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Q & A with mangatron: Big ones, Small ones, and any in-between?

The post title is a joke from the Full Metal Panic manga, specifically the second one. I believe its volume 03, when Sousuke worked in a video rental store. I bought that manga in a US Army base bookstore back in 2006 when I returned to Germany, hence why it’s rather special to me. Except for the part where I left it in Germany.

If you read my last post, you’ll find I’m in favor of small, sporadic posts instead of once-a-blue-moon big posts, and to continue that, there are much questions going about that my PM inbox at the Animesuki forums cannot contain. Seriously, I have to empty that almost twice a season XD So today I’m going to tackle a question that has arisen a number of times the past 3 seasons: Who is that girl in your avatar?

Q: Okay, it’s been going on for awhile, but why the bouncy avatars?

A: It’s a fairly recent thing. I’m not really known for it, but as usual something happened and it ended up being a habit. It all started with the Anime version of Astarotte’s Toy, and Lotte’s well endowed mother. Specifically, episode 05. And I made it no secret my love for my Queen, but I had the fun idea to take it a step further by placing her in my avatar, perhaps a first for a mature woman such as her XD

The avatar that started it all

Of course, it made a heavy impact: at the time, my “lolitron” nickname was as prevalent as ever, then all of a sudden a bouncy woman resides in my avatar space? Shortly afterwards, I never failed to receive a PM/visitor message about “Who is the girl(yes she has been called a girl) in your avatar” during this time, and I thought “Oh, there’s not many viewers for this show, maybe I can recommend a lot to it” and I proceeded to pounce on any chance I can get to animate her screen time.

The second Mercelida avatar from episode 09

From that point, I have had a “big” avatar since. If there wasn’t a new pair of big ones that week, the avatar remained. The best part: I have had so many PM’s about questions of what series my avatar came from, and I have directed them to the appropriate thread, thus making them watch a series they never would have had it not been for my avatar. Thus, the story of my bouncy avatars, why I continue to use them, and why it remains the #1 PM I get XD

Just some of the avatars I’m responsible for since Spring 2011:

This one deserves special mention. My favorite, one that lasted for almost a month, and the most controversial avatar I have used that brought smiles and a headache to mods and regular members alike, which was also responsible for making me clean out my PM inbox twice: R-15’s Chief-chan.

Up next, is… actually, I think I should finish that tutorial first. I was also hoping to resume 7DA afterwards.

R-15 episode 01: more like Rated R

Why censor her? The girl was just going to lift her skirt to cool her self down after a hot day…

Hmm, when was the last time I’ve seen lipstick on an Anime Girl that looked this good?

Ah, if I ever needed a reason to watch this series, she’d be it…

…except there’s quite a number of twintails to go around,


Chief-chan actually went no-pan…

Listen up TV stations! The censors are too bright, ya hear? Because she says so!

She needs a dakimakura with a clarinet on it, hugging this hard thing isn’t healthy…

Hey, any Infinite Stratos viewers out there? Looks like Clarinet girl went to the same twilight zone as Ichika lol.

Ok, this be the second Anime I’ve seen this season that defies the Laws of Physics. First of all, we have the guy being all heroic and trying to… defend against a missile.
 Forget the absurdity of that, what is important is that he’s facing the missile, and let’s round it off to him having his back to her. Now, the explosion dictates that objects in contention with the force must be blown backwards.
 Now, looking at the bench, it suffered a terrible blow straight down the middle, meaning that girl should be particles in the wind. Even so, the explosion would have blown her up and over the bench, over the plateau, and down the cliff. Yet, we see him on top, her simply having rolled down off the bench, and despite the fairly intact clothes of the two, the poor bench suffered critical damage. I have now just typed this whole thing for nothing.

Hopefully Sadistic Chief-chan will continue to have more screen time, I admit she’ll be the driving force behind my will to watch this series.

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