First of many… HaHaHa…

Very funny. I failed the goal over the weekend simply because I forgot one thing: it was the weekend. That’s the reason why I was so happy to catch DxD on a Friday because my weekend schedule is different than the weekdays, and having taken a break from brain intensive duties, I didn’t factor in my actively shuffling weekend schedule.

And you, Sphie, you silly bastage! I bet you knew that this pic already had a nude ‘shop, yet you failed to tell me! You, who always spams me loli’s, and you failed to tell me! I know I talk cryptic but how the heck was I supposed to know? Do you know what it’s like to have a bad connection, to the point where you have to browse with images off just to make it crawl, and then you check to see if a shop is made,…. with your browser not displaying images!?? BLAST YOU ๐Ÿ˜€

…And then I saw that the resolution was vehemently smaller, like, almost 3 times smaller than my shop. What. The. HECK. What is the point of such goodness being hampered by a smaller resolution? What is my problem with small resolutions? I thought everyone had a better computer than me lol. But seriously, I’ve been a Megami/that gaming magazine poster collector since the last decade, and I had this idea: Kinko’s. Anyone in the USA would know what I mean when I say KINKO’s. You see, Kinko’s is a copy shop, and they had this service where you bring a pic in a flash drive and have them print it at gargantuan sizes. Yeah, like, almost close to billboard sizes. So I had the grandiose idea of doing that with my Megami posters. Except you know….. that was the business district, and a guy like me having them print a Megami poster?

Yeah I’m crazy.

10 responses to “First of many… HaHaHa…

  1. What? No I wasn’t aware of this pic getting a nude shop lol.

  2. Oh crap you’re right, it was posted on the 03/03. But I hadn’t checked that site for 3 days or so actually. Now. You. Know. Which. Papa. Scan. To. Shop. Nude!~

  3. Wow, you didn’t visit that site in a while? I thought that’s one of your premier destinations…. or maybe not because that’s not a loli specific site :p

    And i will only ‘shop a Hina poster if she asks me to XD *runs*

  4. Of course she’s asking you! And of course I would had told you if I saw, I was just too busy playing TERA! And don’t worry, I’d told you, since this poster lacked loli so you’d do the one with Hina inside :3

  5. Yep, you’d tell me alright. You never miss to send me a pic. I remember that time when I had IRC on auto-accept DCC sends, and I’d be connected overnight and woke up to a loli in my download folder lol.

  6. ww seriously? I don’t remember! And remember, I have many name, you can call me anonymous, I only use actual “names” on forums but they all differ, you might have encountered me before on others forums without knowing GNARK! Like on the SGO forum ~

  7. just passing by to let you know that “ag12V1FA” – although unrequested – has also done the AnoNatsu ‘shop:
    and here’s yours (for comparison sake):

    glad you decided to follow my advice ๐Ÿ˜‰
    but you still have “quite” the way to go, hehe.

    • Yeah, i just saw it this morning. I really do have a long, long way to go. You can tell I prioritized everything but the special parts ๐Ÿ˜€

      For example there’s some left over purple and blue’s in ag12V1FA’s work, which at that resolution, it’s a bit detracting. Aside from that, consider me a student of that fine work XD

  8. Good job there, Mangatron! Keep going! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Could you upload that pic from ag12V1FA here or on some image hoster? Moepic says its expired.

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