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Mashiro-iro Symphony episode 01

She’s happy about something. Well it can’t be because she’s lost… but wait, she’s happy that her oniichan can find her anytime, anywhere. So… AKA she’s happy to get lost? :P

My Fall 2011 lineup seems to be full of surprises. To me anyways, as… I basically had prior knowledge of only 3 series for Fall (that is not a sequel), so I consider this season so much more enjoyable due to the way I anticipate new episodes with much fervor.

Back to this series though, I’m going to have to forego a detailed look into the first half, as it was practically 2 siblings who could have used a GPS  :P

Yellow is line of sight, red are dead zones

No seriously, look at the pic. Why in this blue clean world did the imouto hide out of line-of-sight? Never mind the niichan telling her to stay put, but if someone is looking for you, you don’t hide, do you? It wasn’t even raining then lol…

Not that I have a beef with that scene, as I guess this first half was to setup this season’s second blondish Sena-chan. Well I think she’s blonde… the colors in this series is unique, at least compared to the shiny stuff this season. And I like it, soothes my eyes, and the series is not an action series, so this calm relaxing slice of life fits my bill.

The ep ends on a rather cliffhangerish note, though. How could a girl be so happy in one moment, and then so… tsun in the next. Ah… at least we get a nice ponytail I love the way she looks like she has cat girls if you look at her straight on.

Well ain’t that funny. You’ve practically got the whole cast in that there shot, minus the girl with the…. weird ball animal.

Ben-to episode 01

One look at this photo, and the average viewer nowadays screams “Harem!”. So sad. First of all, the loli clearly loves her meatball, the blonde with big ones is simply trying to give a face massage to the guy with her boobies, the silver haired beauty is posing for a gravure shoot, and the 2 girls on the right are so in their own little world… all of this on a single serving of food.

Ah, Bento. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such a thing before… if it was an already prepared food, it’d be from the Deli (not necessarily already packed for you.). That is somewhat the main reason why I just didn’t know how a series would be like for these characters to fight over food, but then again, this is Japan, and Bento’s are a regular item in stores.

Ayame Shaga, a rather cute girl with glasses :D
But they aren’t so regular when they are regularly priced. Once they get marked down to clear stock, that’s when the fight (and fun) begins, and what this series has going for it in terms of story. A rather entertaining take on a battle series I say, and for a very good reason. Looking at the original prices they go as high as USD $5.00, which I know some would simply get a much cheaper (and less healthy) meal at Mc D’s.
Asebi Inoue, perhaps the resident loli of this series. Voiced by a great tsundere voice actress (no not that one)
This is also a series where the male lead isn’t a romcom invincible punching bag, as we see he did go to the hospital and he did sustain some sort of injury to the head that although it required a bandage, he can still attend school. You know, school, as in…. gotta use your thinking power. Need to spend some more time in the hospy, dude.
Two girls who are twins, but… according to the main site, they share the same name, Kyo Sawagi.

To wrap up the ep, this male lead (You. No really, that’s his name, not yours) tries his luck again at the Bento Wars, but get’s kicked by a girl wearing pantyhose. SERIOUSLY, I so want to be kicked by Sen. Never mind the eventual pain of being kicked by the boots, but the legs…. those legs….

My high score of the flash game….after several tries. My right hand must be so broken to not be able to guide the mouse properly. Offline playable here.

Miscellany pics:

She looks like… Dark Frost Witch? :P (Sadly she doesn’t look like she’ll make an Anime appearance.)

I hope this DVD cover is a sign that the Blu-Rays will include clothing damage :D

Kyoukai Senjou No Horizontal episode 01: nice hairdo!

I just wonder, is my country’s language really that good for magic attacks?

Throw this in with one of those that I knew absolutely nothing of prior to airtime. In fact, that Fall 2011 Anime Chart didn’t help with it’s picture of choice.

Thanks to CrowKenobi, mod extraordinaire at Animesuki, I saw the magazine scans and fell in love with Kimi-chan this series. Though my less than noble reasons are laughable, this episode was quite a fun enough ride that I ended up falling in love with a girl I hadn’t seen before (but heard a lot of years ago).

Where’s the nose?

First of all, Sensei (Makiko-chan!). Honestly I think she was nicely animated throughout the ep, and she got nice curves too 😀 As I mentioned earlier her voice was instantly recognizable, which I became a fan of after Mahoraba finished its run. Not to mention she tied her hair into a nice tail there (although I cringed when she cut pieces off lol). Not to mention she knows her stuff and seems smart, definitely my goddess.


Ahem to the actual episode, while I do find it funny that reactions across the web are very much mixed, I guess it is justifiable for first timers who didn’t read accompanying descriptions that should have been included wherever the heck they downloaded it from. I honestly understood what I was getting into by reading what was described as a “dictionary sized synopsis”, not to mention I hadn’t known this was a novel or a manga or a game even, I really thought this was Sunrise pulling something out of their hat. But what’s the surprise, novels seem like the new adapation nowadays. Not that I have a problem with that, as I don’t read novels, so that gives me a rather fresh anime experience.

I swear she’s got rocket boosters in that hair.

Now about the actual ep, I really like the action, if merely because it was centered around Sensei, but it did well enough in my opinion to keep me glued. Of course my bias is due to my enjoyment of the girls in bodysuits, but that’s to be expected.

And that grin 🙂

The other nose-less anime (Code-E) I thought of. The reason why this came to mind was that this aired when my translator days were winding down, and a fellow fansubber I know worked on this series.

And the gifs:

C3 episode 01: C3 P.O?

Aside from the Allspark, can someone remind where have I seen a box with a red eye on it before?

I guess that’s why it wasn’t named Cursed X3. There’s only 3 C’s on there. But only one of them to Fear. There’s nothing to fear…. but Fear itself (or in this case herself). Cool tagline, ja? 😛

Going into the Fall 2011 Anime season, this is one of the series I had no prior knowledge about. So I hear this is a novel, like a number of other stuff this season. Man, I missed the days when games and eroge were adapted like crazy. Don’t tell me that market fell by the wayside…

She looks like she’s in jail. No wonder why she walked out.

Ahem anyways, back to the house which looks like a contender for Extreme Home Makeover after what this Fear did to it, I say this episode started rather well. It didn’t start with a monologue’ish speech by the male protagonist about how his life has been or how dull it can ever be. I say the  focus of mystery was centered right there on the Allspark Thwomp block he just received.

Vacuum Cleaner Dancing. Girls, to us guys you aren’t a chore machine anymore, you’re an exotic dancer with a vacuum!

The rest of, or most of the episode shows us Fear-chan’s fearless walk into town, and the eventual home makeover. Such a small girl using a lot of force on her actions, I suddenly grabbed my balls with a grimace on my face at the thought of a hentai doujin for this series XD I gotta say I enjoyed this episode, even though I saw most of only 1 girl, as knowing me, I do prefer if there’s another girl or two 😛

Personally I’m of the opinion that the OP should have been full of shimapanchira dancing like this shot. *ahem* *cough*

As the promotional material goes, you see 3 girls on the posters and such, but episode 01 showed us 2 of them, so hopefully MY PONYTAIL shows up soon, or else I’m going to laugh a laugh of a thousand men if she arrives in episode 05. Seriously, why is fate so cruel to me?

Next ep already shows something serious may be going down. Seriously, ironic that I was finishing up Front Mission recently, I tell you that woman got a Dasler Claw XD

Some avatars I thought of doing in the meantime.

Kamisama Dolls episode 11

I knew it from the preview that went up on the website, that this was going to be a fun episode. NOT DISAPPOINTED one bit.

My current sig at Animesuki

How do I describe this ep? Uh, I don’t know, other than “watch it yourself” because continuing the trend of starting an episode with a bit from the previous ep, we get a clearer look at Kyohei using Kukuri’s left hand.

Of course the best part happens to be any scene with Mahiru, and I mean every scene of her in this ep was truly amazing, both her voice work (which IMO sounds totally NOT like any of her previous works that I’ve heard), not to mention for once she not only calls Hibino out on her big ones, but she has the pleasure of actually fondling them for herself XD

Mahiru pointed at Hibino about 3 times. Kuuko, where are you? XD

The episode isn’t just about her though, Koushirou was hilarious with his “whatever” face when he said Kirio would react that way to a beautiful oneesan. I wonder how his wife deals with this guy XD

Anime needs more adults like him.

Moyako tagging along for the ride, maybe she’ll be the referee lol. At least next ep has some solo-tentacle action for Hibino XDDDD

40 minutes. 70 images. Possibly my best GIF ever (Camera panning+ stitch!) Bigger version at the channel.

Mayo Chiki! Episode 10

Ah, birthdays. Spending them alone isn’t fun, so why not spend it with friends and family. In Kureha’s case, it was a good idea to spend it with her friends who aren’t any more sane than she is.
In the event Blogger resized this to less than 720p, larger one goes here.

 I found it funny, you know, how Kureha spends her birthday at a friends place, and then at a rented public establishment. Usually this sort of thing is done at the subject of the day’s home. At least that’s how we do it in Germany, but then again, Kureha’s still a kid, so she needs to have her fun at a Chuck E. Cheese’s type of place XD

I love product series placement in Anime.

I gotta hand it to Usami, girl’s got cooking skills. At least I don’t have to see that cliche here, of a girl who can’t cook. My biggest question though, way back in episode 05, after Usami does her swimsuit shopping with Jirou, and she gives off a vibe that she doesn’t want to go home so soon… Is that because of the Ringu girl and the 2 Chuckies? Speaking of which, that “The Ring” must have been some movie if it’s still parodied to this day. Anyways, is this like Mawaru Penguindrum where they can’t see the horror characters, or everyone just chooses to ignore them…

This makes the second series that I can pull a “Lipstick teacher” nickname…

 Probably, the best part of the ep is clearly the Birthday song, I tell you I’ve heard that typical “Happy Birthday” used and abused in this country (where they, for some reason, like to yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” all of a sudden as if they are trying to let the whole world know. I note this because in Germany, for the most part we don’t sing it at all (or this is something only the older adults do in comparison to a child), so hearing this song in Mayo Chiki, and the different kind of lyrics that was used, really brought a smile to my face, and Kureha is in good company.

Who wants to make a bet a Dakimakura with more skin would sell more than this? XD

Kureha recounting her memories of birthdays past was also fun, as we see just how much Kureha did her Jirou takedown training, which I have to say Kureha is well mannered to pick on someone her own size, at least with the teddy bear, and then as the days gone by I think that bear was her perfect sparring partner as she was able to handle Jirou himself in the years to come. Maybe we can now thank Jirou for actually handing himself that Gynophobia, all thanks to that bear? Hmm….

Look at Jirou’s leg. That seriously has to hurt.

Of course the end of the ep, I can’t tell who got the last laugh. Kanade, in all her sadistic ways, or Usami, apparently the new character that’s easy to poke fun at. I say ever since ep 06, she’s been enjoying the company of her new friends so much that they in turn seem to toy with her quite easily, which… would actually make her gullible…

Mayo Chiki Episode 07

Wowsers, who gave me a time machine? And wait a minute, where did her boobies go? I’m sorry Subaru-sama, please don’t use the memory erasure technique on me!!

I’ve really gotta stop doing this lol. 

Mayo Chiki! episode 06: the mangatron’s eyes pierce the clothing

Originally an Animesuki post

Topic of the day seems to be Subaru’s chinadress, but not of the dress itself but her cleavage

. I’ve mentioned it before, and pretty much made up my mind, no matter how real them boobie’s look, these characters aren’t going to see it that way. Something an episode of Columbo taught me, and that’s because of the subliminal poisoning these characters have concerning Subaru’s gender.

To break it down simply, my theory is that everyone in that school first saw Subaru as a boy. There has been no hint whatsoever as to Subaru being a girl before the Jirou Encounter. Remember that Subaru and Kanade have only started highschool, meaning they did not give this school a peek into Subaru’s growing up years prior. So in everyone’s mind, Subaru is a boy, dresses like a butler, and is further fed these facts by Kanade herself, adding credence to the whole facade. If I’m remembering this correctly (lol) the S4 didn’t split into that Committee until after the Jirou Encounter, which shows everyone still consider Subaru male because well, this Jirou came out of nowhere and it’s mighty impossible to considering him credible evidence that Subaru is a girl when all this time (almost 2 years) they were fed more “acceptable” evidence that Subaru is male. Subliminal indeed, or maybe I’m thinking too much and should accept this gaff in the storytelling as comedy and should accept it as such

I’m rather disappointed in Narumi’s introduction. I wait 5 (6) weeks to see those purrty legs again, and she spent a significant portion of her screen time covering up those legs. What. The. Flippin’ heck. And everybody seems fine with her existence. Next ep better redeem the “best parts” about Narumi

Ahem, what am I blabbering about. This is an Usami-chan episode! Or least I thought. I know some of you have some distaste for the story, and like I mentioned above it’s a bit of a trek for me as I was hoping for more insight into Usami-chan’s story and her home, but we barely got some of that, so I rather prefer enjoying the characters more than anything. Take for example Usami-chan (surprise!). Remember back in ep 05 (yeah like I would forget) when Usami didn’t like it when Jirou called her ‘Usamin’? We see it here when they went to the Animal Cafe why she doesn’t like that, and that’s apparently because Kureha has been calling her that for awhile, and when Jirou called her that there must have been some hidden shock inside Usami that the Sakamachi siblings were so nonchalant in being friendly with her, and it’s this openness that Usami later explained why she was jealous of Kureha. Of course by the end of the ep we see Jirou’s openness to Usami gave him a step above Kureha’s friend making skills, and it’s this tiny attention to detail that makes me love (Usami) the characterization in this series more so than any annoyance I have with the story

Bugger, my post is becoming too long Last bit: the food on the table in the Animal Cafe was Potato Wedges! Tasty

And the next episode. THE NEXT EPISODE. I’m having this conspiracy theory. Ro-Kyu-bu has it’s ep 07 airing next week instead of today, Mayo Chiki caught up to ep 06 as well, and then there was that pic recently posted in the RoKyuBu thread of the loli’s at the beach, and now next week Mayo Chiki goes to the beach. Could we be in for a very beach’y weekend next week? I hope so!

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