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My Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou Lily Shiraishi 4koma

Wowser whee, what a hilarious run this 4koma had. My mind was all over the place while drawing this, I slept at my desk several times, and while finishing it up, I made such an obvious glaring typo: Lily’s name on the title.

Man, was I wiped. So tired, even the weekend didn’t help in easing my tension. As usual:

–I’ve been to a couple of theme parks in my life (Universal Studio’s Hollywood, Knotts berry farm, Disneyland, etc), and it always amused me how there was a height limit to some rides, effectively leaving out a lot of kids from having their fun (weren’t these parks for them? XD)
–I actually had a tough time with this 4koma. The last 3 panels were set in stone from the inception of this project, but the first one needed to convey a plausible lead-in to set up the joke. At first I wanted to use plain old text, but that wasn’t very fitting of me (I draw draw draw). Next I thought of just starting it with her in front of the ride, but that wasn’t even informative. Eventually I settled with a narrator type of lead-in, which is where I went all out with my usual art style.
–That first panel was actually a nightmare to draw, as it was about 3-4 times the size of my screen resolution on my device. There were constant zoom in, zoom out’s and what not, ultimately lowering my chances of continuing fanart of Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou.

And, that’s it for now maybe.

Second Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou 4koma

So… I know it’s late, but wowser am I tired. Anyways, here it is, round 2 of my Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou 4koma.

So, a teleporting Soga Keena… I’d like to see that. Or should I now say I did see that? Episode 08 ruined the surprise!

¬†This is why I was waiting for episode 07 to air, so I can confirm if Keena’s invisibility is mana based. Which we see it is, so that confirmed my earlier suspicion that she can use invis while flying. As if it wasn’t so hilarious enough, episode 08 confirmed that she can fly while invisible o_o;

2 weeks ago I had this thought, why doesn’t she fly while invisible? Given that she can fly quite fast, she can give the illusion of teleportation, by simply going invisible, flying to a spot close by, re-appear, invis again and rinse and repeat. Now I don’t know what’s more of a surprise, that I knew she was going to fly invisibly naked, or that she really can o__O*

I guess to elevate the wait for this 4koma to come out, I figured I’d share with everyone how I do things. You can check it out here: How the mangatron draws his 4koma

Introducing the start of my Ichiban Ushiro no Dai maou 4koma


So, on this special day for me, May 08, after last week’s sickness, I
resumed my original plan: a compilation of Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou
4Koma manga poking fun at the Anime series currently airing.
My IUDM 4Koma’s primarily poke fun at questions, plot holes, or pretty
much anything I can think of that coulda-shoulda-woulda happened. To
start it off, Fujiko and her missed opportunity in episode 02.
–This was entirely drawn on my Windows Mobile 6.5 HP iPAQ hx2415 with
Pocket Artist 3.3
–My device has a screen resolution of 240×320, with 35MB available RAM.
–Photoshop was only used to line up the panels and add the text. (not
enough device RAM for full completion)
–This follows the same method I used for my previous 4Koma project,
Luminous Arc 2 ~After Story~ (currently postponed indefinitely due to
health issues)
I should note that should I continue these is up in the air. I
currently paused 2 FAQs I was writing for the DS to do this 4koma. I
may be unable to continue due to acts of god, acts of mother nature,
acts of war, etc…
Hopefully I will continue to churn out some more.