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Mashiroiro Symphony Uryu Sakuno

Love that butt, Sakuno!

This was a rather horrible run. From June all the way to the last hours of 2012, not to mention I have a headache, this work made me realize why I hated working on screenshots so much, and it is because they have a light blur to them, and they usually don’t have hard brush strokes.  Not to mention I had to search out the Special itself (over 300MB), and several other factors I’m too tired to mention, this may be the last time I work on an episode screenshot.

sakuno job

Luminous Arc 2 fan art

This post is meant for gamers coming over from Gamefaqs.


I’m not a gallery, so I’ll just post the whereabouts of these pics that you can enjoy. Personally, I prefer the Sankaku Channel as that site appears to have no “strict” rules about what you can upload on there, and it’s a great place to upload my photoshops without loss of quality when uploading to WordPress, Blogger, Imgur, etc. You can view the Luminous Arc images by clicking on this link (site is NSFW), which will take you to the tags for “Luminous Arc”, which I would have specified “Luminous Arc 2” if only some folks properly tagged the pics 😡


Which for some bloody reason they also forgot to link back to the source. Click here to visit the pixiv keywords for Luminous Arc 2, perhaps the first and foremost place to see fan art straight from Japan. (you’ll need to register an account to see the 18+ pics :D)

Then there’s Danbooru, which is somewhat lacking… It’s a shame I don’t there much anymore, but then again, I hardly go around the internet like I used to 😦 By the way, there is once again mislabeling of tags there as well, so I would suggest visiting the Luminous Arc tag itself for more pics if you prefer Danbooru.

Other than that, I really wouldn’t suggest Animepaper, I never liked the idea of working hard for something someone took from someone else that they scanned for free XD And yes, I’ve had a hell of a week, and then some. Due to the loss of my Ubuntu installation, I’m on a revenge trip, I feel like running through Photoshop and taking a girl’s clothes off with my mouse cursor >:D