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New post of March! Already April? Geez Louise Franbouise….

And so, my drive to create a mass blog attack has been renewed. With my place in fansubs deeply rooted, I’ve been thinking of something I’ve been neglecting for quite some time now: my anime humor. Sure, I’ve been showcasing it very much at the Animesuki forums, but I think it’s time my blog takes over the humor and I’m just going to go all out. And well well, what do we have here? My first anime humor attack starts with Tokimeki no less! And what do we have here?

My girls of anime, that’s Sayuri Amamiya!

That is her! With some panchira(pantyshot) for the fans lol….

I knew it. I knew it all along. It just had to happen, and to the goddess herself! Who’s Miss Perfect now, Bitshoujo? XD

Ah, my mind is a terrible thing to team up with….and, don’t forget to visit my none-anime related blog here. New update on what I bring with myself when I travel. Isn’t that one handheld gaming system too many? lol…

The above Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ screenshots are property of their respected owners. That includes the mangatron if he’s sane enough lol. Image originated from yours truly, not ripped from 4chan or some other bloody site.

So it’s the new years, and where’s my anime humor? lol

Yeah, I know. In case you didn’t hear, January I was sick to the point where I couldn’t eat anything and I could barely sleep. Not that I have been sleeping lol, but truth is, I think I’m in worse shape than I currently think I am. See, lack of nutrients and energy really crippled me, where I then easily sprained my foot, and, of course making it harder to walk. But oh, it didn’t stop there. Not only was my shoulder flaring up again (see archive for post about my shoulder), but it is now affecting my arm, which forced me to put it in a casty thing for several weeks. It’s getting better, but then it told me something, if I hadn’t been sick, I would’ve been traveling all over Asia by now and just totally crippled. So i’m kinda glad I’m getting this time to heal myself, I sure would not have liked it if I got crippled while traveling, it would’ve sucked major.

So yeah, I’m pretty much homestuck until I heal up, so for now, no traveling. Which, brings us to something else in mind. With Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ episode 19 airing, I have certain things to discuss lol. First up, episode titles for 20-22.

Ep 20: Desire
Ep 21: Christmas (eve)
Ep 22: New year

Hmm, quite the festive thing going on lol. Wonder who’s going to spend the holidays with who….

Anyways, some Sakurai x Sayuri stuff to throw around. So, episode 19 once again keeps up the tradition of the “Sakurai x Sayuri fire” that’s been burning my butt down for the past few months. So, to add more fuel into the fire, here’s our first screeny:
Ah hell, we can’t tell if that’s them, can we? Let’s zoom in on the atrocity at hand lol:
Ah, yes, that’s them. Seems they are both laughing about something. Wonder what it could be…Sayuri-chan is preg with his baby, hmm? Or perhaps they are thinking about their honeymoon….hmm hhhhm, or maybe they are thinking about their wedding plans, and who to invite….well, if they do, they surely won’t invite Aoba lawl…..

So anyways, what makes the scene gold is what Aoba is thinking, like if it’s true Sayuri-chan is a slut, a slave for Sakurai’s student council bidding XD. Whatever it is, they look happy, except…when Sayuri-chan turned her head, looked in Aoba’s direction and….lolz Aoba scrams, but what is more golden, is as soon as he turns the corner, he goes “…blah bah blah oh, a Dolphy keychain! Mina-chan will mate with me for this!” lol….

Uhm, yeah, whatever I was trying to say, Aoba sure cannot be serious about a relationship right now. Whatever it is, he can’t keep his mind on it, as this scene definitely showed. Bad Aoba, no wonder why you made Mina-Mina send 245 pm’s, you didn’t even remember you have a phone, much less her number XD.

Below is a backup of the AS post here.

[QUOTE=Owaranai Destiny;826108]Is it all right for me to say that you’re batshit crazy, mangatron? :p

Oh well…Tokimeki is full of madness, anyway. Perhaps I should adopt a way of viewing somewhat akin to yours. Makes everything more fun than just seriously talking about who’s going to end up with who. :heh:

TsukasaxMina yuri pairing=:naughty:[/QUOTE]

/me happy with the turning of events. Now Mina and Tsukasa can team up, kick Riku’s and Sayuri’s butt and then my dream TsukasaxMina couple will commence 😀

…As if :heh:

/me hangs Mina banner alongside Tsukasa’s. Hurray! :D[/QUOTE]

You know what, I think I better stop feeding this Tsukasa x Mina-Mina yuri pairing to you guys….I don’t want to be held responsible [b]if[/b] it does happen :heh::heh:

And yeah, call me anything, crazy, insane, but….don’t call me lolitron! I’ll be angry! You don’t want to see me when I’m angry :heh: :heh:

So, anyways….where was I…Oh, that’s right. I NEED TO RANT ABOUT MY FANSUBBING STATUS!!! :heh: No, just kidding :p So, I was…..somewhere, yes, that’s right. Normally you’d see me here an hour or two after airtime but of course, me taking my leisurely good time I kinda…fell asleep yesterday :heh:

Aha, that’s right. Mina-Mina. My beloved Mina-Mina, oh how I…. WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG :heh: :heh: Here, have a looksey into the past:heh::

So, if ep 18 didn’t really emphasize it yet, the prayer starts to have it’s affect. (Yes, I know. Biggest story of ep 18 was…..THE SAKURAI x SAYURI MOMENT!!!XD No just kidding…biggest story was the Tsukasa-chan drug-use and it’s portrayal on national television :heh:) Ok ok the biggest story of ep 18 certaintly wasn’t about Mina-Mina :heh: but we can bet now that the biggest story of ep 19 was, of course…..YET ANOTHER SAKURAI x SAYURI-CHAN MOMENT!!!!XD ok ok, I hear you I’ll just take my Sakurai x Sayuri musings somewhere else and cry myself to shame :upset: :heh:

Hmm, kinda funny me talking about ep 19 outside of the spoiler box, eh? Well you should remember that I am very much not the spoiler type, and since this episode is very emotional for perverts, I figure it’s best you watch for yourself. Wait, something was wrong a couple of words back….:heh:

So anyways, about that link I posted above, since fansubs are out at this timeframe, it’s…safe. Seifuku…..ahem, anyways, my question in…question is, episode 11. Yeah, read my above link and you’ll see I was very bothered by the lack of continuity that ep 11 had moving over to ep 12, how I was bothered by the use of the phone numbers 9only once?) and considering now I will drop a bomb so massive, it will make Chernobyl look like picnic :heh:

[color=red]-[/color]In episode 11, what? You want me to spell it out for you? Re-watch it again you lazy butts :heh: ahem anyways, ep 11’s biggest story…..Sakurai x Sayuri!:heh: Ok, ok next time I mention that infamous pairing again you can all slap me XD but ehem, biggest story was….the prayer! Yes, that’s right! The “I want Aoba’s phone number, so I can call in the CTU and have them trace his location and give me updates every 5 minutes on my phone” prayer Mina-Mina had :heh: (sorry, two hour special for 24 yesterday, couldn’t resist :heh: ) I’m sorry, am I drunk? That did happen in ep 11 right? :heh:
[color=red]-[/color]So let’s all go back in time and re-watch ep …08! Yes, you heard me right, [b]re-watch it[/b] you lousy Mina-chan fans….I ought to slap all of your buttz for making me type this much, I have a hurting hand you know. Anyways, think back…yes, put your fingers pointing to your heads and think! Think with all your might! What happened in ep 08? Well, once again, like the above paragraph, the prayer! Yes, that’s right, the prayer that Mina-Mina had! Except we all know what she prayed for, for Aoba to be a real man and call her Mina-chan, ja? Well, that’s not my point right here. Yes, that was me slapping you in the head, that is [b]not[/b] the point here. Believe it or not, it’s what she said [i]before[/i] that. Remember? “I want to set a record on my own, not because of a prayer”(retranslated lol). And then next comes “But if I were to pray for something….”

See where I’m getting at? She’s not really good with prayers, it seems. It’s either she’s too young or she just had some bad experience…earlier?:heh: So she really doesn’t like depending on prayers to help her get through life. Now, we can see it wasn’t exactly her cup of tea, praying and all that. But whoa ho ho, she ups and prays in ep 11. She wants his phone number. Ok, let’s do a phone number swap Nintendo Wifi style. [[color=red]spoiler[/color]]”Wow, we have each others phone number, let’s just use it once before ep 18″ :heh: oh, lookey here. It carries onto ep 19! Oh no, Mina-Mina is just distraught at her phone, tirelessly pm’ing and calling the bloody Aoba, all to no avail….until he charges his phone:heh:.

So you see, everyone. Moral of…the day is “Be careful of what you wish for” :heh: In Mina-Mina’s case, prayer wasn’t her cup of tea. While she succesfully drank tea the previous two times, the power of her worries soon took it’s affect, which shows why she didn’t want to pray about her swimming, for fear of her failing. So if she had not prayed to ask Mr. Aoba for his phone number, [[color=red]spoiler[/color]]we wouldn’t have an episode 19 filled with the largest cell-phone bill in anime ever :heh:. Get what I mean? This is the basis of Mina-Mina’s story; She’s young, she’s frail, and when she makes a prayer, by god whoever is involved better make good on his/her part or else we’ll have yet another crying girl :heh:

Now, I shall build a spoiler box for my zany insanity is just beginning :heh:
[spoiler=Episode 19]Ok, I decided to keep my Sakurai x Sayuri musings off the forum and on my blog, kinda helps keep my blog active so I can start blogging again. Now, we all know Mina-Mina has had a rough time the past several hours, and guess who decides to ruin my day…..yes that’s right, the enemy of the Tsukasa x Mina-Mina pairing, Mo-chan! In case you were not paying attention to the loli, Mo-chan is the pink haired hime who is Mina-Mina’s lifelong friend. Anyways, first words off her mouth was…”Hey, Mi-chan.” :heh: ARRRRR!!! She totally ruins the Tsukasa x Mina-Mina pairing! I must….wait, I pledged not to mention this pairing ever again lol, for fears of me being right, if even :heh:

So, hmm what else did I want to rant about….Oh ja, Mina-Mina at one point decides to take a trip down memory lane. Now, Anime taught me well that when someone takes a trip down memory lane, they soon enough take charge and resolve their worries [b]very[/b] soon. Seeing Mina-Mina finish her trip had me thinking, she’s gonna drop a bomb and Aoba better not defuse it :heh:

Next we have…..wait, what else is there to talk about this episode. It’s all about Mina-Mina, so I better just keep it at that. Must resist urge to talk about gift shop moment between Sakurai and Sayuri-chan :heh:….So, uh…..yeah, Mina-Mina was very hurt this ep….Uh huh and then she is just so tiny, so cute….yeah and then I…….And when she…..

AH UHM WHU WHAT? Sorry, I think I just dozed off there. I don’t really like spoiling, so forgive me. Instead, I’ll do just what I’ve always done, drop bombs and make ya alle blow yer silly minds out :heh:

Now, for the first time, I know the real reason why Mina-Mina must speak with the Aoba!

[b]She’s pregnant!!!![/b]

Ok ok, you all can shoot me in the azz, but seriously, I noticed this at first run. Took me some getting to get the screeny, but yes, that really is Mina-Mina. Now, this is the scene where she was watching the Dolphy show, and as soon as she got up all hell broke loose in my head, and voila, I go on a berserk spree and think all sort of weird stuff. But of course, this was the first thing I thought of, that she was preg and….needs a father :heh:

[size=1](ok ok, we can cite animation quality as the factor in the picture, but really, it sure looks like it. The circled region is where she has the baby, and the red line is what a normal [b]virgin[/b] would’ve looked like. And [b]NO[/b], this wasn’t photoshopped….except for the circle and line [/size]:heh:

What? This is what I mean by keeping an open mind, by having weird thoughts my enthusiastical viewing of this anime is puckered up and my enjoyment levels are at their all time high’s! :heh:

Ahem, back to the ep….oh, that’s right. Oh, look, one of my favorite moments!

[b]Look out Mina-Mina, they are going to attack you![/b] :heh:

[spoiler=continuing the above spoiler]Uh, yeah, so….lol uh, oh that’s right! Another thing. Careful everyone, I may just embaress you to the point where you may not post for days :heh:

Now, remember how I told everyone how I just may end up being the greatest Tokimemo fan? Uh huh, and then I thought, “you know what, right now I am Mina-Mina’s greatest fan right now.” Oh, you don’t believe me? Here, let me explain something that, I may blame my enthusiasm, will either make you laugh or cheer :heh:

You see, during that, ahem attack scene above lol, for those of you who have watched it, or seen [b]monir’s[/b] screenshots, you will note that scene when Mina-Mina puts forth her tiny cute hands and touches the glass, starting to cry. At that very moment, without impulse, I stretched forth my hands, yes you read it right :heh:, while the episode was running, I stretched my hand forward [i]and touched my LCD where her hand was[/i], and at that very moment, no it wasn’t a Benny Hinn feeling, at that moment I suddenly felt such a stab that I almost started to cry along with her (Can you imagine, the almighty insane mangatron crying? :heh: )

That, my friends, is the power of a true anime viewer. You don’t just sympathize, you don’t just “aww, poor thing”, you don’t just “Man, I want to hug her right now”, no you don’t even say “Dmn that Aoba, silly bastard made her cry that bloody bloke…” :heh:, you need to reach out and understand the character, feel what the character is feeling so that you too can understand the feelings and the story that will ensue. This is why I enjoy anime so much, because to me, it is just much more than entertainment 🙂 (I can probably thank my sad, odd childhood for this)

You know what, why don’t I help everyone. I will give you one large azs screenshot of the scene in question. Now, everyone save it, open it in a image program that can enable fullscreen (irfan works nice here), and once it’s fullscreened put your hand on her hand, and look into her eyes for several seconds, you can close your eyes if it gets kinda awkward, but think, that’s the most important part. Think, think about what she is feeling right now, if you were in her shoes…..[i]wouldn’t you just like it if the person you were thinking of, be on the other side of your hand touching you?[/i]
[URL=””%5DSave this image, and feel the feeling of Mina-chan[/URL]
Think about it.[/spoiler]

So yeah, the Sakurai x Sayuri thing will go right on my blog, devoiding this forum of my shame and power :heh: Visit my blog for more fire for the Sakurai x Sayuri bonfire, episode titles for eps 20-22, and more about me lol.

Aw come on, don’t you just love it? Konami keeps slapping you in the face with these Sakurai x Sayuri scenes that it makes me…..*bloorgh*

/me vomits :heh:

And shame on you [b]monir[/b], you failed to mention the Sakurai x Sayuri-chan moment in this episode, especially when it was the most powerful sign yet!:heh:

More Tokimeki Memorial ~only love~ info? What is this?

lol… I excel at anime humor, not typing-long-anime-summaries lol. But, word got out that 2 new episode titles have been discovered:

ep 14: Heart Throbbing Transfer Student (Enter the love square lol)
ep 15: Heart Throbbing Reality

Now this is getting interesting.

And, as I stated before here at Animesuki’s forums, more research findings I have discovered while attempting a translation of the Tokimeki Online website.

Note: these are not babelfished, or whatever other online translator there is out there online. These are my own translations so remember that it is my sweat and messed up keyboard keys that are written all over these, should you try to rob me of my spent time. So don’t forget to link back to me should you post this somewhere (which I do encourage lol).

-In the {translated} words of the Konami Online division President, Kazuya Takahashi, Tokimeki Online is a “MMO system that has no time wasting experience points, where player interaction is the main RPG element present. It is presented as challenging because of a new way of doing things, although it is a new attempt at this sort of thing (game?)”.
-He also says that “current players of Tokimeki and new players in the future are [what we had in mind] with the Nipponia ONLINE company, and I think both types of players can enjoy ‘Connected friendship, creating love relationships, and extending [ones] school life’ (last part, meaning something like “if you want to stay in school” lol)”.
-The Producer of the game, who goes by the name of [MetalYuki? lol], says the school in the game was based on the above catchphrase that the Online President said. It seems this game was made with friendship first, education second, and the overall experience of the previous two as the distant third. He also wants the players to “Enjoy life that is different from the real world in Tokimeki Memorial Online”.
-By the way, did you know, according to my translation, that Konami was the first to make this sort of game? (MMO School life/community type of game).
-In the game you can enjoy school life all over again (or continue if you’re still in school lol), from club activities to becoming the top of your class to finding love and makin’ love lol.
-Of course, the game has a “create your own player” interface, as the name implies, you can create you own player, and as they say “With a combination of boy parts and…..” girl parts? Oh my….
-Apparently, the game has player interaction, as in walking up to someone and talking to them. Now, I wonder how many marriages resulted from this game lol….

As for some interesting character notes that may apply to the anime as well, to some degree non spoilering.

-According to the game info of Sayuri Amamiya, she is the girl who “The school admires, but she is the Madonna that isn’t” lol. Meaning there is some freak, scary side to her lol….
-Her bust size is….a A cup? Oh no I did not want to know that lol….(which is apparently her blood type. Ha, tricked you you oppai-cons lol)
-Height 162cm. Which should be 5 foot tall 3 inches. Wow, I’m taller than her? It kinda scares me and makes me happy at the same time knowing that I can hug her, kiss her, grope her-…..nvm XD
-So says, she has the ability to “make your heart stop”, so to speak lol.
-According to the game Sakurai is “the character that you meet first”. Apparently, a plot to cripple the student body was exposed, leading to enable Sakurai to activate his plot to bring in female members into the Staff (Student Council).
-Word has it Sakurai did that for a certain girl….
-Apparently from what I was able to gather, Sakurai’s feelings were hurt by a distinctive girl’s “way of thinking”….further fueling my allegation that Sakurai plays an all more important role in the anime series.
-Although that is what I was able to muster up. Which what I mean is it might not be true, so keep your fingers crossed and remember these words by me…
-According to the summary for Tsukasa Kasuga-chan, she is the kind of girl that is “moved[pumped up] by studying”. She is also an energetic girl who falls in love by “having a desire to be in love”, or in layman terms she only falls in love when she desires it the most, as the anime has shown us she fell in love with Aoba by wanting “that fateful encounter” of the third kind. Sorry, couldn’t help but add that “third kind” part lol.
-She is much smaller than Sayuri-chan, and she also was born on, as the americans know it, “Black Friday” lol (year depending)
-She is attached to the volleyball club. Yeah, ok….
-According to the character creator, lol Tsukasa is “the woman who rules the sunlight during Spring” XD
-I have no idea what the creator means by his Haruhi references lol. I hope to god he does not mean the Suzumiya Haruhi series.
-Now, I have no idea why this was put in Tsukasa-chan’s section, but apparently Sakurai and Amamiya (or a girl named Temmiya, possibly episode 14’s transfer student?) have “had a fateful” encounter before while doing a… guessed it, drama. Apparently they were working on something for the drama club and, pure speculation follows lol.
-According to the character creator, Tsukasa-chan’s storyline was made into [one of] the love candidates, because it was popular amongst the staff.
-Just as well, Tsukasa-chan was molded after the Tokimeki: Forever with You heroine, only this time they switch hair colors with TMOL’s heroine: you guessed it, Mina-chan! Psyche, I meant Sayuri-chan lolz. Thus ending all hope I had for a Tsukasa-chan ending for the anime.
-If I read it correctly, and I say again read, Amamiya usually stands at the center, or in this case is usually in the middle among all the class, and, a legend might have foretold, a popular child will stand in the middle [with her]. Now how, according to them, is this painful? lol….
-As for Mina-chan, she is a de-confident girl, and a generic one at that. Now don’t attack me Mina-chan fans lol….
-She was born the day I almost (or should have) died this year. (No she wasn’t born this year, I was referring to my situation >.>)
-And she is way smaller than the other girls. Did I have to tell you that?
-She likes anything dolphin, and she is attached to the swimming club. So says the chara creator, she has a “certain dramatic event” (in her life? Oh that’s just wrong lol…)
-Natsuiro no Sunadokei anyone? (crippled swimming girl T-T)
-Apparently Mina-chan was modeled after the kind of girl who “defends what she wants to become”, or in this case she likes swimming, she’s gonna go swimming lol.
-Apparently the chara creator likes Mina-chan lol….
-Interesting bits we have here about Inukai-kun. Apparently he is the type of person who dislikes anything likable, and he usually “works alone” lol.
-And surprisingly, he is clumsy when compared to others.
-One, tall M*beepbeep*F*beeper. lol.
-And yes, he has no “favorite things” and not attached to any clubs lol.
-According to the chara creator, Inukai-kun is “the direct opposite of Sakurai”.
-Apparently Inukai-kun plays a role in the Nintendo DS game Tokimeki Girls Side2. Coming next spring lol.
-The chara creator wanted two sides to Inukai-kun, with apparently, his left side of his hair was meant to resemble Sakurai lol.
-Accordinly, he was designed in a way with a gentle looking face, and apparently with a expression that is hard for him to express his true feelings. So maybe he does like Sayuri-chan lol…
-I will add more character info as I see fit, seeing as how right now I have seemingly typed my keyboard to death lol.

Hope you enjoy, and comments welcomed.

Related images (courtesy of TMOL):

TMOL episode 11, am I a prophet or what? lol

Dual discussion in accordance with the animesuki posting here.

Yes, I know how I hate spoiling, but wow, did I mis-place my order of the prediction? Maybe I should have joined both predictions together lawl…

-I liked my reasoning for the episode’s layout :heh: Swimming related, or Aoba related. Sure, a bit of swimming related bits here and there, but the Aoba bits are, overwhelming lol. No, Mina-chan was not gaining weight :heh: :uhoh: :heh: but I liked the question I asked myself: “Or perhaps she saw Aoba cheating on her by being with another girl, so she prays that it’s not true.” lol He wasn’t cheating on her, but cheating her feelings XD Which, in a way is not his fault, but the others :uhoh:
-So Mina-chan does pray concerning Aoba, not swimming. Contradicts her retort from….ep 08. So is swimming no longer an issue? Perhaps, since Aoba worried her more than the swimming. Enter the next level of romance, Mina-chan 😀
-Oh wow, I was right, well, who didn’t see it coming lol. Tsukasa-chan was resorted to being a side order in this episode. Although, it is important to note the other level of romance: “that” cell phone :heh:
-I did note something about Sakurai, and he does it yet again. This episode he reinitializes the “Aoba chase”, to have an end with a negative factor. Wha?
-Sayuri-chan. Not the happiest person this time around, and we see the Amamiya legends once again. You know, I noticed something….
-What importance did that Summer break have, anyways? We see many things take a hiatus during summer break, only to have the return of school life very much like when the series started. But, the difference now being the love triangle is weakening and and strengthening at certain spots.
-You know, had talked about if Mina-chan wanted to break the sequence from ep 10, she had to take the Moment of Iinterest, which yet again took place at the end of the episode. If you ask me, the sequence was heavily broken as a continuation from ep 10, and it has me wondering about what importance did ep 10 have? Sayuri-chan sure had a nice turn of attitude…
-Which probably makes ep 12 a set-up episode to ep 13. You know, being at the halfway point of the series needs to make a mark on this series.
-You know, in this episode Mina-chan was isolated from the other fellow swimmers. Which had me thinking….are they gonna open up to her later on? Surely they have to, I mean if something drastic might happen, like say, Mina-chan fails her swimming competition, heh anime sure taught me that isolation does not last for the important ones…
-You know, Mina-chan had the same kind of misfortune that Aoba experiences in a different kind of way. The kind of “just can seem to find a chance” kind lol

Why do I feel episode 12 may feel empty…..

mangatron A’s: The Report lol. Ok, Tokimeki Memorial ~only love~ research findings

Don’t mind my Nanoha A’s Comic Report reference lol, I’m just…you know. Anyways, this will be the first time for me to show my findings to the general public, so let’s start some legal banter, shall we?

The findings hereby contained within this research argument are the sole property of Animesuki’s mangatron, and will not be mutilated, plagerized or stolen without the handwritten consent of the mangatron. This page, and this report may not be posted on other websites without full owner rights properly given and linking back to this page. The mangatron has spent a number of hours and has performed a high number of carpal tunnel related handstrokes typing this report, so be a good reader and use your brain to read, not just your eyes. Tokimeki Memorial ~only love~ is a Konami production, all rights reserved. And watch it, for thy days will be enlightened.

On to the report! Note that I prefer you have watched an insane amount of anime to relate to these findings.

First of all, let’s take the episode count into effect. 10 episodes aired so far. Total episodes: 26. About 3/4th’s into the series. Girl count for the harem: 3. Rivals for the male lead: None so far. Friends of male lead: Those 3 Guys. Let the research begin….

We have 26 episode’s, 3 girls and one male lead. We have practically a whole class to throw in, with enough female teachers to start a harem for Matsuoka-sensei. How can we predict what episode will reveal what? Simple. In case none of you noticed, episode titles have meanings lately, and TMOL is no exception. What do we know so far? Here’s the tally:

  1. Ep01: Heart Throbbing meeting
  2. Ep02: Heart Throbbing Destiny(Fate)
  3. Ep03: Heart Throbbing After School
  4. Ep04: Heart Throbbing Water-Surface
  5. Ep05: Heart Throbbing Accident
  6. Ep06: Heart Throbbing Rain
  7. Ep07: Heart Throbbing Confession
  8. Ep08: Heart Throbbing Time
  9. Ep09: Heart Throbbing Nightfall
  10. Ep10: Heart Throbbing Evening (!)
  11. Ep11: Heart Throbbing Memory
  12. Ep12: Heart Throbbing Night (Moon? Redundancy detected)
  13. Ep13: Heart Throbbing Secret (whoo!)

Unfortunately, 14-26 has not been revealed yet (to my knowledge). Now, let’s take a deep look into what the titles mean. According to my research, all title’s apply to the episode’s moment of interest. The moment of interest we will call “turning points of the story” or “crucial story elements”. Pick your…whatever lol. Anyways, let’s do a quick rundown of each moment of interest.
Ep01: Naturally, the introduction of the series. Meet Aoba, man among men, enemy among friends, friend amongst enemies.
Ep02: With Amamiya-legends firmly implanting itself, meet Tsukasa Kasuga, and no, that was no tongue twister. Interesting fact of girl: socially withdrawn towards men, or self inflicted? :heh:
Ep03: Meet Tsukasa-chan. Again? No, meet her cooking. Moment of interest? Not quite. Moment of interest: water + blue haired girl = meet water loving girl :heh:
Ep04: Meet Mina-chan, but not yet. Well, at least till after XD. Moment of interest: that promise.
Ep05: Surprise, meet Sayuri-chan! Well, after, as in: Moment of Interest. MoI? “You are my memory today”.
Ep06: Meet… a guy? No, meet Aoba-kun, Friend among Enemies. MoI? No, not Inikai-kun. Moment of Interest is Aoba-kun, for the, well, entire episode lol.
Ep07: Story-affecting MoI more almost halfway through the first half of the series. MoI? Episode title.
Ep08: For the first time in the series, there is not one, but two MoI. Moments of Interest? Ep07 carry-overs and the heart of Tsukasa-chan.
Ep09: Mizugi! A MoI? Sure lol, depending on your amount of ecchi-needs :heh: MoI: RE of Destiny
Ep10: Meet comedy for the first time in awhile. Not MoI, but this ep has probably the shortest MoI. Naturally, MoI = Sayuri-chan :heh:
Ep11: Did not air yet at time of post, but preview available.
Ep12: Did not air yet at time of post
Ep13: Did not air yet at time of post

Now, for the first time ever since Mahoraba ~HDtv~, pry into the mind of the mangatron. The Moments of Interest in detail:

-Ep01: Showed us the lives of the characters, and the lives that await them in the days ahead. The episode will be known as “the one that shakes the barley” :heh:
-Ep02: Meet the main girl of our male protag’s life? Only time will tell, but time did tell me immediately what this girl is about. Declaring herself the victim of choice over fate, which all in all contradicts each other. What do I mean? I mean that this girl becomes what many girls of anime have become: a chooser of fate, who also receives it’s most destructible side effect, the early symptoms of a one-sided love. How many girls of anime chose their man first, instead of vice versa? Not a really good percentage there result-wise…
-Ep03: Tsukasa-chan’s cooking? Why is it not a MoI? Actually, meeting Mina-chan is a big MoI in itself already. Why? Quiet, shy, loves water, everything is explained in that short amount of words. Those traits will, and have affected a high number of girls of anime throughout series after series. Mina-chan’s personality might spell her life from ep01 till ep 26, as it had been shown from ep04 till [latest aired episode]. Experience shows that a vast numbr of shy, quiet cute girls confess, and get rejected. Not necessarily confessed, not entirely rejected, but you get the idea. And as for Tsukasa-chan’s cooking: this is a carryover from episode 02, as explained in the Ep02 section above, this carryover shows more of the one-sidedness of things. Main points of attraction are: Tsukasa-chan’s persistance and Aoba’s quick, no-frills replies coupled with insecurities of situations. His main fault: his first action is repeated again later on, with later on being with more heart. Experience tells me a majority of anime with guys who are nice to girls have the end result as the girl is not a contender at a series end. So far this is the biggest tell-tale sign of the series yet.
-Ep04: That promise? What do I mean? Well, first let’s cast aside the important details. No, not trash them lol, I mean tackle them first. Main factor here is Aoba making a big mistake of anime: complementing a girl with signs of affection, while getting a reply with no signs of affection, yet clearly the replyee is in an emotional state. How many relationships ended on a perfect note that begin this way? Not a good percentage…Now as for the episode MoI, that promise. No, not what was promised, but the promise itself. Mina-chan wants to confer with Aoba about psychological certainties. Or, in english, she wants advice from him lol. This is where the next big tell-tale sign of the series takes place: she actually wants to ask Aoba about things. What will happen when she intends to ask about something related to confession? When, or if she reaches that point in her life will she be able to confer with him at all? These questions must be answered by series end; if not I will be one mad warrior lol
-Ep05: This time for sure we really meet Sayuri-chan, instead of all those question inducing, one-liner replies towards Aoba. MoI is the “locked in a storage room” scenes. The point of these scenes prove Sayuri-chan doing more than just one-liner replies and Aoba actually leading a convo for a change. This is the next big tell-tale sign of a story element that begins between Sayuri-chan and Aoba. Other episode notes of interest: Tsukasa-chan’s persistence being met by a surprised question; episode also sets stage for Aoba x Sayuri-chan agreements. Why is this important? Someday you will see…
-Ep06: Why do I say Aoba is the MoI of this episode? Well, Aoba is the MoI with Inukai-kun supporting the following fact. Why is this so important? Well, in this episode we get to see a real Mr. Nice Guy mode from aoba from an extended perspective. How do we do this? Well, throw in a delinquinty and we have ourselves the story. What affect does Mr. Nice Guy mode has to the story? Well, we see Aoba goes above and beyond the call of duty to help [his] friend in dire need (For more information on why I bracketed “his”, please watch the MSLN series lol). This Mr. Nice Guy personality can, and most likely will affect his relationships with either of the 3 girls. Can you count how many anime that has a goody one-shoes guy that rejects a girl? lol…
-Ep07: Ah yes, the confession. When it happened it was a huge buzz, and even after it still is a huge buzz. This MoI now changes the previous stories and sets the stage for a brand new way of looking at things. For one thing Sayuri-chan has never been the same after this alledged confession, and the lingering emotions experienced during this confession affect her everyday life when in the proximity of Aoba. The series has now taken a series turn…or has it?
-Ep08: Ah, one of my favorite episodes to do research on. With two Moments of Interest this episode further fuels the Mr. Nice Guy personality of Aoba. For the first MoI, we have the carry-overs from Ep07 that still linger in the mind and heart of Sayuri-chan. For one thing, Sayuri-chan finds closure by returning to her one-liner question inducing ways so as to avoid the thought of the alledged confession. MoI #2, the heart of Tsukasa-chan. We get to see how affected Tsukasa-chan can be when her love becomes challenged by the ways of life. Her insecurity leads to emotional failure, which then is met by perhaps the most wrong answer one can find: Mr. Nice Guy. Yes, that’s right. The personality. In case you haven’t noticed Aoba showed his concern as a friend, just plain friend. Not as the friend that can go beyond the call of duty as shown in Ep06. How can I tell? Without explanation, upon hearing “something” happened to Tsukasa-chan, he dash’s out as fast as he can in search of the girl in question. After finding her, he then proceeds to do the one failure that drives the nail in the coffin: he doesn’t hug the girl, or grasp her, or grope her, or kiss her, or glomp her, no, he just uses word to stem her nerves. We then see that Tsukasa-chan’s spirits are lifted by the mere presence of Mr. Nice Guy. Two different sides? I say so.
Ep09: Swimsuits, or Mizugi, is also an important factor of the series. How? Well, gotta have some service man, I don’t know about you but I had a pantsu-view famine in recent days lol. As for RE of Destiny, the MoI is Tsukasa-chan and her reaffirmation of her reason for liking Mr. Nice Guy. But, that’s not all. Yes, that’s right, you heard me the first time. I said that’s not all, because this is the second time, that’s right 2nd time she declares her feelings in the midst of…no one. So to put it bluntly none still knows of her predicament….
-Ep10: For the first time in a long time, Comedy seems to have taken the majority of balance and once again bonds The 3 Guys and Aoba-kun. As seen in little snippets here and there, it is shown once again Tsukasa-chan’s feeling met with questionable surprise. Also shown is insecurity of dedication. As for the MoI, it is once again about Sayuri-chan. But this time it’s not what she say’s, but what she does that is the main attraction. She still shows indecisiveness towards key issues, and she immediately activates closure and turns into her cheerful self. Why is this so important? Well, she clearly shows the “What are my feelings?” type of attitude followed by the “Let’s just be friends” attitude. That’s right, if you hadn’t noticed the first time, when it came to her feelings, she was insecure towards them. But after that ToHeart2 dog butts into the convo she shows an attitude that says “I don’t know if I love you or not, but let’s just be friends and act like we aren’t in love”.

As for eps 11, 12 and 13 I cannot comment on their outcome as they have not aired at the time of this posting. Now, for the fun part of my research: interesting facts that I have come across. That’s right, research has to prove something, and it also has to show what else the results can mean.

-At 10 episodes so far we have seen semi-definite looks into the lives of two girls. One girl we see deep into her heart, the other girl we see the extent of her outer image.
-The TMOL main website clearly shows 6 characters on the splash page. We see 3 guys, and 3 girls. Will this series no longer be a harem come the second part of the series? I had explained my theaory about Sakurai in my ep10 summary…
-Clearly Sakurai is increasing Aoba’s popularity for a reason. Is this me thinking too much, or does Sakurai really play a important role in the latter part of this series?
-Inukai-kun clearly has a bad taste for annoyances. If he too plays an important role in this series will it end up with the popular “no two sides are alike” notion? Has anyone ever gave thought to a Tsukasa x Inukai pairing? XD
-Episode 11 is titled “Memory”, to my knowledge. Based on this knowledge I don’t see this as an Mina-chan episode, unless it has something to do with a memory, albeit a bad one. But being this far into the series, do you see a girl opening up all of a sudden? I know I don’t. Can you even fathom a girl like Mina-chan having a bad past at all? For all we know ep09 clearly gave way to have her insecurity revealed.
-Episode 12 is titled “Night”, as for all I know it could be a pajama party, it could be a Long Kiss Goodnight, heck it could even be about Tsukasa-chan doing a night time confession for all I know. Adding to the fact that next episode is-
-Episode 13 is titled “Secret”, which ultimately in this case I can definitely see this being a Sayuri-chan revelation. Provided Ep11 does not prove me wrong, but I also had another thought. “Secret” could even be something about one of the male characters, heck it could be about Aoba lol. But I do see this being a Sayuri-chan ep primarily due to the fact that this is the marker for the halfway point in this series, and it would be quite a way to keep suspense up till the next airing of ep14 that should be next month.
-In Episode 09 Tsukasa-chan is the most notable character that has quite a….exquisite, yummy, highly detailed…curvacious….waistline and…bikini-lines….lol..
-Episode 03 easily shows a different take on the female-cook type. Normally, (and when I say that I do mean “most of the time”) a girl will try her hardest to make a bentou for the one she likes. The male would then proceed to gobble it all up even if it tastes bad. And if it did taste bad the male would deny it tasting bad, and the girl ends up pleased and the male ends up…poisoned lol. What is more interesting to note is the end result. It has happened too many a time with the same result.
-So far I don’t like the current situation with Tsukasa-chan. Time and time again experience has shown us that this current situation with Tsukasa-chan will end up as her being the “I tried so hard, and got so far, in the end, it’s….as far as I thought it would be but in reality it only meant one thing to him: Let’s just be friends.” You could throw in the “I like someone else” bit in there if you want…
-In case you haven’t noticed, every one of, or most of the MoI discovered in my research occurs at the end of the episode, rather than the middle or start. In this case each episode begins with a story that builds the MoI at the end. And in case you also have not noticed, a majority of the MoI also occurred at the end of each preview. A clue to follow? It is highly possible…
-Almost every one of the MoI have been shown at least a second in every preview so far, coincidentaly at the end of the preview as well. And who says previews are just that, previews….
-Speaking of pv’s, how about the OP. Well, in many cases the OP is merely ident candy, so there’s nothing much that I can say. Well, this could be long lol….We have the sequence starting with each of the 3 girls doing a take towards someone, in this case Aoba. Wanna know more? Well, Tsukasa-chan does a take of surprise, Mina-chan does a take of delight, and Sayuri-chan….she does, what I explained earlier, the “Let’s just be friends” take lol. Creepy? That’s not all of it. We then have Aoba turn tail and run towards…life? Who did he see, and where is he going? Was it,…Hiyoko-kun? LOL….then, the nail-driver. We see each of the girls doing what they love most [before they meet Aoba]. But, we don’t see anything about Sayuri-chan. Well, nothing except…The Amamiya Tree. That was pretty important back when the series started, but has anyone ever thought about how much it matter at the end of the series? Maybe there is more to the tree, perhaps it has something to do with “Memory” or maybe “Secret”. Whatever the case may be, it is safe to say that Sayuri-chan has got to have a deeper meaning to her side of life, or there is only one, and I say only ONE other solution to her way of acting: once again that “Let’s just be friends” syndrom.
-Two of the 3 girls have total ties to a club. Both girls have made thought of tournies and what not. Both girls also love what they do.
-Sayuri-chan has started the series with her one-liner question inducing talk, and lately she has shown her “When I’m around Aoba = Doki doki”.
-Sayuri-chan has captivated Aoba’s heart since episode 1. Naturally he would be crushed if he were rejected, but his Mr. Nice Guy attitude can overwrite a simple thing to him, like a rejection. Although being rejected isn’t a simple thing, but it’s…different for him lol. Many a anime, and even manga have Mr. Nice Guys who just accept things without any more thought. We just haven’t seen anything that can tell us if Aoba is an emotional guy or what. We do know that he was a loner in his earlier school days, so perhaps that would show us something?
-You know, as much info that I have put here, I simply did not add other sources (game, radio, drama’s etc) due to the fact that my research is based soley on what has happened, and what we all have and will see. So keep in mind that I researched the anime only.

As Episode 11 air’s within the proximity of a week, what can I expect for TMOL? I can only enjoy, not expect. And each enjoyment comes as each episode airs one by one. Expectations will only fuel my research more, and open debate as to the outcome of my mind.

With that, I conclude this report until the next episode airs. And, now you have seen what kind of anime viewer I am. I am not only crazy, I am not only insane, I live for this, I research every tiny bit of data and event that has happened and I crunch them together, I mix them, I bash and mash them until I can come up with the answers that lie within. Why do I research anime like this? Someday I want to quit my current job, and focus on working on manga projects that hopefully in turn become anime projects, and the only way for me to succeed where others fail is to learn from them, and to learn from their mistakes. I don’t intend to overthrow the current manga-ka’s, or dethrone the current popular anime, no, I want to make good stories, I want to create characters that will be loved, I want to create something that will make a person open their mouth and scream “YEAH!!!”. I want to make them cry, I want them to feel the characters, I want people to know that not everyone is the same….

That is why I watch anime and read manga. I have been researching for years now and
all this knowledge is assimilated into creating many other scenarious, many other possibilities, and just about any way that can be bent as much as possible. I hope you enjoy this report, albeit incomplete, and your comments are welcomed here.

Tokimeki Memorial episode 10….Where was I again? lol

Aha, I know where I was! Wait, that didn’t sound right….”where I’ve been”….. ehem, anyways, I’ve been on IRC and dead, so yeah….been awhile since an update so….

I thought about something….since I’m helping Ryoumi fansubs with Tokimeki Memorial ~Only mangatron~, I thought it’s about time I did a episode summary (I surely cannot remember the last episode summary I did….which was probably…Tsuyokisu lol. Anyways, back in my heyday I was known for my unique way of doing episode summaries that had alot of heart, and alot of me as well. And so, not the average summary you’d probably been used to on other blogs, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only mangatron~ episode 10! Let’s see if I still have that fire in me!

As if Aoba had gotten used to it back in episode 09, we start the episode with him doing what he didn’t like doing in ep 09: painting. Well, not that a brush is all bad, I guess what he is showing here is that he sucks when he is NOT working alongside Amamiya-chan. (Yes, I can call her that. I call most anime girls like that, since they love me and all….*gets killed by various fans*)

How does he paint the bottom of that? Oh right, kick that ladder 49 aside and orz lol

By the way, in ep 09 he was all complaining and all that when he was working alone, but when Amamiya-chan came along he was all….uhm wait, he did greet her then with his patented questionable greeting lol… and so, Amamiya-chan is not in her “looking good” coveralls, so yeah, Aoba takes a few glances her way now and then. Now, we have something interesting here. Sakurai seems to be putting the moves on Amamiya-chan, even having odd reactions towards her. Of course Aoba noticed, how can he not….oh right, he was PAINTING. Not. lol…I can see it now, Sakurai is Aoba’s rival when it comes to Amamiya-chan XD

Oh, I always knew Harems had love triangles, how about now, on the girls side of things as well.

Now, a bothering note for Tsukasa-chan fans: this scene is all you’ll ever enjoy of her in this episode lol.
Oh, just look at that fool Aoba. How could he show that kind of face after a girl glomps him?!? What I’d give to have a girl glomp me…lol

And so, of course Amamiya-chan notices…and all she could do is…giggle? Aw come on girl I know you wanna glomp Aoba so bad lol. You know, no matter how many girls glomp him, he would still look at Amamiya-chan with that bewildered look of his…

So Tsukasa-chan does walk home with Aoba, but yet again she has to ditch him thanks to plot powers. That set’s up the second phase of this episode:

The SOS DAN calleth thee, oh great Aoba, man among men…

No seriously, Haruhi fanatics aside, the guys (and when I say that, I mean the stereotypical gang of 3) want Aoba to lift their tab at the local pub. I mean eatery. Restaurant. You know, Denny’s….. And so, the guys need to pay back this Mr. Nice guy and show him what friends are for, besides him looking out for their bills.

Note: If you looked at the girl in her skivvies, you are a pervert. LOL. No, seriously. You’re supposed to look at the “Work” words XD

Guess who show’s up to help this loser bunch: ONEECHAN! MY DEAR ONEECHAN, SISTER OF BROCK LOL. (Don’t ask who Brock is, please, don’t lol).

She pulls a ninja cloak on them. Oh wait, there were assassin trainers like that in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games. Blimey Konami!

Need a job? Neechan is there for you! And no, she’s not the job lol…. she has various doings, odd ones at that, for this misfit group to do. Get you trigger-happy fingers ready and sign her contract, complete it with the Aoba Seal of Approval, and you ready to go!

What they didn’t do is read her fine print, which…is not fine at all. But it is fine print if you can’t read Japanese, so sucks to be you lol.

Whew, I’m typing alot here lol…(And I have work to do on Chocosis!) So, a quick rundown of things: we have 4 guys, and not enough airtime for all of them. so what do we do? Use our plot powers and eliminate them one by one lol. Do that in the quickest way possible. Enter a convention:

Our first victim is….forgot his name….was it Itchy? Or…anyways, he seems to be the Otaku of the bunch, so he cannot control his….hormones lol. We then have:

Look at neechan. Best. Priceless. Reaction. Ever. LOL.

Next, with one contestant down, is up to the rest of the bunch to do crowd control of a Black Friday sale. It ended up being very black for our next victim:

Anime has shown us time and time again: Never mess with women during a sale day XD

With another contestant down, we have perhaps the most comedious moment of the episode: pick-a-chick time XD And I’m not gonna tell you who you are going to find here:

Oh, look at the detail of these nicely drawn chicks…

I’d use gloves if I were you, mister Doujima-san…

…Because you never know what you’re gonna grab XD

Second best reaction of the episode lol

Of course, Hiyoko-kun beats Doujima into submission, further fueling the Doujima-Hiyoko Wars lol. So with the last remaining “worker” left, neechan decides to have him work at a nearby animal shop.

She conspires to have him live hell neechan-style…

This reaction is why I love my new neechan so much

Aoba then becomes Oddjob, doing various animal-care duties, including the popular walk-the-dog. Well, dawgs at that…
I say, if that was me walking those dawgs, I’d have let go of them and pay attention to that girl on the side lol

Mina-chan fans, I swear she get’s about an estimated 30 seconds total airtime this episode lol. I’m afraid to say this, but I don’t see her being the final love interest at the end of this series if this keeps up lol.

So with the dawg walking over, we find Aoba noticing this peculiar dog. Now, I mean peculiar, because I swear I’d have seen this dog somewhere before, yet I can’t remember where…despite all those anime I’ve seen….AHA! I know where I seen this dog before! You’ll remember him guest starring in the To Heart 2 TV series as Konomi’s dawg lol. Dmn, Konami is playing mind games with the names lol…hey, that rhymed. lol.

So, Mr. Nice Guy takes over Aoba’s body once again and he decides to get this lazy azz dawg off it’s….butt ‘n belly lol. So he takes this To Heart 2 guest-star to the park, and guess where they end up:

Would you look at that, it’s the Amamiya-chan tree!

So Aoba is using all sorts of dog-related toys, pulling them out of that deep, black-hole pocket of his. Look what he picked out of that pocket of tricks:

Is it just me or does Aoba look very creepy in this shot, especially with what he’s holding too XD

Well, Hiyoko-kun just so happens to be above on the tree branch watching this poor soul trying to stir the blood of this lazy dawg. Guess who else decides it’s a perfect day to walk outside:

Note: If you immediately looked at and stared at Amamiya-chan, then you’re a Sayuri Amamiya fanatic. Otherwise, you’d have noticed that odd watermark-looking yellow loco loroco thing at the bottom right first. lol.

So whatever Aoba did wrong, a frisbee was what got this old dawg off and running. We then see the dawg give Aoba what he deserves:

Growlith, Headbutt attack! LOL

And, despite the dawg having a ton of hair obscuring his vision, he can identify the nearest(farthest) female around lol.
In case you’re wondering, I’m sure you can see the dawg, but that speck on the road is Amamiya-chan. No, that’s not dirt on your monitor. That means the dog is running several miles downhill at full speed lol. And no, the ToHeart2 dawg didn’t headbutt Amamiya-chan, he just….licked her…Oh my gawd….Amamiya-chan was licked….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT IS SO NOT FAIR A DAWG GETS TO LIX MY AMAMIYA-CHAN AND I CAN’T XDDD LOL

See, I told you it was the Amamiya-chan tree. Bet you thought I was kuckoo, eh?

So Amamiya-chan and Mr. Nice Guy have a nice, relaxing chat, which brings us to a very important issue. Yes, I am in serious mode lol. Despite the giddy giddy happiness going around, Amamiya-chan ends the convo with her very troubled, insecure sounding voice. It seems the events of episode 07 linger in her mind…which also further fuels the fact that there just might be more to Amamiya-chan than we are shown. I kinda predict that Amamiya-chan will soon burst out and straight-up ask Aoba a very important question. When is only a matter of time….which brings us to the closing of the episode….and I am betting many of you had forgotten my neechan, huh? Well, she’s back and she’s got the pack of dawgs with her.

My neechan is very displeased with thee, Aoba-kun.

In which she proceeds to release the pack of dawgs on Aoba resulting in him running off like forrest Gump on crack. Conclusion: our last contestant failed the “job” lol.

A odd scene follows with Amamiya-chan….giggling? Aw seriously girl you have got to stop laughing and start, I don’t know, blushing or something lol…

Next episode appears to have yet another fateful encounter of Aoba and Amamiya-chan. With the next 2-3 eps signaling part one of the series, it’s safe to say that after then I can make a proper prediction as to the outcome of this series. but let me tell you one thing:

ep 11 preview had my spine tingling when Tsukasa-chan was shown. You know, I got that feeling I usually got when watching those other series of several years ago: the feeling that the poor girl is finding herself distanced from the one she loves, and that someday she’ll find her feelings running away from her….

I don’t know about you, but the ep 11 preview scared the shiz out of me. Do I love Tsukasa-chan that much? We’ll find out soon enough….

Comments welcome.

Tokimeki 05 released, notes and others

So, finally I can breathe a very, very happy sigh of relief. Finally, I’m proud to announce my foray into the anime world after years of being in the RAW business. Tokimeki Memorial Only Love episode 05, my translation debut for Notes and other interesting bits of my work on ep 05:

  • I originally joined Ryoumi as a bt seeder, then I decided I wanted to work on Chocosis. Instead, Mr. Spinal told me to work on Tokimeki 05 first. You can imagine my surprise when,
  • Working on ep 05 was the first time I had watched Tokimeki. It had just started, it was on my queue list, it was highly talked about amongst two of our members at L-R. And yet, I had to watch it for the first time in my life lol.
  • But it wasn’t the first time I heard about Tokimeki Memorial. I had actually heard of the first series and the games as well. It was no wonder why it was quite popular then…
  • Knowing that this was my debut as a translator, I decided that I would translate the first half, senoby would translate the second half. I would then let senoby check my work, and then I would finalize our work for TLC. It was hard, I’ll tell you that…
  • I was ready to give up right away. I had originally wanted to work on Chocosis on a low level, seeing as how I was new at this. But I owe it all to senoby, who told me to relax and take my time. I ended up finishing it as promised, on the following friday.
  • Since this was my first time watching Tokimemo, I had a hard time deciphering names. Now, some of you may know I am bad with remembering names, but this was way bad. I had to resist ruining my veiwing experience when I didn’t know who was what and what was going on (there were a few references to earlier eps in 05)

Well, that was a fun ride. With that I let Spinal know that maybe I should take it easy for now and work on a level acceptable to the group. You’ll see me again in the eps and series to come….

Comments welcome. Don’t forget to enjoy my post below about a new kind of anime figure lol.