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Naked Yukikaze completed

Those clouds. Those damn clouds again, they make life so hard XD And I love mother nature and all but those treeeeeeess, Yukikaze’s swimsuit had to blur all over it.

And that tail, it looks so fluffy 😛 I gotta say I have no idea what came over me, but I think I managed somehow. Crazily, when I was so highly unmotivated, I kept telling myself “Is this you?” Is this what you wanted?” And oh my… And here I thought all that hentai anime and manga would help >__>

I must once again remind visitors that WordPress compresses the images to the end of time, if the image above is not 4MB, you must get the full one over at the Sankaku Channel again.

Yukikaze unclothed pv

A little preview of something I’m working on:

I know I have a lot on my photoshop plate right now, but I have some rather serious reasons for doing this. I started Friday night by the way, so this has nothing to do with the request that went up yesterday. One of the reasons is that I have lost all motivation to do editing of these Megami/Nyantype posters. Frontline editing as I like to call it, I don’t know how to explain it other than I’ve been highly demotivated when doing these things. My most recent photoshops were just fixing, not necessarily redrawing a considerable amount of area. This isn’t my health stopping me, it’s not that I don’t have a lot of time (maybe it’s that too, I haven’t started on Mu Luv yet damnit), it’s just I can’t find any other answer but that I don’t feel motivated.

Now Yukikaze, I loved episode 4 (which this poster is based on), and I know some of my motivations are 1) I must love the girl in order to even remotely attempting to consider working on her, 2) I must be able to predict the outcome and timing of the job (how I lived every aspect of my life so far), and 3)  did the first two goals overwrite one or the other?

I only hope someone at Moepic didn’t pick up the job. I’m kinda hoping folks turned away the request for the ridiculous clouds behind Yukikaze 😛