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Here the heck I am again lol

Well. Here I am. Last time anyone heard from me I was in Germany, working on a fansub job when I suddenly had to stop that job before I got 5 minutes into it. And for a good reason too. Now, I am in the Philippines. Yes, you heard me right. After apologizing for not being able to do my part with my last fansub job, I had traveled 22,000+ Kilometers in the last two weeks of stopping the fansub job. If I hadn’t stopped that translation, I would have been in the deepest pile of trash I would have ever been in my life. So, once again, sorry Aquastar for not being able to do the job you asked me to, but I had to in order to end up where I’m at now. In the Philippines. In a foreign country. Using an internet connection I have to pay for in this 26 floor hotel lawl. But, as I’m timed on this connection I’ll just be blunt with what I have to say.

That picture I mentioned whee months ago. That picture has been untouched until now. Now, I present to you what I should have many months ago.

First, we have this picture.
No, I didn’t make that picture, I just wanted you to see it lol. Next we have:
Ah, what the hell. What happens when we merge those pics is we have this:

From Blog posts

That’s right, I made a Lord of War poster type of image of Tama-nee. Don’t ask why it took me this long to upload it, but just think about those dmn 22K Kilometers I traveled and there you have it. So yeah, go spread this pic wherever you internetters post pics and show the world what a busy azz like me can do with a picture of the girl I love. Wait, that sounded wrong lol….

More info on life the next time I use the net lol