Fastest request fulfillment ever?

Tokugawa... Sena! :P

No, I had actually started work on this back on Saturday 4 hours after it hit, as a fun test for my new(?) computer (more on that later in my personal blog). After what happened to that Shirley photoshop job, I have gotten extremely paranoid of the outcomes of my works. Since feedback is scarce, well, not like I go around art forums anyways, but I figured the other type of feedback was essential. Basically, if people liked it, then obviously it was done well. So fast forward a Sunday where I had to cover for someone’s miscalculation, and a Monday where I had yet another heck of a day to start the month/end the previous month.

So this job is simply a test, it does not mean I am back in the request business, and it does not mean I am fully back to 100% health. This is simply a means to test my new desktop, it’s monitor, its brightness effect on my left eye (its said to be 300nit, probably the first time I have ever looked at that kind of brightness), and well, I have a vendetta against towels in the baths 😛 I noticed my special glasses really brings out the colors unlike I’ve seen before. There is one other test: you might recall my frustrations with these blog sites resizing my images, well, I found it out in the most ridiculous of ways: when my tuspics account went over its bandwidth limit, I had to use an alternate source. That’s when I found out WordPress had two different ways of uploading pics: a raw method of just dumping the image to one’s account, and the other way is to simply insert it into a blog post. I hadn’t realized that till that hilarious day last month when I was suddenly posting those month’s Megami/Nyantype pics so early in the morning. So, I am currently testing that, in the above pic, instead of going to it’s own page, it will go to the full 5MB image.

And yes, I still had one last request to finish, but unfortunately that was done in the laptop I was borrowing. I may have to start from scratch as color profiles have changed… “I think I found a way home. And that last (photoshop) job, that’s how I get there.”

Mashiroiro Symphony Uryu Sakuno

Love that butt, Sakuno!

This was a rather horrible run. From June all the way to the last hours of 2012, not to mention I have a headache, this work made me realize why I hated working on screenshots so much, and it is because they have a light blur to them, and they usually don’t have hard brush strokes.  Not to mention I had to search out the Special itself (over 300MB), and several other factors I’m too tired to mention, this may be the last time I work on an episode screenshot.

sakuno job

Luminous Arc 2 fan art

This post is meant for gamers coming over from Gamefaqs.


I’m not a gallery, so I’ll just post the whereabouts of these pics that you can enjoy. Personally, I prefer the Sankaku Channel as that site appears to have no “strict” rules about what you can upload on there, and it’s a great place to upload my photoshops without loss of quality when uploading to WordPress, Blogger, Imgur, etc. You can view the Luminous Arc images by clicking on this link (site is NSFW), which will take you to the tags for “Luminous Arc”, which I would have specified “Luminous Arc 2” if only some folks properly tagged the pics 😡


Which for some bloody reason they also forgot to link back to the source. Click here to visit the pixiv keywords for Luminous Arc 2, perhaps the first and foremost place to see fan art straight from Japan. (you’ll need to register an account to see the 18+ pics :D)

Then there’s Danbooru, which is somewhat lacking… It’s a shame I don’t there much anymore, but then again, I hardly go around the internet like I used to 😦 By the way, there is once again mislabeling of tags there as well, so I would suggest visiting the Luminous Arc tag itself for more pics if you prefer Danbooru.

Other than that, I really wouldn’t suggest Animepaper, I never liked the idea of working hard for something someone took from someone else that they scanned for free XD And yes, I’ve had a hell of a week, and then some. Due to the loss of my Ubuntu installation, I’m on a revenge trip, I feel like running through Photoshop and taking a girl’s clothes off with my mouse cursor >:D

Naked Yukikaze completed

Those clouds. Those damn clouds again, they make life so hard XD And I love mother nature and all but those treeeeeeess, Yukikaze’s swimsuit had to blur all over it.

And that tail, it looks so fluffy 😛 I gotta say I have no idea what came over me, but I think I managed somehow. Crazily, when I was so highly unmotivated, I kept telling myself “Is this you?” Is this what you wanted?” And oh my… And here I thought all that hentai anime and manga would help >__>

I must once again remind visitors that WordPress compresses the images to the end of time, if the image above is not 4MB, you must get the full one over at the Sankaku Channel again.

Yukikaze unclothed pv

A little preview of something I’m working on:

I know I have a lot on my photoshop plate right now, but I have some rather serious reasons for doing this. I started Friday night by the way, so this has nothing to do with the request that went up yesterday. One of the reasons is that I have lost all motivation to do editing of these Megami/Nyantype posters. Frontline editing as I like to call it, I don’t know how to explain it other than I’ve been highly demotivated when doing these things. My most recent photoshops were just fixing, not necessarily redrawing a considerable amount of area. This isn’t my health stopping me, it’s not that I don’t have a lot of time (maybe it’s that too, I haven’t started on Mu Luv yet damnit), it’s just I can’t find any other answer but that I don’t feel motivated.

Now Yukikaze, I loved episode 4 (which this poster is based on), and I know some of my motivations are 1) I must love the girl in order to even remotely attempting to consider working on her, 2) I must be able to predict the outcome and timing of the job (how I lived every aspect of my life so far), and 3)  did the first two goals overwrite one or the other?

I only hope someone at Moepic didn’t pick up the job. I’m kinda hoping folks turned away the request for the ridiculous clouds behind Yukikaze 😛

Kasen-sama all fixed up

A cover for a doujin recently translated by CGRascal. Fixed by me in my final phase of CS6 tryouts, I was seriously pressed for time, partially watching Hagure 06 07, fixing my sig at Animesuki, and other various stuff that hindered me greatly in finding an alternate source for hosting uncompressed images. As such, I highly encourage visitors to get the full uncompressed image over at the Sankaku Channel, until I find a host that doesn’t shrink my images almost 60% their original size (I didn’t realize till yesterday that WordPress also compresses images >_>)

Link to uncompressed image at Sankaku Channel

A update on the upcoming changes to my blogs

I decided to stick this here since it refers to Google, and I don’t want these words hosted on Google’s sites. (WordPress isn’t owned by Google, is it? >_>)


First of all, I finally got that reply from Google that I’ve been waiting for awhile now. About my Adsense ad serving on my blogspot site, it seems to Google that Strike 1 is Strike 3, as you don’t get a second chance if you violated their policy just once. Now my blog is not even a hentai blog, my pics showed no details that should not be seen on a non-adult site. So what went wrong?


Apparently I was getting a lot of visitors to start the year. Yeah that’s right, I believe I was getting so much visitors, Google had to take a look at my blog and what do you know, those string of ecchi headers pushed the limit.

Note the rise of page views starting from January

Now, I understand I pushed the limits with my header images, so Google is not at fault here, but it’s also not entirely my fault either. I had no idea the policy applied to both RealD girls and 2D girls, as I mentioned earlier I showed no uncensored exposure of private parts in my pictures,  not to mention the only RealD girls are the BeautyLeg girls which did not violate Google’s policy of “suggestive posing of breasts” or whatever people call girls looking pretty. I feel that Google needs to make it clear about what constitutes as adult material, as many anime will have some fanservice scenes that unfortunately cannot be posted on a blog that serves Adsense, and yet they fall into the adult category simply because of Adsense’s vague description of what is adult material.

And that must be the problem Google had with my blog, I was having an increase in traffic as each day went on, till it became over 2000 visitors in 7 days. You can see now it doesn’t top 500 every 7 days anymore. My theories are that Google saw that my earnings were increasing, which of course set in motion their investigation into my blog, gee whiz apparently Ecchi sells, but Google didn’t think so so they permanently disabled ad serving to my blog.

Proof that Ecchi sells: Note the referring sites, and the top 4 keywords, and connect this with the rise of pageviews starting from Jan 2012

As such, you might have noticed some of  my Highschool DxD posts ended up here, as it seems those were also the culprit despite yet again those being as censored as they originally have been (See above screenshot, Akeno Himejima nearly single-handedly increased my traffic). So my blogspot blog is back up in it’s original form, with no more Adsense, I can continue to push the boundaries between Adult and non-adult, but I will utilize Breaks more often now to properly label what post will have slightly NSFW content, and extreme NSFW content will remain on this WordPress blog.


More updates coming up, and hopefully those photoshops too ^^

That Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai game

So that Java game I was playing around with on the main site for Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai game back on April fools day has 7 stages now. No way was I going to go through all that, seriously, took me like 20 minutes for stage 2, which was all I had to do to get the links for the rest of the pics. Pics for the first stage is here.

Stage 2 1680×1050:

Stage 2 1024×768

Stage 2 1080×1024

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