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Megane! I’m a…..wait, I’m not a megane-con. I wear glasses too lol

10-30-2006: Sorry about the update delays, I’m citing blogspot downtimes and health reasons. Please support me by enjoying my posts here in this blog. And I wonder if I should switch blog hosting…..arr this would be the 3rd time 😦

And so, for the first time in awhile, here’s the next topic I like to poke at:

“What the heck is that picture above?” is what your saying. “It’s a contact lens” says I. Yeah, that slightly perpendicular white object situated against the dark bkgd. The controversy begins.

Topic: That anime scene you didn’t really notice”

Series in question: The Chocosis Hypothetical Thesis (Ok, jokes aside, Chocotto Sister)

Object in question: Contact lens

Introduction: So we have contact lens. So what, they exist in this world, yay, but, hoorays aside, why is this such a big issue with me? Well, the Chocotto Sister anime is based off the manga with the same name. Now, I have seen contact lens mentioned in manga before, and which would probably date back to the day when contact lens were created lol, but, the Chocosis manga, didn’t touch up on this subject. In fact, it was only later in the manga when we get to see Kanririn-san’s past about her issues with glasses (as opposed to the anime version, where her past was shown the same episode she was introduced). That aside, I was really surprised to see contact lens used in this episode, much to my amusingly amazed self I was instantly shocked. Normally this is something I wouldn’t be bothered by, but I just had to….

Part 1: The shock, the awe, the….

…do something about my shock. What shocked me? Well, look at the size of those contact lens. If you don’t know, let me refresh you mind (yes I purposely misspelled “you” lol):

Ok, in case you haven’t seen this episode (03), it’s that white-ish thing on….on h…..o…on her…HER OPPAI! (breathes heavily). Nice,…big oppai at that…..Ah hell, if you don’t what oppai means just compare the white-ish object with the previous picture lol. Anyways, oppai-con’s aside, those contact lens look very small….in fact, thats how they are in real life. They’re so small, so tiny….you could swallow it for all I know, but my issue is….her, Chitose’s eyes, are….anime-ized. Big….like her oppai XD. Bah, my splitting bowels aside, I was wondering with all my mind, why are the contact lens that small? Why aren’t they the size of….her oppai if I must say so lol. Why, is it, that her glasses are bigger than the contact lens:

Ah, so, the contact lens must go…..where the white reflection on her eyes are! Yeah, that’s right! Why in the blue, green and brown earthlingish world of a misery didn’t I think of that before? Oh right! I did LOL…..that was the only logical explanation I could think of! Is this the end of my gripes?!? I think not…

Part 2: Contradictions and the ability to do so…

…because, this is a big issue with me! What, you never met me before? Oh yeah, I never did meet anyone lol….anyways, in the episode she lost only 1 contact lens. But as we can see when she looked at Mr. Kawagoe her entire vision was blurry! If I was the animator for that scene I’d have made half her vision blurry. Oh, but in a way both contact lens’ might have merged together when they fell….wait, how in the Nintendo DS GPU is that even possible?!? Oh wait, when she crushed it with her hand there was only enough piece’s for one lens! AAAAAAAAAAA….

Part 3: Conclusions, thoughts and….more gripes lol


In the end I was only discouraged by my inability to come up with a logical answer…well, Chitose-chan is cute….lol no wait the topic in question is the contact lens. So what we have here is contact lens in anime, a somewhat too small contact lens at that. But truth to the matter is, I’ve decided to drop my accusations….gripes…whining…what the hell, whatever it is I just have to accept one truthful cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-diefrycry fact: this is anime. Seriously, would you have expected to see a big azz contact lens shown in an anime? What would the optics stores out there say when you ask for such a big….thing. lol. For all I would care for is at least use a magnifying glass for contact lens LOL….

I’ll say I’m somewhat semi-happy. To be honest, if I was in charge of this episode, I wouldn’t have shown contact lens. Well, the manga did a fine job with not having to deal with contact lens’. I understand the differences a anime has as pertained to it’s manga counterpart, but I would sure as hell not put someone like myself in such a situation as I’m in now. lol something sounds so wrong about that….In the end of it all, I enjoyed the episode, and I look forward to Chocotto Sister’s end.

Final word: I’m really crazy. I don’t know, sometimes I just notice little things AND be bothered by it at the same time lol. I wear glasses regularly (actually, my eyesight is great. I just wear these rare Gendo Ikari style glasses because my Eye’s are delicate, as so much as to protect my eyes rather than help my eyes XD) and I was interested to see Chitose in that episode. You can probably guess my shock when I saw the contact lens lol. Overall, if you want to know a bit of my mind, try this: watch the entire Transformers Generation 1, season 1, 2, 3 and 4, and write down every mistake, miscoloring and wrong sound you can find. Then you’ll know how I feel lol.

Comments welcomed!

I’m the mangatron, blog of anime and manga humor. RE of the Controversy. Stay tuned to my next anime/manga topic.

So an update after…well, don’t look at me, blogspot went down for a bit….

I’m listed as “anime blog humor” on’s keepingitreal section by Keeping It Real o_o;

And yes, my shoulder still hurts, I’ve even felt paralysis at times -_-*

Well, here’s to a new look and some revamps. I’ve finalized my top banner (finally!), made the sidebar a bit more lively, and, well….hmm, I’ve decided to separate the site from me, the real me, the personal me, from the anime me, manga me and just plain anime manga me lol.

So what else changes do we have here? Well, I decided, after much deliberationalized debate, to choose Makoto and Choco from Chocotto Sister as the top banner. Soldier man defines my ego when in anime and manga mode lol. So your probably wondering why I, Mahoraba’s greatest fan, chose Chocotto Sister as the series for the banner. Well, aside from being several thousand miles apart from my Mahoraba posters (Which I could have used for high quality), something hit me when I saw the image being used now. They just look so happy those two, I just couldn’t resist. Sure, I’d get nosebleeds and have a craving for an Umeboshi orgasm if Kozue-chan was up there (LOL), but….something about Makoto and Choco is just undeniably cute….as for Image of the week, it will change every week as oppose to what it may say lol, and chances are there’s bound to be some cute picture that you’ve never seen in your life. Trust me on that lol….although for some odd reason the size is restricted to a 195×195 size…I guess you’ll have to bug me for the original size of a picture that you see amusing >.>

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Kozue-chan freak. Just need more figure support lol…Next up on the changes list, I decided text link for the sidebar was a bit too, how do we say,…plain? lol so I decided to spice it up a bit with banners and such. Don’t worry, if anyone is stil on dial-up these days, it won’t take long to load. Although, if I have some free time later I can squish the sizes even more…but, for now, I’ll leave it be. I’ve also change the order of appearance for each section of the sidebar, important ones up top and least important ones down low. I’d appreciate it if you guys can click that google banner on the top, I get some nice things out of doing so. Don’t worry, just one click a day is fine…lol…and I recommend Play Asia for their list of merchandise that has even me tingling in my nerves. I myself have bought from them, and I will say the service was nice and fast. Shipping was so fast when the mailman came by the door I was wondering what in the world that package was lol. And if your a figure maniac like myself, I recommend Hobby Search garage, nice ponts system they have as well. Although, I have yet to buy from them (due to my current location), they do have the best selection of anime figures and they do seem to sell out real quick with all the popular figures.

Ah, next up on the changes list. I’ve always thought there’s a time and place for everything, so I decided to split my real life experiences from my anime/manga experiences. So, the sister blogsite is “The man behind the mangatron”, banner link on the right. What the site will focus on is anything that is not related to anime and manga, and I’ll also, once I can set my schedule right, is showcase a little of my voice impersonation. The real life people I can impersonate is a somewhat short but interesting list, so look forward to that. I’ve also set up a page for my ebay picks for the day, which I’ll have to get to work on that too lol.

Next on the changes list, the topics in question, now that my blogging has been split in two. The previous list of topics can be found here. New topics will strictly be anime and manga based, and anything related to anime/manga. I will also prioritize anime and manga humor over episode/series reviews, seeing as how other blogs cover the latter well. But, I’ll do Series reviews so that others can know more about the man behind “the mangatron” lol.

So, with all the anime I watch and all the manga that I read, the next topic will sure to get your head turning and brain spinning as I show you the lighter side to watching anime and reading manga ^__^

Announcement 10-07-2006

Yes, I know I haven’t been to the forums recently, well, I haven’t been active online for the past few days for that matter. Truth to the matter is, I have something I want to tell everyone.

I’ve just learned that I have a Rotator Cuff tendonitis (search it online if you don’t know what it is) on my right shoulder. Well, I’ve had it for quite some time but I only recently looked into it seriously. The pain was just too much to handle, and it sort of took the life out of me the past few days, which is why I wasn’t active online. I’ll need to have x-rays and MRI’s done to confirm it, but so far the diagnosis is correct, I have a Rotator Cuff injury and I will need surgery to repair this before I lose my arm completely.

It’s no wonder why I’m such a good artist, although I am ambidextrous, it’s my right arm that I use to draw, due to the fact all my life it has been the weakest arm of both my arms. Only until recently did the stress get to me did I realize, for the first time my shoulder really hurts.

So, I may be less and less active online due to my shoulder problems. I’ll admit, I have had health problems since arriving in Germany months ago, and my depression was at an all time high with me and the current job. Watching anime, reading manga was my only escape from reality, and I think I have been enjoying myself too much to realize the pain in my shoulder. Anime and manga was the only thing making me happy, and the time I spent on the animesuki forums is one of the happiest moments of my life. Radiosity, Xellos-_^, Dragnfly@ Gamefaqs, I enjoyed posting alongside them, and I thought I’d just mention them for the laughs I had while posting. With the new season of anime upon us, I thought I’d take the time to enjoy anime on a more acceptable level to my health. This isn’t goodbye, trust me once I get my shoulder back to normal and a new career, I will return to being the mangatron that everyone knew, and loves.

Till then, wish me “Ganbatte!” and alot of luck XD

For the Rei Ayanami figure post, go here: or you could just scroll down. Comments welcome.

Rei Ayanami, look to your left. No, your other left…

(Note: This report was completed a few days ago, but due to health problems, I was only able to post the post today.)

Topic: “That anime related merchandise bothers me”

Merchandise of the day: Anime figure collectibles.

Character in question: Rei Ayanami

Introduction: Here’s the report I mentioned in the previous post. Now, I’m quite the figure collector myself, as I have quite a large number of them in all sorts of poses, all sorts of girls, etc…And, with that said, something bothered me that normally wouldn’t, because, I’m not a fan of NGE (but I do respect it). So your wondering why am I talking about Rei Ayanami, a Eva girl? Please remember to note that although I may sound serious at times, this report is not to be taken seriously and the whole point is to laugh at either me being crazy or the theories I create. Although, you will have to agree I make sense with my musings….The controversy begins….

Part 1: See the big picture. Rei Ayanami, one of the most recognizable girls in all of anime, sadly. lol. Ehem, anyways, what bothers me? Here’s what bothers me:

That picture above. Yes, the one with the blue haired girl, looking at you with those cute red eyes. Looking at you in the direction of her left. Read my previous sentence again please. “Looking at you in the direction of her left”. Oh, “so what?” your saying. Ok, here’s what:

Stare please: or this: or what about this:

By now you probably looked at the first picture again, then stared at the next 3 with either perverted eyes or with a “holy….” look in your eyes. Yes, that’s right, all 4 figures/garage kits have Rei looking towards her left. “Aw, sorry bud, I don’t see the point…” is what some may say, but my points become clear…

Part 2: Gripes. We all know (or should know for some of you) that Evangelion has perhaps the widest assortment of figures for Rei and Asuka. I have yet to see someone with the complete collection, but here’s where my gripes begin: what if I were to collect all the Rei Ayanami figures? What if I decided to display them museum style? That would mean a majority would be facing towards the left, in turn would make bystanders look like they’re in line for something. Of course, if I set them all on a table I would end up looking at them from the far right of the table. I mean, Rei is a girl for crying out loud, I don’t want to stare at her left side all day, I want to see her from the right as well!

Part 3: Theories. Perhaps the funniest part of this whole fiasco. Now, remember when I said I have a large amount of figures in my collection. I know, as a fact, that a majority of all the figures sculpted have the girls looking towards their left, as many of my figures are looking towards the left lol. But, you all know me. Somehow, someway I just have to be controversial. So I actually did research a answer to my own question and came up with this: Rei’s good side is her left. Ok….your probably thinking I’m a nutjob for saying that I know a fictional character that well lol. But, that was the best answer I could laugh up. We all know how we want to take pictures, and say “get a shot of my good side”. Well, quite literally a Angel managed to “get a shot” of Rei’s right side. Do I have proof? Look at this:

Ah look, that’s a screenshot from episode 3 of the TV series. See, even here she’s looking to her left lol…now look closely. See, her right side was hurt pretty badly…ah I feel sorry for her….her right arm…her right eye…lol….ehem, as you can see she got hurt on her right side. So, what is my answer? In real life you may have heard the term “nerve compensation reaction” (at least what I think it is called). No, not “Nerv Compensation Reaction”. It’s when a situation arises that disables the function of a certain part of your body, causing a neighboring/opposite part to react and rise to the occasion. An example would be the eyes. Each and every one of us have a superior eye. Meaning if one is obscured, the other instantly takes control and compensate’s. Snipers can probably vouch for this. So, back to Rei. In this case, the answer I found was that since her right side was damaged that badly, it caused her body to react to it and made her “showcase” her left side more frequently LOL. That’s why when she posed for all these figure sculptors she looks to her left and shows her left side out of reflex! Blast you Sachiel the 3rd angel, you made Rei have a disability that makes her look to her left from time to time….lol… Theory in Layman terms: Rei’s only poses in ways that showcase her left side more often than her right, due to injuries sustained while battling Sachiel the 3rd angel.

Part 4: Conflicting reasons. Ok, now some of you probably think I am officially crazy. What, you never read my episode summaries at the Animesuki Forums? lol. But, it was quite funny when I actually found an excuse for all my gripes. But, back to the conflicting reasons why my answer, if taken seriously, is flawed. lol. First of all, a majority of figure sculptors base their works on official artwok or fan art. Example for those who don’t know would be my lovely paint job, Takako Kinoshita (another figure looking to her left lol):Yes, that figure was completed by me, and the winner of Hobbyfanatics Random Draw Winner 2006. Of course, there are the more rare, original-pose sculpts. So basically I just shot myself in the foot explaining the above lol…second of all, even if Rei wasn’t injured by Mr. Sachiel, she’d still be posing the way she does now. Believe me, I do feel that a girl is best posed with her left side expose`. Adding to the fact that Rei is usually cast in the shadow of Asuka (the figures are usually paired up together. In this case, I didn’t tell you about the gripe I had with Asuka showcasing her right side more often than Rei lol), and I don’t want to get into the “Asuka and her right sided posing” topic lol…

Conclusion: I’m crazy. lol. Of course there’s no conspiracy with the left facing Rei figures, coincidentaly inevitably left facing at that…It’s true I admit I was a little discouraged to find more left-posed Rei figures than I thought there would be after researching all the possible creations of Rei. But I will admit that I really believed there was a reason behind all this, and the allegation that Asuka must be purchased alongside Rei to bring out the figure’s true purpose of the pose. All in all I do like the Rei figures, and it was fun making up an excuse for the great question of “why Rei is looking to her left more often than her right. So, for the grand finale, the conclusion of this report?

“In the case of mangatron vs. Rei Ayanami and her left facing figures, the court finds….Sachiel, the 3rd angel to blame. Unfortunately Sachiel met it’s maker not too long after handing Rei her injuries, so he is unable to attend this hearing.”

Dmn you Sachiel

I’m the mangatron. RE of the controversy. I hope you enjoyed this hilarious take on the world of anime girl figures. Comments welcome, and see you again sometime….

(Special thanks to Hobbysearch Garage for the research material)
Note: The references of Sachiel lean more towards the manga version, in case some of you wonder…