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A little update

Usami finally reveals her pantsu in the disc release for Mayo Chiki!

I think I’ve been here before. The part where I thought small, quick posts were a lot better than dead silence. And that’s why I’m writing this post on the last day of November to inform those 600+ readers that have come by the past several weeks. First off, November has been a very unhealthy month for me. You might recall that Charlotte Dunois photoshop in the early weeks of this month. That job cost me in several ways, including days of writhing pain in my right wrist, which led to me frequently using a cast/splint more often, as well as repairing my Trackball mouse I half destroyed almost a year ago for use once again, and completely ditching the conventional mouse altogether. Ah, both good things and bad things never happen by themselves, and not long afterwards, real life comes back into my life, and that’s where we’re at the final weeks of November, where that second-hand smoke incident earlier in the year happened again (old man neighbor continues to smoke despite suggestions he stop), resulting in the past 5 days with me continuously inhaling menthol 24/7, something one might also know as aromatherapy.

I’ve had free time to watch about half my Fall 2011 Anime list, why not the rest of that on forums and my blog and what not? I do also participate in XDA-developers ROM cooking duties, and this is the main part of my update that I felt should be shared. My time on XDA-devs is important, and not just for me, for others too who depend on the skills I utilize as a ROM Chef. Why not share that knowledge so others can take up the slack? Sure, I did, my work has brought in 2 Chef’s, but those ended up being basic ROMs, with bugs no less, and it ends up as there’s something only I can do, which for some reason no one else does, and instead they look to me, the godfather of this line of phones. You know that feeling you get when you have a good idea, and try to do it?

I never try to think about what to do if I fail, but this is one of those many situations where I also cared not to think of the consequences of when I succeeded, and the impending expectations others place on you. But with blog post drafts piling up, time does not smile upon me, and if my health gets the better of me, my time may run out before I know it.

The broadcast of Mayo Chiki episode 05, where the chicken’s head conveniently covers what HAS to be seen XD

Kobato needs to sunbathe…

…and I removed her swimsuit for you so you can apply the lotion! Now, you can reach the most intimate of intimate areas, giving her full coverage against the elements! UV Rays can’t touch that smooth, vampy skin 😀

Original screenshot of episode 07

Current age:

No swimsuit

And here’s where the controversy starts. Kobato several years from now:

She is 16 years old! Honestly! /end Nadesico Ruri Hoshino garage kit joke

Heterochromia version

Now, before you say “ah, you just made the boobies bigger”, look at the pic again. And I mean look at it again, and notice how the resolution height is no longer 720p. It now has a height of 739 pixels, and that’s because I did more than just give her a boob job. Her body has grown exponentially! That’s right! I have created the world’s first time machine, and now Kobato is legal! Whoohoo!

Comparison. Smaller Kobato is the original version.

Yeah, I didn’t like how easy it was to photoshop this. That’s why I followed my life long personal credo of “Complicated Simplicity” by going the extra mile with 16 YEARS OLD Kobato 🙂 (okay I’m done with the Nadesico joke lol) In the end the whole thing was enjoyable mainly because this is the first major photoshop job that I used with my old self-repaired trackball. Now it’s easy as pie!

Something hilarious for now

As my health and real life take a toll on me, I was trying to work on that tutorial I promised for the Shirley edit. Since photoshop happened to be open, I decided to do something quick and cheap to reinforce a joke (I am about to make) @ Animesuki:

Naked Apron MATSY!!!!!!! Awhooo

 Why is it quick and cheap, even though it looks so good? Because I am employing the Eye Deception rule, by making the above image smaller to compensate for lower details. Here’s how it looks originally:

Click for larger image

I will not pursue this photoshop job merely for the fact that my life is taxed at the moment….

That curtain has been banished!

Before:What the 400KB?


Charlotte Dunois

Hmm... Hmmmmmmmm.......YUMMY!!!

Coming up, I’ll have a tutorial on how to do this quickly and efficiently, as my laptop is no longer capable of sustaining intense photoshopping like this (I had to quit and restart Photoshop every 30 actions, give or take 10), so the sooner I share the knowledge, the less I have to do photoshop jobs like this :P.

Shirley takes a bath

Uh…. it’s a habit, ja. I call her Shirley, we had fun in the bath, and I took a photo to commemorate our first shower together.

High res coming up, which will be wordpressed. I do intend to post a tutorial on how you too can take a bath with Shirley….. wait, maybe I won’t. Shirley all for me!

EDIT: Okay, it’s up!

What lies beneath….

…the shower curtain.

Almost there, Shirley! Well.... just need to touch it up.

Yeah…. don’t ask why I had to relate Shirley’s shower to this

And I find it funny Photoshop uses the Windows7 task bar icons, when I’m on XP. Maybe that’s where all my RAM is going.