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A look back at my blog’s poll history

Well, it’s been awhile since I did a poll, odd since I have a new layout since then, and in honor of my newest one, let’s look back at what it’s been like in poll land.

The end of my fansub translation days

What do you think of mangatron’s decision about translating?
mangatron! You betrayed us! Anime will never be the same without you!
Rest well, old friend.
By not translating, you disgrace all the anime girls you love.
You’re lying.


Free polls from

This one is probably the best one. I believe this was the one I created about 3 years ago when real life required me to give it its full attention, thereby ending my wonderful stint as a fansub translator. I believe my last finalized job was AQS-Anime’s Otome-wa Boku ni Koishiteru (sp?) episode 13. It was shortly after that when I was personally asked by the head of AQS to continue my great effort of the To Heart 2 OVA series, when life took over midway of my patented translation method via a smartphone. Fun times indeed…

Recommend me!

Which shows should mangatron make his top priority to view?
Lovely Complex. Tall girl eats little guy. Great stuff.
Sola. Missing an “r”, but hey, that’s anime. And it has pretty girls.
MSLN StrikerS. Aren’t you a lolicon, mangatron? Surely you jest.


Free polls from

This one was a strange one. Normally, I’m just one to watch every series that airs. But I thought how funny it would be to see what others think about my viewing habits. I think the poll results speak for themselves lol (remember, this was about 4 years ago! I’m a different person now! XD)

How does it look now?

So what do you think of the new layout?
Good! More anime girls!
Ah! My eyes! Bring back old one!
Make it better 😉


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This poll could actually be counted as still ongoing, as it would seem I forgot to take it out when my blog got the new layout some time last year. Due to blogger’s new changes I was forced to change the layout, which I actually did quite like because I manually edited most of it’s layout, images and all. It also had a really nice banner of the ADULT FATE TESTAROSSA. That’s right, the grown up Feito-chan. Take that, you… people who call me lolitron! XD


Does pay up?
Yes! Give me the money. My Paypal email is….
No! They originated from Egypt using a Pyramid Scheme!
Never heard of it. I’m like a caveman, shut out from the world.
Free polls from

This was about 3 years ago, after spending a few minutes at that site for about a month, I had some money in my Paypal account. So of course, being the jolly, folly, human being that I am, I decided to share my good fortune. Which I ended up giving it to my older brother 😉

So, that appears to be all of what I’ve polled so far. You can still vote on them, apparently, if you think I should re-watch MSLN StrikerS 100 times over or if you think I’m still secretly translating fansubs under a different name 😉

I am 3 days late!

3 days late? For what? Why, that sad announcement I mentioned in the previous post….several days ago XD.

As of last Sunday, I decided to postpone all fansub translating duties till further notice. I cite several reasons:

-A new project with my work came up, and I have to prioritize that.
-With less free time than I had before, I decided to use the remaining free time with watching anime(to clear my queue) and for other anime humoristic concoctions I may come up with.
-Some of you may not know, but I hate typing. Well, just a little bit…not exactly hate, but when you’ve done that for a considerable amount of times in your life, it get’s kind of stale, and my last translation job, To Heart 2 OVA, was nearly 400 lines and I kinda went ballistic lol. We can probably thank Mavis Beacon for that >_>
-And… ears are sensitive, kinda like a….rabbit lol. I aim to use my headphones the least amount of times as much as possible.
-(What kind of excuse was that previous one? Lame lol)

Ahem anyways, the main point is, stopping my translation duties does little to free up any free-time I have. I don’t game as I usually have done, I don’t draw as much as I did before, and well, very little time these days….

It hurts me to have a minor role in fansubbing, as I found it quite enjoyable working with fansubs. Now, I’m not saying I’m quitting fansubs, I’m just stopping translations for groups. Oddly enough, that makes it one less translator in the fansub world with the already low amount of translators these days.

Have any thoughts on my decision? Leave a comment and vote on the following poll, as I now introduce post based polls specifically for the post in mind.

What do you think of mangatron’s decision about translating?
mangatron! You betrayed us! Anime will never be the same without you!
Rest well, old friend.
By not translating, you disgrace all the anime girls you love.
You’re lying.

2 Groups!?? Isn’t that too much? lol

My aching body aside, I’ve a bit of news concerning my status in the field of fansubs. Many of you have known that the group Ryoumi kicked me out citing…. whatever the reason was lol. So while I helplessly floated around IRC, enjoying my vacation GNU-fansubs owner-type of dude Power2All decided to go to the Ryoumi website and see what my profession is lol. So he sees me blubbering something in the GNU IRC channel, to which he raids me and asks if I can TLC(Translation Check) [un-named series]. So, I figured I’d take a look at [un-named series], to which I realized the raw was 400mb lol. But, I do seem to find the series fascinating, so I decided to give ep 01 a crack. Then, not long after deciding, pichu over at Ryoumi tells me Spinal agreed to have me back, to which he adds “as a TL/QC”. Translator and Quality Control/Check? Something I did with Venus Versus Virus 03 re-translation must’ve made them come to this conclusion lol.

So there you have it, I am now assisting two fansub groups, which….I hope I don’t conk myself out. Because, I am trying to heal myself after all, and I feel my time here in Germany will come to a close soon and I just may…….hang around in the months to come.

Tokimeki 05 released, notes and others

So, finally I can breathe a very, very happy sigh of relief. Finally, I’m proud to announce my foray into the anime world after years of being in the RAW business. Tokimeki Memorial Only Love episode 05, my translation debut for Notes and other interesting bits of my work on ep 05:

  • I originally joined Ryoumi as a bt seeder, then I decided I wanted to work on Chocosis. Instead, Mr. Spinal told me to work on Tokimeki 05 first. You can imagine my surprise when,
  • Working on ep 05 was the first time I had watched Tokimeki. It had just started, it was on my queue list, it was highly talked about amongst two of our members at L-R. And yet, I had to watch it for the first time in my life lol.
  • But it wasn’t the first time I heard about Tokimeki Memorial. I had actually heard of the first series and the games as well. It was no wonder why it was quite popular then…
  • Knowing that this was my debut as a translator, I decided that I would translate the first half, senoby would translate the second half. I would then let senoby check my work, and then I would finalize our work for TLC. It was hard, I’ll tell you that…
  • I was ready to give up right away. I had originally wanted to work on Chocosis on a low level, seeing as how I was new at this. But I owe it all to senoby, who told me to relax and take my time. I ended up finishing it as promised, on the following friday.
  • Since this was my first time watching Tokimemo, I had a hard time deciphering names. Now, some of you may know I am bad with remembering names, but this was way bad. I had to resist ruining my veiwing experience when I didn’t know who was what and what was going on (there were a few references to earlier eps in 05)

Well, that was a fun ride. With that I let Spinal know that maybe I should take it easy for now and work on a level acceptable to the group. You’ll see me again in the eps and series to come….

Comments welcome. Don’t forget to enjoy my post below about a new kind of anime figure lol.