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Luminous Arc 2 fan art

This post is meant for gamers coming over from Gamefaqs.


I’m not a gallery, so I’ll just post the whereabouts of these pics that you can enjoy. Personally, I prefer the Sankaku Channel as that site appears to have no “strict” rules about what you can upload on there, and it’s a great place to upload my photoshops without loss of quality when uploading to WordPress, Blogger, Imgur, etc. You can view the Luminous Arc images by clicking on this linkΒ (site is NSFW), which will take you to the tags for “Luminous Arc”, which I would have specified “Luminous Arc 2” if only some folks properly tagged the pics 😑


Which for some bloody reason they also forgot to link back to the source. Click here to visit the pixiv keywords for Luminous Arc 2, perhaps the first and foremost place to see fan art straight from Japan. (you’ll need to register an account to see the 18+ pics :D)

Then there’s Danbooru, which is somewhat lacking… It’s a shame I don’t there much anymore, but then again, I hardly go around the internet like I used to 😦 By the way, there is once again mislabeling of tags there as well, so I would suggest visiting the Luminous Arc tag itself for more pics if you prefer Danbooru.

Other than that, I really wouldn’t suggest Animepaper, I never liked the idea of working hard for something someone took from someone else that they scanned for free XD And yes, I’ve had a hell of a week, and then some. Due to the loss of my Ubuntu installation, I’m on a revenge trip, I feel like running through Photoshop and taking a girl’s clothes off with my mouse cursor >:D

Yukikaze unclothed pv

A little preview of something I’m working on:

I know I have a lot on my photoshop plate right now, but I have some rather serious reasons for doing this. I started Friday night by the way, so this has nothing to do with the request that went up yesterday. One of the reasons is that I have lost all motivation to do editing of these Megami/Nyantype posters. Frontline editing as I like to call it, I don’t know how to explain it other than I’ve been highly demotivated when doing these things. My most recent photoshops were just fixing, not necessarily redrawing a considerable amount of area. This isn’t my health stopping me, it’s not that I don’t have a lot of time (maybe it’s that too, I haven’t started on Mu Luv yet damnit), it’s just I can’t find any other answer but that I don’t feel motivated.

Now Yukikaze, I loved episode 4 (which this poster is based on), and I know some of my motivations are 1) I must love the girl in order to even remotely attempting to consider working on her, 2) I must be able to predict the outcome and timing of the job (how I lived every aspect of my life so far), and 3) Β did the first two goals overwrite one or the other?

I only hope someone at Moepic didn’t pick up the job. I’m kinda hoping folks turned away the request for the ridiculous clouds behind Yukikaze πŸ˜›

That Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai game

SoΒ that Java gameΒ I was playing around with on the main site for Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai game back on April fools day has 7 stages now. No way was I going to go through all that, seriously, took me like 20 minutes for stage 2, which was all I had to do to get the links for the rest of the pics. Pics forΒ the first stage is here.

Stage 2 1680×1050:

Stage 2 1024×768

Stage 2 1080×1024

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Let’s talk about High School DxD for a bit

During my painful weekend last week, I learned something. Funny how the best lessons are somewhat painfully learned, but I realized that, if you are given an opportunity to have fun, and relax, and you do anything but those, it’s not a mistake. It’s a travesty. A real big tragedy. If you don’t enjoy yourself, it’s a mockery to those who don’t have that luxury. And with the kind of life I live, it is to respect, and to be respectable.

So from now on, I won’t just let it all go by. I made a blog to talk about anime, manga, and games, but I seemed to have done only one of that. So what I’ll be doing from now on is really speak my mind, instead of just hiding behind that security blanket Ive been trying to sleep under all this time.

So with the recent release of High School DxD’s disc volume #1, something struck me as odd. More specifically, the product page is finally completed for the extras, and something made me laugh a bit:

Yuuma-chan is a part of the fun! Isn’t that something, I guess she has a fan on the production staff. But then I took a gander at the Disc extras (source), and…

Oh look, more Yuuma-chan! It even includes her various evil faces lol. But then it hit me: I understand including Yuuma-chan in the mix, after all, episode 01 was full of her, but it got me thinking: where are the Phoenix girls?

Try to remember what you’ve seen on the main website. It’s practically devoid of the Phoenix clan. And I had questioned earlier about how would they fill in the rest of the character design flash page, and…. again, no Phoenix clan.

Now practically all of the extras, and promotional art have been largely devoid of anything that happened in the second half of the series. Why is that? They could have fit some tasty art of the Phoenix girls in the musou page, not to mention the character page has nothing about them. Sure, that’s a lot of girls, but it is strange when you consider the Rin-ne no Lagrange character page goes beyond 20 character pages.

I guess let’s wait and see what’s in store for the volumes that do not have Yuuma-chan in them, maybe there will be some Grayfia, or even the Seitokai girls. Eh, even their promotional art is hard to come by.

I have this great idea. Suppose I want to recommend this series to someone, holding that volume with that side visible, and say “hey, why don’t you watch some High School DxD”? I wonder how many times I would be told “hey, is that a hentai anime?” πŸ˜€

If you wanted to know what was different in the disc release:

First of many… HaHaHa…

Very funny. I failed the goal over the weekend simply because I forgot one thing: it was the weekend. That’s the reason why I was so happy to catch DxD on a Friday because my weekend schedule is different than the weekdays, and having taken a break from brain intensive duties, I didn’t factor in my actively shuffling weekend schedule.

And you, Sphie, you silly bastage! I bet you knew that this pic already had a nude ‘shop, yet you failed to tell me! You, who always spams me loli’s, and you failed to tell me! I know I talk cryptic but how the heck was I supposed to know? Do you know what it’s like to have a bad connection, to the point where you have to browse with images off just to make it crawl, and then you check to see if a shop is made,…. with your browser not displaying images!?? BLAST YOU πŸ˜€

…And then I saw that the resolution was vehemently smaller, like, almost 3 times smaller than my shop. What. The. HECK. What is the point of such goodness being hampered by a smaller resolution? What is my problem with small resolutions? I thought everyone had a better computer than me lol. But seriously, I’ve been a Megami/that gaming magazine poster collector since the last decade, and I had this idea: Kinko’s. Anyone in the USA would know what I mean when I say KINKO’s. You see, Kinko’s is a copy shop, and they had this service where you bring a pic in a flash drive and have them print it at gargantuan sizes. Yeah, like, almost close to billboard sizes. So I had the grandiose idea of doing that with my Megami posters. Except you know….. that was the business district, and a guy like me having them print a Megami poster?

Yeah I’m crazy.

Kobato needs to sunbathe…

…and I removed her swimsuit for you so you can apply the lotion! Now, you can reach the most intimate of intimate areas, giving her full coverage against the elements! UV Rays can’t touch that smooth, vampy skin πŸ˜€

Original screenshot of episode 07

Current age:

No swimsuit

And here’s where the controversy starts. Kobato several years from now:

She is 16 years old! Honestly! /end Nadesico Ruri Hoshino garage kit joke

Heterochromia version

Now, before you say “ah, you just made the boobies bigger”, look at the pic again. And I mean look at it again, and notice how the resolution height is no longer 720p. It now has a height of 739 pixels, and that’s because I did more than just give her a boob job. Her body has grown exponentially! That’s right! I have created the world’s first time machine, and now Kobato is legal! Whoohoo!

Comparison. Smaller Kobato is the original version.

Yeah, I didn’t like how easy it was to photoshop this. That’s why I followed my life long personal credo of “Complicated Simplicity” by going the extra mile with 16 YEARS OLD Kobato πŸ™‚ (okay I’m done with the Nadesico joke lol) In the end the whole thing was enjoyable mainly because this is the first major photoshop job that I used with my old self-repaired trackball. Now it’s easy as pie!

Q and A with mangatron: Aug 24th, 2011

Q & A with the mangatron is a public service announcement by the mangatron concerning weird things he silently does (usually with his blog). As always, as a wall of text deterrent, this is done interview style, so if you see a question that relates to you, you can simply read that part instead of the entire post πŸ˜€

Over the past few weeks (perhaps since the start of August) I’ve had some strange things going on, and with the silence of my personal blog, it only looks even weirder. In this post I will answer questions that surely have arisen in your minds at some point.

Q: First off, wasn’t your page hits over 40,000 before? Why is it in the 30’s?
A: That is an interesting question I was going to address immediately after fixing that, which I’m sure you’ve heard of my internet connection woes. In a nutshell, the old setting (40K hits) was visitor clicks. Funny, I know, which is why I decided to change it to “unique visitors”, which is where we’re at with the current number (30K+). The reason why I changed it is obvious enough, I’ve been getting a lot more readers than 2 years ago, and I decided that tracking uniquely instead of clickly was a better way to show the impressive numbers I managed to pull in solely on my antics (as I’m a little slow on the episode summary uptake). And, I prefer “30,000 visitors” instead of the more questionable “40,000 clicks”. Sounds better, ja? Not bad having 30K visitors click through my blog 10,000+ times πŸ˜€

Q: So page hits are unique now. What does that mean to visitors?
A: It basically means that, as long as you allow cookies for “”, if someone visits my blog, the counter will go +1. If they click a post to view the full page, the counter won’t go up, because the stats only track when the person visited, and not what link they clicked. This is why I added Google’s “hits for the last 7 days” to show the traffic that happens the last 7 days, which is a feature which only appeared earlier this year, I believe. Oh, and I activated Statcounter’s blocking of tracking my visits, so no matter how many times I try to visit my blog, it won’t count me 😦

Q: With that out of the way, let’s talk about that Summer 2011 poll on the right. What’s with the options?
A: It is strange, isn’t it? It’s not a secret that I think very much more complicated than the average person, and that poll is no exception. 5 choices now instead of last season’s poll of 4, I think the one option everyone is thinking about is “Why didn’t Kanade remove all of Subaru’s clothes?”. That option sticks out like a D-cup booby, especially since it breaks my usual “yes” and “no” options I always put. But there’s a reason for that option, and surprisingly I know not many people will get the joke behind that. You see, at the start of the Summer 2011 Anime season, there was that scan released of Kanade stripping Subaru, which is the image you see in the above banner. Animesuki member Dahak86 was kind enough to pass me the nude filtered one, which bared Subaru’s innermost… beauty XD. Naturally, I used that in the prototype banner testing, which I will give an example below (NSFW):

Why didn’t I use that banner? Even though Mizuno’s hand performed a perfect “convenient censoring”, the color difference between her hand and Subaru’s assets is hardly noticeable, and to the average pervert, they see all skin and no censor lol. So to avoid my blog being labeled as an adult site, I decided against using the banner. I know, tough choice, life’s full of them, but ultimately it’s all about the boobies, isn’t it? If you want that banner up there, why not spam this post with your comments πŸ˜› (but I can’t edit polls once a vote has been cast)

Q: Ha, always the hard way. Let’s talk about RE: the controversy, and where are they?
A: This is probably the most noticeable change recently, especially since they’re rather popular and fun, yet the last one I did (for Ro-Kyu-Bu) was so long ago. As Animesuki member Malkuth put it, I went from troll-subs to photoshopping. Again, always a mysterious reason to that, and that has a lot to do with: time. Doing my troll sub series of humor isn’t hard, well, some may find thinking up that insanity impossible for the normal mind, but the troll subs become hard when I edit the scenes rather heavily. As evidenced by the last Dog Day’s jokes, that took a lot longer to edit than I thought. Meaning I apparently became lax with my Photoshopping skills. So over the past few weeks I’ve been working that skill, seeing how many minutes/hours it will take to perform various levels of editing in various resolutions. For RE: the controversy, you will notice I make each frame 480×272, which is because I wanted to make it easier to edit the details. The larger the image, the more refined the details have to be to be convincing, and that’s what the past few weeks have been, as you can see my Mayo Chiki endeavors, there are varying levels of resolutions and quality of the ‘shops. Take for example the hilarious uncensoring of Mayo Chiki ep 05 that I did, in the order that you see them, I went with ‘quick’, ‘complex’, and ‘full edit’, and my opinion is clear as day that ‘full edit’ was my most favorite ‘shop of those 3 (Usami’s high-jump). I seemed fine with a smaller resolution, but enter that Kanade filtering I did, which shows I need to work more on the rush strokes, especially when the res gets higher.

As you can see, the reason behind my erratic level of skill is primarily the bad combo of bad-wrist + travel-mouse. I’ve used trackball mice for 10 years, having experienced 4 of them (3 different designs), and due to the injury on my wrist I have to use a conventional mouse for everything computing. It’s no doubt I was much better with a trackball than I am with this tiny mouse that’s barely 3 inches long, and the photoshopping I’ve been doing for this month of August is about me not running away from the pain, and training myself to work those skills again.

Q: But it’s not just the ‘shopping. You’ve been rather hyper the past few weeks.
A: Well, I always am, but yes this month there’s a reason for that too. I mentioned it earlier at Animesuki (I think it was the Ro-Kyu-Bu thread) that my health has been acting up again, and I had to apply external remedies to ensure I don’t fall into a fever like last time. That included treatment for migraines and headaches, and inhaling menthol to cool my lungs. I’m sure everyone’s aware that a person on meds is a… rather edgy person, but the mangatron on meds = hyper waifu lovin maniac. That is definitely the reason behind the sudden shift in hilarity in the Ro-Kyu-Bu thread, but I’m clear off the meds now so don’t go expecting me to do more of this again πŸ˜›

Q: A song you keep singing lately is “My connection Sucks”, how bad is it?
A: Terrible. Atrocious to say the least, last Thursday there was a network-wide downtime of their internet from around 7PM till after midnight, and then that Saturday it was more like Saturd-day, and then Sunday, it was so unusable I said forget it, wait till Monday, but cheeze whiz they totally funked my subscription plan and now I can’t even browse, despite having more than an hour remaining in my subscription plan. Just to be sure, I fired up another SIM card and what do ya know, it works, so I know they conned me out of my other SIM card. But that was just last week. I’ve been singing this song for months now, one just needs to search online to see how bad this country (PH) is when it comes to cellular service:
This is just one of the many horror stories of the other wireless carrier in this country.
Two days ago, I hit this data cap, and this is the part where they failed to lift it even though it’s well past a full day already.
They have a 4G network? Fix your freakin 3G/Edge/GPRS first you morons.
See the date of this post? It’s still like this for Smart and sometimes Globe.

That’s not really all there is, since most of these sites are in a language I cannot understand, and the Philippine Undernet (yeah seriously, there are forums dedicated to sidestepping wireless carrier restrictions) is entirely in their language and they blocked out foreigner registrations. Funny country this is.

Q: Something else that’s weird, and that’s your episode summaries. You seem to start at ep 01, and then fall back completely.
A: That’s something I can attribute to my internet connection. I’m sure you’ll know how bad it is to upload a few pictures, and then getting that darn gateway timeout will just make you wonder “is it done uploading yet?” And to compound the problem, the more acceptable internet data plan is time based, meaning you just wasted precious time there. There is still the 800MB up AND down daily data limit, meaning even if you choose their “unlimited” data plan (I know, the irony), you still wasted TIME “UPLOADING” something that ended up becoming useless. I do some work over at the XDA-Developers forum, and 4 out of 5 times I get my ROM uploads cut off. The same holds true when downloading anime, you have no idea how idiotic it is getting your download (a 300MB file) get cut off at 98%. That sets me back several days when viewing Anime (for example, I have a 4-5 day delay when watching idolmAster, from it’s airdate to my eyes). Of course, there are other things like generally visiting any site out there, program updates (I didn’t update my anti-virus for over a month ~__~), pretty much the entirety of browsing is totally messed up. I’ve made mentions already that I cannot use the other 2 wireless carriers in this country, one has poor signal and the worst rated internet, the other has too much of a throttled service. Picked my poison, but even the citizens of this country agrees; the internet in this country sucks.

Β See that empty spot? They were supposed to give me my status report, instead they sent me empty messages lol.

Renovation test 2

Lol these templates don”t support After Jump

And to think I sorted by “newest templates”. Newest my foot