be updated yet. I must do my part in keeping her delicate mind free and clear of any disturbances this world emanates lol. Next up, I am so way behind on the anime of this current season, I was only able to acquire the Lovely Complex eps up to 6, MSLN StrikerS up to…7 or 6, and Sola up to ep 7. Man, I seriously don’t think I’m up for watching those now either unless I Ipod them. Next update, my newest addition to the right sidebar, you may have noticed, is my Fansub status indicator. Now, it’s not very high tech, in fact, it’s a simple pathetic RSS feeder thingamajigen that updates itself off my Fansub blog. Now, you’re probably wondering why don’t I just blog the updates here? Well, the whole point of me creating another blog and having the RSS feeder eat it is that so I can utilize the “E-mail to blog” posting ability and blog using my PDA. As in, just email it to my fansub blog and the post will show up on the RSS eater, so you can click the link and eat my post. Yeah….uhm, weird eating aside, I aim to be more active with my blog here and my personal blog, and I do have alot of pictures for everyone.

Last bit, I have a couple of polls for everyone. First poll is about Now, I know earning money online has never been a steady thing these past 5 years, and there is always bound to be a scammer amongst us. So, my question is is a valid, paying organization determined to rule the….yeah, you know. Ahem, yeah, my question. Uh, if you want to know, I have more than 6 dollars in there, $4 more till payout, so if anyone wants me to answer the question you can just sign up here and click whenever you feel like it, the sooner I reach payout the sooner I can know for sure whether or not Adbux is a waste of time. Now, here’s the fun part: I never really intended to keep the money anyways, so if you sign up under me I’ll put your name on this list I’ve been compiling and hold a contest, with the prize of course the payout from Adbux (if they pay). I do prefer you sign up with a name I’m familiar seeing (like one you use in a forum or on IRC)

Next poll is about my anime viewing Queue. As you may have noted MSLN, LovelyCon and Sola make up the bulk of my viewing, but I don’t know which one to watch in what order. So I’m wondering what’s your input as to which one is a “must watch” or what. Although I’ve always liked LovelyCon, it even featured a parody of House of Pain and their Jump Around song (episode 2), much to my amusement while reading the LovelyCon manga the House of Pain parodiest, UmiBouzo, is in fact a name parody of the Beach Boys.

Does pay up?
Yes! Give me the money. My Paypal email is….
No! They originated from Egypt using a Pyramid Scheme!
Never heard of it. I’m like a caveman, shut out from the world.
Free polls from

Which shows should mangatron make his top priority to view?
Lovely Complex. Tall girl eats little guy. Great stuff.
Sola. Missing an “r”, but hey, that’s anime. And it has pretty girls.
MSLN StrikerS. Aren’t you a lolicon, mangatron? Surely you jest.
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Of course, as always you can vote everyday and polls are multiple choice. Not that you can’t make up your mind….

Next blog posts should be about more crazy stuff, like….I noticed a picture of a real life, popular person who looks just like Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex).