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The best sight of Suzutsuki Kanade you will ever see

Yeah, I finally did it. Remember that eyecatch back in ep 03, the pool episode? Well, I removed that balloon logo to reveal the butt we all know and… would have loved if that logo hadn’t been there in the first place! lol

Interesting facts:

-I had to redraw the entire area that the logo covered. (No vector!)
-You can see here the same problem I had with the Usami uncensoring I did the other day: due to the injury on my right hand, I’m unable to guide the brush as smoothly as I used to. It could be due to the mouse, but I think it has a lot to do with my index finger’s inability to act in unison with the rest of my hand (remember aside from the wrist injury, this hand had an American Football injury, broken ring finger), because I seemed to be able to draw better using just my right hand to guide the mouse and my left hand on the trackpad on my laptop to handle the left clicking (because whenever I press the left mouse button on my mouse, my index finger semi-paralyzes the rest of my hand). But my lappy is giving up on that left mouse button, making the whole thing uncomfortable.
-It’s no doubt I loved what I was doing, but if you were to ask me what I hated most of all, it was redrawing her hair. It needed a more smoother control on the brush than her bum did, and it definitly took up the most of the 5-hour time it took for me to do this. The other part I didn’t like? Doctoring a photo, when I find more enjoyment creating my own art or fan art instead.
-Yes, it would have been better to draw with a tablet, yes I should have used my Pocket PC’s, but in the end, I just wanted to do the hard part, and vector guys can do the rest 😉
-I did the unthinkable of cancelling work for the day to fix this girl. Those of you in the work force, don’t you ever do that: pass up work just to look at an anime girl’s butt XD
-This is the longest I ever spent working on a pic without stopping. My music playlist was driving me nuts, so I had to go back and throw in all the old favorites and just let it play lol.
-If you are wondering about the weird placement of her right hand, remember that she was sitting on the logo, with her right hand placed on top of it.

Of course, the appropriate wallpapers. Unfortunately, I never got myself to make it a more common 1280×800… which is mostly due to the background also being 720p. I guess aspiring wallpaper makers can go right ahead and have fun, just prepare to be pissed off by the cut off ribbon at the top XD

This filter seem more in line with the Anime style. As you can see though the strand of hair is gone, mostly because I had a really crappy screenshot of the 720p version (deleted the uncompressed source -_-).

I’d let her sit on me anytime 😉

Edit: just found out there was already one. There goes my 5 hours, man it sucks having a bad connection and not being able to browse freely -___-

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Shirley wallpaper…

What the heck…. sorry lol. I find it odd trying my hand at making a wallpaper out of Shirley, as a Houki fan. Hmm the world is round. Took a little over 30 minutes because miko Shirley was a pain to work on. I should note that I am not the original artist, and if the above pic is squished, here be the imageshack link:

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