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A update on the upcoming changes to my blogs

I decided to stick this here since it refers to Google, and I don’t want these words hosted on Google’s sites. (WordPress isn’t owned by Google, is it? >_>)


First of all, I finally got that reply from Google that I’ve been waiting for awhile now. About my Adsense ad serving on my blogspot site, it seems to Google that Strike 1 is Strike 3, as you don’t get a second chance if you violated their policy just once. Now my blog is not even a hentai blog, my pics showed no details that should not be seen on a non-adult site. So what went wrong?


Apparently I was getting a lot of visitors to start the year. Yeah that’s right, I believe I was getting so much visitors, Google had to take a look at my blog and what do you know, those string of ecchi headers pushed the limit.

Note the rise of page views starting from January

Now, I understand I pushed the limits with my header images, so Google is not at fault here, but it’s also not entirely my fault either. I had no idea the policy applied to both RealD girls and 2D girls, as I mentioned earlier I showed no uncensored exposure of private parts in my pictures,  not to mention the only RealD girls are the BeautyLeg girls which did not violate Google’s policy of “suggestive posing of breasts” or whatever people call girls looking pretty. I feel that Google needs to make it clear about what constitutes as adult material, as many anime will have some fanservice scenes that unfortunately cannot be posted on a blog that serves Adsense, and yet they fall into the adult category simply because of Adsense’s vague description of what is adult material.

And that must be the problem Google had with my blog, I was having an increase in traffic as each day went on, till it became over 2000 visitors in 7 days. You can see now it doesn’t top 500 every 7 days anymore. My theories are that Google saw that my earnings were increasing, which of course set in motion their investigation into my blog, gee whiz apparently Ecchi sells, but Google didn’t think so so they permanently disabled ad serving to my blog.

Proof that Ecchi sells: Note the referring sites, and the top 4 keywords, and connect this with the rise of pageviews starting from Jan 2012

As such, you might have noticed some of  my Highschool DxD posts ended up here, as it seems those were also the culprit despite yet again those being as censored as they originally have been (See above screenshot, Akeno Himejima nearly single-handedly increased my traffic). So my blogspot blog is back up in it’s original form, with no more Adsense, I can continue to push the boundaries between Adult and non-adult, but I will utilize Breaks more often now to properly label what post will have slightly NSFW content, and extreme NSFW content will remain on this WordPress blog.


More updates coming up, and hopefully those photoshops too ^^

And there they go…

…over to my wordpress blog. But I disappeared over the weekend. My neck was still hurting, which was over a week already, and since that’s not normal, I hadn’t realize something important that I had done to treat my chain headaches: massages. Now it may seem funny, but it’s true, they really help, and now my neck is a lot better, although I still have to perform Batman turns to avoid snapping my neck, but yeah, with that taken care of, it’s a lot better these days. But my shoulder remains as delicate as it is now. Why in the world won’t I get a surgery, is probably the main question since all those many years ago. I do have reasons, several of them serious, which is enough to sway me from it. I’ll detail them later, but right now I’m considering therapy, after the recent neck massage, as well as some upper body exercises that were recommended to me. Hey, anything than going under the knife.

And a little rant, but seriously Mozilla, I’m very unhappy with you right now:

This happens to me regularly. Like, too regularly, and for a fellow like me with a bad connection, keeping 162 tabs open at the same time is crucial for the cache to load images that I already painstakingly loaded. And when Firefox crashes the way it does with half those tabs without images, no Mozilla, that is not embarrassing, that is an atrocity, especially when this didn’t happen to me when I was using version 3.6 and lower. I feel like going back to that, but then half the bloody internet won’t work because oh your browser is too old time to upgrade blah blah yadda yadda yoda.

I hated Chrome, and I could only chuckle at Opera, but now Firefox is making me punch my screen and rip my hair out.

Sure was a strange weekend though. Had 2 guys over at XDA return to the forum, who were off the forum for a long time, one of them 2 years. Also had some stuff to take care of over there, so I guess I can’t leave that place alone.

So where have I been the past few days…

First let’s go back almost 6 years ago. And then the present time. It’s no longer tendonitis, my arm was as close to falling off now if it weren’t for my skin holding it together.

Over the past weekend, I experienced severe neck pain, apparently I had nightmares about my work, causing me to move a lot while I was sleeping, when I unfortunately suddenly woke up on my right side, the broken shoulder side. The tendonitis side, which, why I never pushed to confirm that and x-ray it, just please don’t ask, but it looks like a complete breakdown of my shoulder joint, as yesterday I was literally playing with my ball socket in my shoulder, ugh the popping noises, the way I am able to bend my arm irregularly… I don’t want to talk about it anymore, but as you can see, it shut me down those long 6 years ago, and it’s happening again.

So that’s the update. I’ve forced myself to slow down my life, forget about anything that needs thinking, and just relax. So you’ll see a lot more about me, I have a lot of DS and PSP games to catch up on, and really, this is a long time coming, but I really need some rest, and I think now’s the time before I make the big decision to go with surgery, because it’s not just my shoulder now, it’s affecting my spine too, which I am still experiencing a really stiff neck at the moment, so the sooner I relax the better. I can live with the pain, I have been for a long part of my life, because I just can’t see the trade-off between stopping my work for just one day for, who knows how long recovery from surgery would need. Seriously, I consider my work important, to me, it’s my life, a task given to me about 17 years ago, I will not give in for this. I can’t give in….I believe we all have a destiny, and mine unfortunately involves the uniqueness of my brain, the fact that they were able to see that in spite of what a few pieces of paper said otherwise, I don’t want to let them down.

Not even myself.


…Yeah I’ve been missing out on gaming. Sometimes I wonder why I buy these handhelds when I can’t even play them. Good thing the d-pads and joysticks for movement are on the left hand, I don’t think pressing buttons with my right isn’t going to hurt too much. No wonder why I have been using a trackball for 11 years, I can’t use a conventional mouse anymore due to the way you have to use your arm to move that around.

On the other hand, I tried to play a fighting game, and it hurt. Sucks to be me, but it looks like I can’t play that genre anymore unless I apply some serious painkiller on my shoulder.

I also wanted to apologize to some folks at XDA-developers for my delayed respones, I know I’m the only one who is willing to help you guys, and I’ll keep helping out, for as long as I have a computer.

That new banner is up, and something of mine is up too :P

Ah, would have posted this earlier had I not spent some time out. Well, how often do I talk about my outings out in downtown? First let’s get down to business.

My new banner is finally up, just hours after the scans went up. Again, I was working on this after lunch, when my schedule had to shift an entire day, so some of that time was spent over at the SM Megamall. As you can see, I did 3 nude filters in almost 2 hours. Definitely a new record for me, I used to think doing 1 a day was overkill, but 3? GLORIOUS XD

But eh? That’s it? Where’s the complete nude filters at the Sankaku Channel, moeren, insertnextbestimagesitehere? I know this is going to sound very weird, complicated, extremely strange, but…. I will not be releasing them, at all for that matter. Why? WHYYYYYYY you ask? Know that this isn’t about exclusivity to my blog, or whatever, heck this is my first update since…. whatever, the point is, I have 2 reasons, one of them is personal, but the other one is obvious and hilarious: the nude filtered versions of the Megami/Nyantype scans you see in my banner? Yeah, just those 3 girls on the right. I have a rule, ja, and that is “do not upload incomplete work”, and as you might know about the source scans that I have used, the ZnT scan also has Louise in it, the Guilty Crown scan has Inori and Tsugumi, and of course the Ano Natsu scan has Lemon, Kanna and Mio in it. I of course did not ‘shop those girls, hence, “incomplete” work. But…. maybe if you folks donate time to me, I miiiiiiiight reconsider 😛

Speaking of my time outside, I know I don’t talk about it much, but this time was entertaining as it was enlightening. First off, the Power Mac store in the CyberZone at SM Megamall, one of the iPads was not operational:

Notice the red bar on the screen, which is the dead battery indicator.

The reason why:

Yep, power cord is funked XD. So I had to scoot over to a vacate one (a loli was playing with the black iPad), and one reason why I had to mention all this, is because this is the first time I ever saw the iPad in the flesh, and in operation. All I was amused about was how thin the thing was. But then the other Android tablets I held were like that too, so 😛 By the way, I took a portrait photo of myself on one of those iPads. Darn, forgot to delete the incriminating evidence!

Speaking of loli’s *cough* I got a funny true story. When I was exfil-ing the mall, a little girl was running around waaah waaah, and you know how they have those mall directories near the entrance/exit? Well, this one is a giant touchscreen, and this girl runs over to it screaming and then she takes that little hand of hers and slams her palm onto the screen. Man, I had to laugh so hard because the screen rejected that giant capacitive palm of hers XD…. she reminded me of Papa no Iu Koto Kikinasai’s Hinata XD

Don’t forget to vote for the awesome new banner 😀 (on the left sidebar below my WordPress feed)

Ani Site updates: the last week before this post….

I don’t understand. Why in the world would a country celebrate another country’s holiday? Seriously, let me give an extreme example…… Imagine if Iran celebrated the USA’s Independance Day. Never mind, my rants aren’t going to reach the government anyways….

Highschool DxD

One of the funny things about Yahoo these days is their comments. Yep, practically any website with comments are funny too. But the prevalent funny thing happening at Yahoo right now is the general consensus among readers that Yahoo should attach pictures to their new articles. The next best suggestion was to erase those damn video clips and let us actually read the articles, not watch them. In honor of my continued support of Yahoo since 1997, and a big grin to all their readers, I will post the pictures from the Flash file so that you don’t need to go to a computer that has Flash player just to see these pictures.

Say mister webmaster, are you still asleep buddy? Because for version 2, the main site still said Version 1 for a bit, but now the site says Version 3 but the flash page says Version 2….

C3 CubexCursexCurious

Oh right, there’s nothing here. No Goods, from the start of the series, well into the entire Fall season, even till now, the Goods page remains “Coming Soon”. Why? Is this series not popular enough? To think they ended this series heavily laying on the Season 2 stuff….

Dog Days

Well, according to the main site, looks like they’ll be attending an event on March 31 through April 1. With Yui Horie in tow as well as some other cast members (I presume, since Miyano Mamoru is listed), maybe they’ll announce some Season 2 details? Hope so!

Scrambled update Jan 17 2012 again

That’s from Hong Kong (which they imported from Japan of course), which in all my years of eating Pocky it’s the first I’ve seen of the gold box (I previously tasted only Strawberry and Regular Chocolate).

While we’re on the topic of snacks, I’ve been meaning to ask about this:

Sorry there’s no picture of the actual pastry, but that’s what it’s called, and if you’re wondering where it went, I ate it already 😛

I want to know what the ingredients are because it’s Green lol, of course I would choose that over Chocolate, Strawberry, mango etc. And what does Pandan mean? 😮 (This pastry is from Max’s Restaurant, the Corner Bakery that is)

Scrambled update Jan 17 2012

Well, it’s one of those posts where I update on some things. Anything. Well, actually, I have an ongoing mess with one of my hard drives (S.M.A.R.T. area tells me it’s dead. Yeah, how in the heck is the HDD still good but the SMART part is dead?), so I have to scrap some photoshop ideas, and while that’s going I figured I might as well post something….

I swear the light reflection was unintentionally awesome (reason why I didn’t scan this)

You know how there seems to be a lot of time if your computer is busy doing something, so I did some digging around my stuff and found this pencil board that came with the Stratos 4 OVA DVD (le hot spring ep :D) Now I remember why I was attracted to Infinite Stratos. Back in Winter 2011, somewhere in the back of my mind the fond memories of Stratos 4 must have compelled me to get into Infinite Stratos, which of course I eventually got to love the girls in that series as well. Well, look at her, aint she a beauty. GREEN TWINTAILS DAMNIT.

The other side of the pencil board. No, I did not photoshop that. Bandai did that themselves!

And of course it got me thinking. A lot of the DVD’s I bought have those extras in them, such as Galaxy Angel’s box set that included gashapon figures, or the Gravion DVD volume 1 which came with decals. Honestly, if they didn’t have those extras, I wouldn’t have had bought them, considering I was traveling at the time with hardly any space to transport them ($29 single discs, back in 2006-2007 from AAFES on US Army bases in Germany). English licensed nowadays should include little things like this, because I know it made me happy with my purchases, which I’m sure it made others happy too.

Speaking of photoshops, here’s a quickie (above). Yes, she is photoshopped. Take a closer look 😛 Now if I hadn’t had so much busy things to do, I’d photoshop the rest of her body 😀

And uh, last closing thing to lol at.
QUIZ: What is the mangatron’s favorite piece of a chicken?

Why, the thigh’s of course!!!
(Sorry for the lame pic. I know the leg isn’t attached to the thigh but what the heck, that is the thigh :P)

Hello 2012…..what the heck? I’m capped even more?

Ah, what a way to start a new year. My banner has an all time low 4 girls only, due to the strange lack of 2012-series (bouncy) posters from Nyantype and Megami. Then I find some disturbing new info on why my internet connectivity has sucked major donkey balls.

According to the Philippine undernet (sorry, can’t post links, but citizens of this country would know which sites I am talking about), my wireless carrier (Globe) has made some frustrating new changes since last month:

-The blocking of ports due to abuse of cheapskate users has affected paying subscribers like me.
-NEW INFO: a new bandwidth limit of 400kbps (That’s a download speed of 40 KB a second for those of you who spend time on fiber optic lines and forgot what kbps means :P) has been imposed, time of day uncertain but according to my own tests, it happens around 9AM and well into the night.
-NEW INFO: it seems to be established by some folks (sorry, I don’t understand the language so I’m picking off what little english they use) that there is a 450MB data transfer limit from 10AM to 11PM. According to my own tests, this seems to be true as they royally lied about the 800MB limit that I never reached that they so graciously tried to notify me about.

What does this mean? It cuts into my anime time even more. And that was on rough seas since last year. Again, why don’t I use any other wireless carrier?

From one burning ship to another? No way. Reality is, the data plans and service in this country suck black holes. Now Hong Kong has better prepaid plans lol. (in fact I think they always did.)