Monthly Archives: August 2006

I’m a pervert…..what, you didn’t know? lol

Wow, I need to start blogging these days. So many crazy things that happen. One of them is I went shopping the other day, and I was looking for a Anime DVD that has some sort of collectible inside. Trading card, mini poster, whatever it may be I was only looking one though. Why one? Well my luggage is full and my hand carry has room for one DVD, so I went and found the Stratos 4 DVD’s (volumes 2-4). Now, I was surprised to see something like this in Germany, a US base no less, so it was decision time. Which of these do I get?

Being the bishoujo-con I am, and known for just nosebleeding at anything bishoujo, this was a no brainer. I went for the DVD that included the Hot springs episode, Stratos 4 fans should know which one that is lol.

Why Stratos 4? Well, these DVD’s included a Pencil Board, and much to my amazement a mini poster as well. Ah, it’s so good to be a bishoujo-con. It was so easy deciding which of these DVD’s I should get, after all LOL…..