A look back at my blog’s poll history

Well, it’s been awhile since I did a poll, odd since I have a new layout since then, and in honor of my newest one, let’s look back at what it’s been like in poll land.

The end of my fansub translation days

What do you think of mangatron’s decision about translating?
mangatron! You betrayed us! Anime will never be the same without you!
Rest well, old friend.
By not translating, you disgrace all the anime girls you love.
You’re lying.


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This one is probably the best one. I believe this was the one I created about 3 years ago when real life required me to give it its full attention, thereby ending my wonderful stint as a fansub translator. I believe my last finalized job was AQS-Anime’s Otome-wa Boku ni Koishiteru (sp?) episode 13. It was shortly after that when I was personally asked by the head of AQS to continue my great effort of the To Heart 2 OVA series, when life took over midway of my patented translation method via a smartphone. Fun times indeed…

Recommend me!

Which shows should mangatron make his top priority to view?
Lovely Complex. Tall girl eats little guy. Great stuff.
Sola. Missing an “r”, but hey, that’s anime. And it has pretty girls.
MSLN StrikerS. Aren’t you a lolicon, mangatron? Surely you jest.


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This one was a strange one. Normally, I’m just one to watch every series that airs. But I thought how funny it would be to see what others think about my viewing habits. I think the poll results speak for themselves lol (remember, this was about 4 years ago! I’m a different person now! XD)

How does it look now?

So what do you think of the new layout?
Good! More anime girls!
Ah! My eyes! Bring back old one!
Make it better 😉


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This poll could actually be counted as still ongoing, as it would seem I forgot to take it out when my blog got the new layout some time last year. Due to blogger’s new changes I was forced to change the layout, which I actually did quite like because I manually edited most of it’s layout, images and all. It also had a really nice banner of the ADULT FATE TESTAROSSA. That’s right, the grown up Feito-chan. Take that, you… people who call me lolitron! XD


Does Adbux.org pay up?
Yes! Give me the money. My Paypal email is….
No! They originated from Egypt using a Pyramid Scheme!
Never heard of it. I’m like a caveman, shut out from the world.
Free polls from Pollhost.com

This was about 3 years ago, after spending a few minutes at that site for about a month, I had some money in my Paypal account. So of course, being the jolly, folly, human being that I am, I decided to share my good fortune. Which I ended up giving it to my older brother 😉

So, that appears to be all of what I’ve polled so far. You can still vote on them, apparently, if you think I should re-watch MSLN StrikerS 100 times over or if you think I’m still secretly translating fansubs under a different name 😉

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