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Ani site updates: Feb 09, 2012

They got Issei on laundry duty? Okay…..

Hey Rias, nice “wings” 😀

Ano Natsu De Matteru

Not sure if you fellows visit the main site, but they really pile on the impressive hi-res images that my connection can’t handle. Here’s one of the many you might have come across:

Wonderful view. Still trying to acquire them all. It’s a somewhat tedious process, and there seems to be more than 20 of these.

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Bring on the goods. A series like this being over-milked might as well have the accompanying merch, ja? Of course, my choice selection:

I can’t seem to make out what Sora is holding….and somebody please tell Hina that the poor dolphin is being mauled 😛 (by the way, these are apparently “Mini Towels“, a small square towel. I had one of those before, I think those in the western world can equate these to “handkerchiefs” 😀 ) We had a little joke back in the day, buying these printed towels solely for the purpose of wiping our bodies with them. Hey, I mean that in a sane way, seriously XD