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Ani site updates: Feb 23, 2012

Also on the main site, was a sort of card game listed for Yahoo Japan’s Mobage site. In order to access the Smartphone side of that site, you’ll need a phone of course, or, if you know how to change your user agent, change it to either the iPhone user agent or Android user agent (Firefox users can use the wonderful User Agent Switcher addon) Look at those chibi’s, so cute, especially Muscle Cop girl πŸ˜›

Some marketing:

 Ano Natsu de Matteru

High resolution (1500×996) pics for this week’s episode, #07

Aquarion Evol game

The music from the site

 I am rather interested to know how this game is. Anyone want to give it a go? (for Android, iPhone users go here) It seems like one of those games, if you have been there during the Michael Bay Transformers marketing run, there was a game where the top winners would win prizes before the first movie came out. Apparently, for this Aquarion Evol game, it has a similar look to it, where players log onto the game and rank up somewhat, and the prize for Season 1 is an Aquarion toy. Season 2 is where the real prize is, where the grand prize (1st place?) is a Macbook Air 128GB SSD, and 5 (second place?) winners will win a Neo Diva case.

The toy

Highschool DxD episode 07 preview

Originally supposed to be an Ani Site update, but most sites don’t have any significant updates at this time

An odd person, that webmaster be. I recall the ep 04 preview that also had a pic of Koneko. This girl hardly has screen time…. webmaster is a secret Koneko fan? πŸ˜€


Ani site updates: Feb 09, 2012

They got Issei on laundry duty? Okay…..

Hey Rias, nice “wings” πŸ˜€

Ano Natsu De Matteru

Not sure if you fellows visit the main site, but they really pile on the impressive hi-res images that my connection can’t handle. Here’s one of the many you might have come across:

Wonderful view. Still trying to acquire them all. It’s a somewhat tedious process, and there seems to be more than 20 of these.

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Bring on the goods. A series like this being over-milked might as well have the accompanying merch, ja? Of course, my choice selection:

I can’t seem to make out what Sora is holding….and somebody please tell Hina that the poor dolphin is being mauled πŸ˜› (by the way, these are apparently “Mini Towels“, a small square towel. I had one of those before, I think those in the western world can equate these to “handkerchiefs” πŸ˜€ ) We had a little joke back in the day, buying these printed towels solely for the purpose of wiping our bodies with them. Hey, I mean that in a sane way, seriously XD

Ani site updates: Jan 26 2012

Yesterday I had a feeling that there was more to my previous post missing, but what the heck, it just showed up today so why not.

Highschool DxD episode 04 preview

Somebody is beaming up Akenocchi….

Dog Days Drama CD
I just wanted to post this (DramaCD volume #3) cover because 1)I love Yukikaze 2)I love her “big ears” 3)and I love those delicious zettai ryouiki covered legs, ah I want to lick them, I want her to use her feet to play with something I have XD

Ani Site updates Jan 12, 2012

Something I forgot to mention last time is added to this post instead.

Highschool DxD Episode 02 preview

 The preview for episode 02 is up, and if I had to be blunt, the story bit looks to be a snoozer. At least they threw in some fanservice, eh? XD Speaking of this series, I just realized it’s pronounced as Highschool D D….. and I always added an “x” when I say it πŸ˜›

Ben-to extras
The images are in their original size so don’t bother clicking them to see a larger one 😦

Not sure if you folks remember, but the Ben-to BDVD extra’s used to be line art only (sorry, can’t find the images which I thought I saved.) Well they’re in color now, as well as a new Ayame Dakimakura just went up πŸ˜€

Ani Site updates Jan 10, 2012

Oh man what a day, what a morning. Or was that supposed to be the other way around. Ah, but it’s nice to finally battle against the ridiculousness of my wireless carrier, so I have a lot of catching up to do (I’m looking at you, Fakku! :P)

Ah I mean it’s finally nice to get back to the Ani site updates, something I thought of after last year’s Mayo Chiki aired, updating folks on the main sites of the anime that currently airs.

Highschool DxD

The student council!

There was one Anime series that had friends assigned with letters. I decided to name these 4 Friend A, B, C and D, left to right, which seems to be the easiest way for me to remember them (yes, I’m just getting used to remembering male characters’ names lol).

I don’t think I need to mention how crazy I am for pantsu with a little bow on the crotch area XD

There’s also the OP (ep 01 ED er… I actually haven’t seen it yet, bloody slow connection lol), as well as that loli preview (are they going to get some screen time in next ep? Better be πŸ˜€ )

C3 Cube X Cursed X Curious

Behold, the limited edition (which means sold out by now) disc extra’s! Does not come in normal production sets!

Grr. SAMPLE, my nemesis, returns! Curse you, sample! You make my work harder every time we meet!

But did I just finally see Konoha’s pantsu? Pink with frills? I died XD

Hey, you can’t blame me for not remembering. I really think we never did see her pantsu before. Her pajama’s do not count.

That’s all for today, as it looks like Dog Days has finally ended it’s special wallpaper run for the website. As you might have guessed I’m just starting to get things done now, having overcome the hurdle that is my laptop hdd. Speaking of lappy’s, with CES 2012 around the corner, it is bound to bring out the crazies and the witty’s. Here’s my choice quote for the day, a comment and it’s reply over @ Engadget for the new HP Envy Spectre laptop:

posted by CharredBarn 10 hours ago

Envy Spectre… the dumbest name imaginable. Envy sounds like it oughta the name of a fragrance marketed by Li’l Kim or someone equally tacky. Then: Spectre. Like a ghost. Does anyone envy a ghost, apart from 9 year-old boys or black metallers? The two words don’t make sense together, and the combination sounds ridiculous to boot. It’s like they’re trying to market it to Hoochie Mama chicks with the word “envy,” and also their goofy male counterparts with a bad ass name like “spectre.” Ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who loves everybody! 
posted by rae smi 10 hours ago in reply to CharredBarn


so.. wat u think abt the laptop? 

LOL want to complain about names? Take it to the MTV website. At least talk about the laptop itself πŸ˜›

Ben-to episode 01

One look at this photo, and the average viewer nowadays screams “Harem!”. So sad. First of all, the loli clearly loves her meatball, the blonde with big ones is simply trying to give a face massage to the guy with her boobies, the silver haired beauty is posing for a gravure shoot, and the 2 girls on the right are so in their own little world… all of this on a single serving of food.

Ah, Bento. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such a thing before… if it was an already prepared food, it’d be from the Deli (not necessarily already packed for you.). That is somewhat the main reason why I just didn’t know how a series would be like for these characters to fight over food, but then again, this is Japan, and Bento’s are a regular item in stores.

Ayame Shaga, a rather cute girl with glasses :D
But they aren’t so regular when they are regularly priced. Once they get marked down to clear stock, that’s when the fight (and fun) begins, and what this series has going for it in terms of story. A rather entertaining take on a battle series I say, and for a very good reason. Looking at the original prices they go as high as USD $5.00, which I know some would simply get a much cheaper (and less healthy) meal at Mc D’s.
Asebi Inoue, perhaps the resident loli of this series. Voiced by a great tsundere voice actress (no not that one)
This is also a series where the male lead isn’t a romcom invincible punching bag, as we see he did go to the hospital and he did sustain some sort of injury to the head that although it required a bandage, he can still attend school. You know, school, as in…. gotta use your thinking power. Need to spend some more time in the hospy, dude.
Two girls who are twins, but… according to the main site, they share the same name, Kyo Sawagi.

To wrap up the ep, this male lead (You. No really, that’s his name, not yours) tries his luck again at the Bento Wars, but get’s kicked by a girl wearing pantyhose. SERIOUSLY, I so want to be kicked by Sen. Never mind the eventual pain of being kicked by the boots, but the legs…. those legs….

My high score of the flash game….after several tries. My right hand must be so broken to not be able to guide the mouse properly. Offline playable here.

Miscellany pics:

She looks like… Dark Frost Witch? :P (Sadly she doesn’t look like she’ll make an Anime appearance.)

I hope this DVD cover is a sign that the Blu-Rays will include clothing damage :D

Ani Site update: Oct 3, 2011

Dog Day’s Season 2

See that October 2nd date? lol….

Well, in case you missed it, Dog Days get’s a Season 2. What surprises me most of all was that I saw it coming almost 3 weeks ago and just let it slide (of course you saw 2 days later my connection was at its most crappiest and my health took a dive that weekend). As an observer, I am most ashamed.

My Dog Days image folder. You can see at that time I was raiding the site of it’s chibi images (which is great stuff btw, if only it wasn’t SAMPLED)

Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I was looking through the main website for the TV adapation of Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and I saw that above pic. Of course it drew my attention πŸ˜› but it was mostly Sena’s legs sitting posture that amused me. She brought her knees up on her chair, which according to my astute observations, this is common among girls who are either insecure or absorbed into their current activity. Great use of characterization of the artist in regards to Sena’s personalityΒ πŸ™‚

Hidan No Aria

I was perusifying some online stores to see what I missed (no enlarged pic yet of Kanade’s dakimakura?), and I saw the HnA merchandise. I bring this up because seriously, I didn’t know Battle Mode Jeanne looked so good πŸ˜€

It’s not my fault she had very little screentime in that episode, not to mention underground in a poorly lit environment πŸ˜›