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That Suzutsuki Kanade pillow cover…

 Yeah, that pillow cover I posted about before, here it is in unsampled form:

Ah, this time I didn’t waste a full 5 hour non-stop session for this. Instead, I tried to go for “whenever-I-have-free-time”, and unlike my previous photoshop job, I tried to do a minimal amount of brush strokes, and instead single click most of the edited parts (seriously). Like, seriously? Really? It looks really funny:

I wish Photoshop can record your stats like how many times you click in the program, or tool usage ratio’s (does it? ~__~), but it didn’t turn out too bad, eh? Granted, the resolution is much too small for it to be fun, but hey, at least those SAMPLE’s are out of the way 😀

Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls official art and more

Oh look, another girl with a weapon about twice her size…

A few days ago, I was heartbroken at the minimalistic numbers of Naoe-chan artwork, and so I hunted down the official site in the most complicated way (blog-to-anime-site-to-Hyakka-Ryoran-site) possible since I was using my smarthphone to do this.

Similar to what I did with Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, I’ll be collecting them into one place that would be [hopefully] easily accessible to all sorts of devices, be it tablets or smartphones.

Click here to go to the album

My favorites of course being Naoe-chan 😉

 Look at Naoe-chan’s legs…

Also on board the main site for all things Hyakka Ryoran, is a number of 4koma drawn by Kazahana Chiruwo. I’ll admit, this artist does make me look like a recruit lol (to pat myself on the back, I go Black and White). Although, I think one has to know the characters before hand or have novel knowledge to fully enjoy the 4koma, as I’m wondering if these characters really do have these personalities. I uploaded the 4koma to the Hyakka album in case the main site be difficult to browse (my smartphone has next to no east asian language support, or at least Opera Mini doesn’t, which can probably be said for Opera Browser too depending on ROM language). Strangely enough, 4koma #10 seems to be inaccessible (too ecchi perhaps? XD). There’s 20 (or 21) 4koma so far, with some nice Naoe-chan, Fabio, you got your work cut out for you, buddy.

Here be the sources for these fine arts:

You’re probably wondering why I don’t list some images though, these should be accessed on sites like Danbooru, Moe Imouto, etc. (funnily enough, the official art of the (novel?) designed girls weren’t on Danbooru a couple of days ago, so I got those off There’s also the reason that, I still have not seen Google’s image hosting rules, which I play it safe by not showing 18+ content so as to avoid the Adult tag on my blog. That, and, the Photobucket fiasco had me think twice as to just how often these sites change their TOS or just what is it that ticks them off (tell me why did they have to delete this picture, which was “in violation of their terms”).

Comments open to all, no login required. Users already signed into their Google account can comment too.

So it’s been a while since I went digging…

And found some really fun stuff over at Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou’s official page.

As of this moment though, it’s not shown. At least, publicly anyways. I came across pictures of both Yuri and Bouchirou, at the time of this post the profiles of both of these characters were not made public.

Ok Marvelous, what’s the deal? I know I have this running hatred against your constant use of Flash across most of your special webpages, but you didn’t have to leave your files unlocked like that. I mean…. too easy. I used tactics from more than 3 years ago, and you mean to tell me things haven’t changed since then? I didn’t even have to raid directories… Wow…

Anyways, putting that aside, amusingly enough their character profiles are pretty much blank, Yuri has a similar description like Eiko in that besides the name, there’s just a one-liner description. Bouzo on the other hand, has a blank description, aside from name. Oh well…. fun times.

(I uploaded low Q files, in case this is my exclusive lol… maybe in one week’s time HQ versions will be uploaded or if Marvelous unlocks them first)

Omamori Himari Animated Gif’s

Well well, long time reader of the manga first time viewer of the anime, wait, this isn’t a radio show…

The following gifs are friendly for the Animesuki Forum Avatar rules. If you use these, or post these elsewhere, please, link back to this post/blog. You know it takes time to make these, and i could use the exposure 😀

*currently used by me at the Animesuki Forums

The following is a tad too large for Animesuki Forums (yeah, 5 years ago lol, seems they raised the max size to 50KB…)

 You’d probably notice that these are mostly from episode 3. I would’ve wasted my time on the trivial ones like Himari’s berserk eye, but it’s time consuming lol. But now I feel like making more. Ah, as time allows…

Photoshop is fun when done on the run…

…Well I think I’m an adrenaline junkie since I’m fast, or probably too fast, for my own good. The below photoshop tweaked images are an example. Using pictures provided by HellGundam7 over at the LA2 GameFaqs Ayano CG thread, I did these resampling in a couple of minutes, and as you can see it’s not bad if I say so myself.

Of course, these and my previous Ayano photo chop shop job are NOT the best of my abilities as those previous ‘shop jobs were done in a quick time and not using the professional grade style. (An amusing story going way back to 2004, back when I was a beta tester for Novalogic and they had a booth at E3 2004, with us Novalogic beta testers showing the E3 guests (who were aptly named something like E3_guest009189) how Joint Ops works and how fun it could be. That’s when I stumbled upon Sega’s E3 FTP server where I was able to get my hands on some sick resolution Photoshop files which, amazingly enough gave me a clearer look into how to make professional grade photoshop CG’s.) I’ll have you know now my chop shop jobs are meant to be fast, simple, and Proof of Concept’s style of photoshop’ing and not meant to show my real skill.

As such, my next Photoshop job will utilize the abovementioned Sega style of CG showing a whole new level of my photoshop abilities. I had originally planned on using CG skills I learned from the To Heart CG artists, but that was for the 90’s, this is about now 😉

Be sure to look out for my next Photoshop job. Or when the heck am I going to continue playing Luminous Arc2? I have several more guides to write/edit!

Oh how I’d love to photoshop on my Pocket PC. But at high resolution and anything over 2MB is gonna choke any handheld of today….which I can photoshop in my Pocket PC, my LA2 4Koma was done that way, but it’s the amount of layers, resolution, etc. that make it all more sluggish.

Yet another Luminous Arc2 Ayano shop job

Hmm, someone uploaded my previous Ayano ‘shop job to Danbooru. As if I wasn’t living there when the first danbooru coded website took a dive.

This next job has me doing a bit of zaniness out of nowhere. I had this great idea to use the previous photoshop job and with a bit of camera tweaking, an hour or two on photoshop we have this:
It’s a smaller res than the previous image because blowing up a DS screenshot is like asking for a natural censor blur on the end product. I know some people can’t help but bicker about censors in h manga, so this is staying at the present resolution until I have the heart to upload a sicker one.

And you are probably wondering why her hands are quite large. Well, it’s like that in the original image, so go fish. I did wonder how does Pop’s 14’ish year old hands fit in that sleevey gloves of hers…

What with my photoshop jobs being uploaded everywhere with no small piece of credit I’m inclined to fix my Tama-nee Lord of War parody optimized for imageboards. These things take time you know, and not many people can spend the time to do a quality photoshop job like this. Tiny little mistakes like pixelized edits mixed with the smoothness of the original image gets frowned upon these days.

Next time people, credit the shop job to the original ‘shopper. Because we all know who drew these things in the first place, but it’s also a matter of who took the time to work on it as much as it extensively has been done.

Uh, some Luminous Arc 2 pictures….

Image dump for posting/sharing elsewhere, to save my ripway bandwidth. Images created by their respected owners. Yeah, I didn’t draw these things…

This Ayano image is 1667×2006 >__>

I had to edit this Luna one, colors were too bright, couldn’t see her clothes that well >____<

Yeah, I’ve been real busy. Being sick earlier tied me up everywhere. Gotta post here more often, not funny starting a new year like this.

L33t-Raws Image Forum section

Well, here’s something we were joking about in our distro channel on IRC. Well, at least when kakashi161 blurted out about the girls of Gravion and a pic of them on the main page of L33t-Raws. Although it was iWolf’s idea, we can thank kakashi for awakening those dormant ideas lol. So, here’s one of the few places I have freedom and control of, and who knows, maybe there’s a picture of that certain anime that you never thought was around…maybe I have something I’ve never shared with you before, or maybe….I’m losing my greediness lol….