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April 18th, 2007….May 4th….

…Apr 18th was the last time I posted. And no, this May 04 (GMT+8) post had nothing to do with Spiderman 3 lol. I had originally planned a mass blog posting, but what do you know. The new anime season is like….clogging up my cue. I had planned to blog series like Lovely Complex, Sola, Hayate No Gotoku, etc but immediately following my announcement, I got hit with a new project to work on. And what luck, my project involved the likes of Photoshop, so away I went dwibling on PS on my free time (since closing Photoshop is like, useless right?) Might as well keep the program open lol, so here I go.

There were actually two pictures I was ‘shopping, but this one was a 25 minute, what I call “cheat job” attempt I actually laughed the entire time while ‘shopping this. Yeah, me laughing. Rare, considering the health issues I’m going through (I actually smoked again! And darn my eating disorder is arising again.) But enough about me and on with the pic:

The girl is from Tenga Toppa Gurren-Lagann, theme is “Optimus Prime Flames”. I swear the Transformers G1 purist’s/fanatics/idiot fans are the most stuck up piece of crap I have ever discovered, I just had to. You want flames? There’s your flames. So why don’t you just go to my personal blog and read up on what I have to say about this nonsense of “OMG flames” and “Prime doesn’t have a mouth” trash. For Peter Parker’s sake Prime can have a armor skirt a la Warrior style and people will still be saying “OMG GEASS PRIME HAS GIRLY SKIRT”. Joke’s on you hackjacks. (Note how I didn’t say “every TF fan”.)

Original pic:

Anyways, about my other PS dwibble: it’s actually a cool one. In fact so interesting I’m holding off till the best time I am “sane” lol. Keynote: my most recent (and probably last) fansub translation was the To Heart 2 OVA, by Aquastar-anime and Avalon. Girl of the note is Tamaki Kousaka. Stay tuned to my blog for that.

Of course, I’m always finding easier ways of posting to my blog without interrupting work. One way that could’ve worked was using Yahoo widgets, but of course the coding was bad enough as it is. Another possible way is utilizing the widget’s method, by emailing. So hows that for Outlook Express + blogspot eh? Sounds good….just need to implement it lol. And yeah, I’m still busy as like how busy Peter Pan peanut butter is returning to shelves lol. I’ll do my next blog about the huge time gap/absence I did.