Fastest request fulfillment ever?

Tokugawa... Sena! :P

No, I had actually started work on this back on Saturday 4 hours after it hit, as a fun test for my new(?) computer (more on that later in my personal blog). After what happened to that Shirley photoshop job, I have gotten extremely paranoid of the outcomes of my works. Since feedback is scarce, well, not like I go around art forums anyways, but I figured the other type of feedback was essential. Basically, if people liked it, then obviously it was done well. So fast forward a Sunday where I had to cover for someone’s miscalculation, and a Monday where I had yet another heck of a day to start the month/end the previous month.

So this job is simply a test, it does not mean I am back in the request business, and it does not mean I am fully back to 100% health. This is simply a means to test my new desktop, it’s monitor, its brightness effect on my left eye (its said to be 300nit, probably the first time I have ever looked at that kind of brightness), and well, I have a vendetta against towels in the baths 😛 I noticed my special glasses really brings out the colors unlike I’ve seen before. There is one other test: you might recall my frustrations with these blog sites resizing my images, well, I found it out in the most ridiculous of ways: when my tuspics account went over its bandwidth limit, I had to use an alternate source. That’s when I found out WordPress had two different ways of uploading pics: a raw method of just dumping the image to one’s account, and the other way is to simply insert it into a blog post. I hadn’t realized that till that hilarious day last month when I was suddenly posting those month’s Megami/Nyantype pics so early in the morning. So, I am currently testing that, in the above pic, instead of going to it’s own page, it will go to the full 5MB image.

And yes, I still had one last request to finish, but unfortunately that was done in the laptop I was borrowing. I may have to start from scratch as color profiles have changed… “I think I found a way home. And that last (photoshop) job, that’s how I get there.”

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