Monthly Archives: July 2006

Where have I been?

….still in germany, that’s where I am. Last time we saw me around May 20. The month of June was a nightmare, where health problems were getting the better of me. The last week of that month was it, my eating disorder and lack of excercise put me to bed for one grueling week. Now I’m eating less and losing weight fast, and all this is attributed to this country. I know, it’s weird. I was born in this country, I was raised here for the majority of my life, and how, do you ask, could I hate my home country? The reasons are personal, and i’m sure you all will understand. Right now Anime is just about the only thing bringing a smile to my face, and…..

You know, maybe if I want to start eating properly again, maybe I need to rewatch those anime that feature characters who eat alot, yet don’t gain a single ounce. You know, like Shaggy. Shaggy from Scooby Doo, not the singer Shaggy. So, I hope to once again regain control of 15% of the Animesuki forums, and, right now I’d like to personally, declare my new tagline:

“RE of the controversy. lol”

I am animesuki’s mangatron. There is no other like me.