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The first of several changes.

What a strange month of October. Bad health, self-inflicted partition errors, Qaddafi bites the dust, not to mention I am so in love with the Fall 2011 anime season. But, this post was meant to be a minor update on one of the changes to my blog, and I’d like to announce the new plan in regards to posting certain things: WordPress will be the more extremely perverted side of things. A lot of this mostly revolves around stuff relating to 18+ stuff that’s not appropriate for my blog here, which I want to avoid the Adult content rating as much as possible for Blogger. According to my observations of WordPress-based hentai doujin scanlator teams, it seems one does not need to engage in that extra step of “you are about to enter a mature site” thing Blogger has, supposing you do make an 18+ blog.

I know it seems like a weird decision, but consider this an evaluation for myself: can I completely move to WordPress, or can I not live without Blogger? I have a lot of fun memories here, while WordPress…. looks awfully plain. Maybe that’s where its strength lies…

Anyways, visit the Majikoi episode 02 uncensored pic above over at the wordpress post!

Thank you Summer 2011!

Easily the worst portrayed girl who was obviously the best girl of Summer 2011 ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, what a typhoon. Flights cancelled, some parts of the city flooded… this time of the year is such a flight risk. But the Summer 2011 Anime season is coming to a close, gee I actually saw a Ika Musume second season ep out already… anyways, what a fun season. Except for idolamAster (which has one ep to go?), I finally finished my checklisted series (though I failed again in per-episode blogging due to my awful connection). But more so than before, this season saw me utilize Photoshop in more ways than I thought I could. Good thing too as I learned quite a few time-saving tricks, as well as hone those skills I grew laxed on over the years.

Another fine point is my poll votes doubled from last season, thanks guys! I wish I had better posts for you guys to read though, but I guess those short and sweet photoshops and what not were good enough. Funny too, as this season saw over 5,000 unique visitors to my blog, again I apologize if there wasn’t much to read but it’s a good start, ja? Let’s see how it went:

Good things:
-Yeah Photoshop! In case you missed it, I went absolutely crazy over Mayo Chiki, some of it amateurish, some of it so real it’s hard to tell.
-For once not all of my visitors came from Animesuki, as those photoshop endeavors brought in visitors from elsewhere wherever I posted those photoshops to.
-Thanks for voting on the polls guys! It seems to me there’s quite a lot of fans of the big ones eh? This coming from a leg fetish…

The funny part about this poll, Option #2 had like 2 votes. After I posted my Q and A, well, I guess everyone wanted to see Kanade Strip Subaru lol.

Not-so-good things:
-Postponed plans to help translate the Infinite Stratos novel.
-Postponed plans to translate the Hidan no Aria manga.
-Health took a dive early in the season.
-Over the weekend of Sept 24-26, I suffered my first migraine in 2 months. Reason? For almost 3 weeks straight prior, I only got an average 5 hours of sleep (it was usually 4 or less). I may have laughed at sleep, but sooner or later it will catch up to ya…
-Palm Treo 750 fans will find I spent much of September working on the final Version 3.0 ROM. What a way to finally drive a nail into Palm’s coffin.

Coming up soon, my favorite moments of Summer 2011 Anime! Look forward to that.

Site update Sept 22 2011

Ah, what a strange week.

Mayo Chiki episode 12 preview

They’re back at that inn they stayed at back in ep 08? Probably a flashback… but that scene with Punyuru’s bare back towards us… certainly can’t be a flashback. Perhaps… next ep… Subaru becomes a woman! XD

By the way, is it just me, or doesn’t the guy in the bottom right pic look like the twintail fetish friend of Kousaka from Nyan Koi?

Kamisama Dolls

Actually nothing much to post here. That preview for episode 12 came online after episode 12 aired. Amusing….

Blog update

Updates ended up being slow again, for once it’s not actually about the work I do, and that’s because of my Wireless Carrier again. You see, I had trouble accessing a number of sites (AGAIN!), including but not limited to Sankakucomplex (even the Channel), Danbooru, and others. As you might have guessed I upload large images to those sites in case Blogger can’t handle it (or if deemed NSFW). Why in the world does Blogger have a 1600 dimension limit on images anyways? Isn’t Google a big company already? Either they are hiding the option to un-limit images, or there really is none….

Ani Site update: Sept 12, 2011

Kamisama Dolls Episode 11 preview

Ah, Mahiru mounts Hibino. You know, the past few days I found myself getting about 5, maybe 6 hours of sleep out of 24 hours in a day. In my not-so-awake state of mind, I actually saw Hibino as a naked girl wrapped in only a valentine gift wrapped ribbon…. I’m not losing my mind, am I? Tell me someone else saw it that way too…. tell me…

Mayo Chiki! episode 11 preview

Well, Starchild’s preview has not gone up at the time of this post, but TBS’ did. According to them, a new term begins, and it looks like Subaru X Jirou moments are now awkward. I thought awkward moments only happened if the 2 fell in love with each other…

If you’re wondering about Mayo Chiki’s first DVD release, here’s what it has:
-Some kind of commentary withย Jiro Sakamachi (CV: Satoshi Hino), Subaru Konoe (CV: Yuka Iguchi)
Full-color booklet, 16 Pages, maybe it’s like that little artbook that came with Infinite Stratos
-The DVD Jacket illustrated by Kosuke Kawamura

Aw, no Specials? No “Bath time with Kanade”? Not even some “Training with Kureha”? I would love to watch Kureha sleeping….lol.

Ro-Kyu-Bu character song samples

Ah, Ro-Kyu-Bu. What many call a loli anime, and with this kind of cast, the character CD’s ought to be something. Thanks to Animesuki member Konakaga, I was convinced to give the samples a listen. I gotta say I loved every one of them. I had questioned myself how do they make different versions of the OP, as my first prerogative is always “Probably like Strike Witches’ Bookmark Song”, which was sung the same way by the different voice actresses for that series. But I was surprised the different Ro-Kyu-Bu OP versions were very much different than each other, and you’ve got different song styles too, Tomoka’s up-tempo version, Maho’s catchy jazz style, Airi’s was relaxing in a soft style, and more. I think out of all the individual character songs, Hina’s made me melt so fast, I hadn’t realized I had that sample blaring for almost an hour ON LOOP.

Give them a listen here, and don’t forget their sales dates if you’ve melted enough to buy them: Tomoka, Maho and Saki are available now, Hina’s arrives in 2 days, and Airi goes gold on the 21st.

New blog feature: Ani site updates! Sept 08 2011

You know how I’ve been slacking in the episode summary part of my blog, mainly due to the horrific connection problems I’ve had last month, but lately things seem to be okay with my wireless carrier, although they’re still a little egg-headed. Anyways, you know how I am about fun stuff, and you’ll notice my previous posts, although they are dominated by Mayo Chiki, I’ve done some fun stuff too like those Dog Day’s updates from the main site, and I thought it would be a fun idea to compile noteworthy updates from these Anime official websites into one nice post here. That and… I figured I’d give my readers something to enjoy other than no updates at all XD

First and foremost, the best news I had all (week actually, since I saw this about a week or 2 ago), Dog Days Episode 5.5!

Someone tell me that’s an OVA, and not just a Drama CD. This would totally make up for that lack of support-character screen time that happened at the end of the series. Perfect timing too, if you’ll recall Episode 05 was when the Princess Millimeter kidnapping incident was resolved, so why not have some fun in the sun as a truce between the countries!

But look at Millimeter. She’s pink already, did she have to pick a pink swimsuit? Why not red? No one has red on except Noir’s red bows, how about some diversity (since Violet already took black XD)

On other news of previous season Anime, in case you missed it, don’t forget about the Hidan no Ari OVA and the Infinite Stratos OVA, as well as that Astarotte’s Toy OVA featuring My Queen in all her teenage glory ๐Ÿ˜› Certainly stuff to look forward to in case you didn’t mark your calendars.

This scene should be animated…. so that I can see some bounce OH YEAH XD


Mayo Chiki ep 10 preview pics

Just look at Kureha and those glasses! I can probably guess who gave her that, if it even is a birthday gift *cough* Oh, and it seems Kureha is 16 years old already. Ah, prospective waifu fans, she is now legal XD And that giant teddy bear totally explains her episode 04 brawl with the bear, yup it does…

Kamisama Dolls viewers, don’t forget ย to keep an eye on the episode page for preview pics for episode 11.

If these updates prove to be popular, it sure would be nice to have blog contributors…

The mangatron is getting married!

Houki, my love.

I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Even the Mariana Trenches.

I will love you from the top of my heart to the bottom of my heart.

I will hold you, and caress you. As long as you leg scissor me, that is.

No matter how many times you beat me with your wooden sword, I will
never hate you for it. Just don’t hit my sweets.

When we’re fighting an enemy, I will take a bullet for you with my
Tabane-wedding gift custom built I.S., even if it kills me.

We WILL have kids. If we have a boy, I will not name him Ichika. If we
have a girl, I will name her Shirley. You know, after the 501st
Squadron girl, not… never mind.

In sickness, and in health, for queen and country.

Houki. Will you marry me?

Leaked audio recording of the mangatron’s proposal:

Oh bugger, I’m in for it now lol…

Please do not ask about the diamond ring. And I know there’s only 1 Mariana Trench, but I kinda wanted to cover the others, while name dropping the most well known one. That and… I’m tired of re-takes ๐Ÿ˜› Oh, and can anyone guess the hilariousness of Houki’s reply? Just basic Japanese skill is needed there to see the sad conclusion to my one-sided love XD

You guys are perverts!

47% thinks there’s not enough boobies?ย 

Well, a new season of Anime, and with that I change banners again. I decided to do that since there seems to be a bit more space up there, so hopefully I can change it every season. Though I’m liking what I see now, thanks to poll results, it seems like my readers didn’t get enough boobies last season. Happy now? Okay so it’s not much votes, but a good turnout compared to other polls. Sad that the Sengoku Girls didn’t catch on ๐Ÿ˜›

Interesting info:

Q: Since when did you decide to make your top banner a boobie banner?
A: Well you know, it sells? Honestly lol, I like to look at them. And that’s it.

Q: Why does Kanako from Nyan Koi always seem to be up there regardless of the current season?
A: She holds a special place in my dreams heart. You might have heard already, but it was that Fall 2009 season where I made my on-time return to Anime viewing, and for such a grand adventure, I really wanted to absorb the series with the cutest girls. Enter Nyan Koi, Kampfer, Sacred Blacksmith, Seitokai no Ichizon, and the like, and that’s where we’re at now. Kanako has a personality I fell in love with, and ahem her big ones too of course. It was the pool episode (09 or 10 I think) where she had an underboob scene, and that was enough to splurt massive amounts of blood from my nose. Of course her eyecatch (the image used in the banner) also made me bleed profusely, so there we have it. KANAKO!

By the way I always do multiple vote choices. You know, in case you think there’s a lot of a little bit of no boobies…. er…

Comments open to all, no login required. Users already signed into their Google account can comment too.

Storm-front = no daily blogging

Well, a storm recently rolled into the Philippines over the weekend,
right when I thought daily blogging was a possibility. The reason why
my connection is extremely crappy is the technical mumbo jumbo related
to 3G signals and atmospherical conditions. It's a bit complicated to
explain, and not really something I feel like doing, but it basically
boils down to 'perfect weather = good connection' and 'bad weather =
spotty connection'. I miss Germany already.