Monthly Archives: October 2008

Rather embarassing return post…

Wow. It’s been so long since my last blog post, this month a year ago, to think on my return to blogging it has to be a post I didn’t want to write, but with the hard times these days I just had to.

Some of you are aware of my last recorded position, designation: Island. Name: Philippines. Apparently I’m still here, and my health took a huge dive than when I was in Germany. While I would like to tell campfire stories about my life here, as I mentioned before the times are hard now and I’m not an exception. There’s something I need to pay, that I feel I should have paid a long time ago. But with a lack of a steady income lately and efforts being made towards my health more than other things, I have to kindly ask some of you for help.

So, how, you ask? Well, if anyone can send $5 dollars my way via Paypal, I’d really appreciate it. Although, I do really need more, but as I’m asking for help I don’t want to sound demanding, but $5 is the minimum. The donation link is at the top of the left sidebar, or top left of this page, shouldn’t be hard to miss. Of course, if you can send more I’ll thank the heavens for your existence, but I don’t want to make someone else end up in the sad state I am in.

I certainly hope this could be the start of bills to be paid, and to finally help me get back on my feet. I need to also find a steady income, so here’s hoping it’ll all work out.

A little ranting, but I somehow don’t understand the purpose of some hospitals these days. Aren’t they supposed to be helping people, saving them? So why is it that a person gets well, walks out the hospital doors and get slapped in the face with a death inducing bill. Why, why why…… they could at least try to remember what the person went through….. Sure, not all hospitals are the same, but still….. /end rant.

And to answer some questions, I would like to return to fansubbing, but following the advice of Aquastar and watching my health seems to be the logical thing to do now. Although, I am working on something, that hopefully you all would be proud of me (Sorry Armaggedon reference XD ). I’m not going to give in to my failing health and I do hope I’ll get through this A-ok.