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Another DxD girl all fixed up

My services were requested to clean up this scan, now with blemish fixes:

Now I think that’s official, I do better with requests instead of my own goals. That is really strange, if I were to say “hmm maybe I’ll shop this”, I end up poorly motivated for some reason. But if someone were to ask me “hey can you do this” gee whiz, it’s like I’m on a deadline, I gotta a goal to achieve, I see the finish line and I will run to it XD

Though this is the second High School DxD girl that I have fixed. And honestly, I feel the pressure building up inside me….oh look at those gartered legs…. and her big ones, wrapped at the base…. gaah *nosebleed*

Maybe I ought to do a poll, “what Novel should the mangatron read first” 😛

Let’s talk about High School DxD for a bit

During my painful weekend last week, I learned something. Funny how the best lessons are somewhat painfully learned, but I realized that, if you are given an opportunity to have fun, and relax, and you do anything but those, it’s not a mistake. It’s a travesty. A real big tragedy. If you don’t enjoy yourself, it’s a mockery to those who don’t have that luxury. And with the kind of life I live, it is to respect, and to be respectable.

So from now on, I won’t just let it all go by. I made a blog to talk about anime, manga, and games, but I seemed to have done only one of that. So what I’ll be doing from now on is really speak my mind, instead of just hiding behind that security blanket Ive been trying to sleep under all this time.

So with the recent release of High School DxD’s disc volume #1, something struck me as odd. More specifically, the product page is finally completed for the extras, and something made me laugh a bit:

Yuuma-chan is a part of the fun! Isn’t that something, I guess she has a fan on the production staff. But then I took a gander at the Disc extras (source), and…

Oh look, more Yuuma-chan! It even includes her various evil faces lol. But then it hit me: I understand including Yuuma-chan in the mix, after all, episode 01 was full of her, but it got me thinking: where are the Phoenix girls?

Try to remember what you’ve seen on the main website. It’s practically devoid of the Phoenix clan. And I had questioned earlier about how would they fill in the rest of the character design flash page, and…. again, no Phoenix clan.

Now practically all of the extras, and promotional art have been largely devoid of anything that happened in the second half of the series. Why is that? They could have fit some tasty art of the Phoenix girls in the musou page, not to mention the character page has nothing about them. Sure, that’s a lot of girls, but it is strange when you consider the Rin-ne no Lagrange character page goes beyond 20 character pages.

I guess let’s wait and see what’s in store for the volumes that do not have Yuuma-chan in them, maybe there will be some Grayfia, or even the Seitokai girls. Eh, even their promotional art is hard to come by.

I have this great idea. Suppose I want to recommend this series to someone, holding that volume with that side visible, and say “hey, why don’t you watch some High School DxD”? I wonder how many times I would be told “hey, is that a hentai anime?” 😀

If you wanted to know what was different in the disc release:

Highschool DxD BD-DVD extras

How do you make someone buy the Blu-rays? Add a short animated special? Maybe some Shitajiki? How about a mini poster…. well, DxD seems to get some of that right, with the following extras:

Phone cards apparently. Have you folks ever had one of these before? I have (HAPPY LESSON XD), which was not the actual card itself but a collectors version of it. I have heard there are actually real phone cards of these that you can…. use a phone with, and it’s nice to see this series on board the phone card train. I should also mention that I believe these are not in the packaging itself, as it looks like that promotion where you have to buy the BD/DVD at the store listed, and your above assigned freebie is yours. Makes it tough for importers, eh?

By the way, due to a gaff on the website, the “tied up Aisha” is not accessible in a bigger res. To me anyways, but I uploaded it here for justice.

Let’s have fun, shall we?

So as you might have guessed, I’ve been somewhat apprehensive at using photoshop recently due to personal reasons. I powered my desire to do the Koneko shop over on my WordPress blog for several reasons, 1) it was a request, 2) THE GLOVES, and 3) Naked Koneko W/gloves 😛

I of course don’t like my recent behavior regarding photoshop, so I decided that I need to go back to my roots, what is it that makes it fun for me. I got a huge confession to make: I am unable to relax and have fun. I mean, the kind of way a normal human being can. I’m the type of person that can’t do something unless there’s a deadline. An ultimatum, heck a gun to my head, I’ll do it, at times I even take huge risks by letting a little time pass by and lowering the remaining time to work, just to make the deadline more challenging. That’s why I was able to do the Koneko shop as quickly as I did: it was a request, someone maybe, but it was there, just begging me to work on it. Bad habit I tell you, and as you can see, I somewhat suck at doing photoshop for fun.

So here’s what I decided: do something random, anything, maybe I ought to continue RE: the controversy, but below is something I just mashed together:

You might have seen these from the eyecatches, but not together like this. I was laughing while doing this, seriously, it looks like these two eyecatches were actually one scene XD (in case you are wondering, Rias was originally holding a basketball).

So what’s the caption for this? “Bloomer wrestling”? 😛

So hopefully now I’ll cough out those ‘shops I was supposed to upload.

Rebirth of Koneko-chan

Ah, now that is much better. I still find it unbelievable how drastic the difference is from the previous job, just look at it. How did this all happen? Well, it was yesterday when I saw the pic go up on Moeren, so I downloaded that pic (why I didn’t screencap my own, is the same reason last time), worked on it, and voila, what fun.

Except when I upload that to the Sankaku Channel, which I rarely visit these days, and dagnabbit, there was a more sharper version: (click the image to see it in full)

I don’t need to explain which one is the Moeren one, and which one is the one posted on Sankaku, but meine gott I had to do something, I do not like mediocre work coming from me, so I just had to use the Sankaku one and apply my fixes there… which actually needed to be redone almost entirely! BLOODY HELL

Probably another big question, is what has been with the nipples in my recent works? Honestly, I am still not used to it. It’s a really long story, but to make it short, I have been working on manga projects for more than a decade, though lately that has gotten my least amount of attention, but anyways, I encouraged myself to draw nipple-less boobs so as to reach a wider audience instead of being tagged with that mature rating, and it stuck on my brain like, mentally. I don’t know, it looked good with manga, but apply it to color works like this… man, I feel like an idiot. So I had to look back to my previous works, which you can find here on my wordpress blog, and I had to come up with a new rule: “You are not drawing manga this time, what you are doing is a color photoshop job,….SO ACT LIKE IT”. I guess old habits are hard to break, and it doesn’t help that my wireless carrier has been funking my connection the past week.

And lol, they called me a “poor foreigner”. Sorry, guys, I really didn’t mean to upload a mediocre work. I mean…’s not my fault I used a crappy screenshot :p

Thanks to Dahak86 over at the Animesuki forums for the little feedback


So where the heck are the other shops I was supposed to upload?

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of things, like being pissed off at my shoddy connection, catching up on gaming, reading H manga (eh?), and….. stuff like this.

Ani site updates Marchen 08

So I haven’t been using photoshop the past couple of days because Firefox pissed me off for the last time. This blog post was made in Chrome, take that Firefuchs!

Highschool DxD Episode 10 preview and BD special #1 pv

Wait a minute. These girls are wearing Swimsuits, and they need to be censored? Who turned back the clock 10 years back? 😛

And those of you who watch the censored broadcast (say what?), TV Aichi will be pushed back a little bit later.

And there they go…

…over to my wordpress blog. But I disappeared over the weekend. My neck was still hurting, which was over a week already, and since that’s not normal, I hadn’t realize something important that I had done to treat my chain headaches: massages. Now it may seem funny, but it’s true, they really help, and now my neck is a lot better, although I still have to perform Batman turns to avoid snapping my neck, but yeah, with that taken care of, it’s a lot better these days. But my shoulder remains as delicate as it is now. Why in the world won’t I get a surgery, is probably the main question since all those many years ago. I do have reasons, several of them serious, which is enough to sway me from it. I’ll detail them later, but right now I’m considering therapy, after the recent neck massage, as well as some upper body exercises that were recommended to me. Hey, anything than going under the knife.

And a little rant, but seriously Mozilla, I’m very unhappy with you right now:

This happens to me regularly. Like, too regularly, and for a fellow like me with a bad connection, keeping 162 tabs open at the same time is crucial for the cache to load images that I already painstakingly loaded. And when Firefox crashes the way it does with half those tabs without images, no Mozilla, that is not embarrassing, that is an atrocity, especially when this didn’t happen to me when I was using version 3.6 and lower. I feel like going back to that, but then half the bloody internet won’t work because oh your browser is too old time to upgrade blah blah yadda yadda yoda.

I hated Chrome, and I could only chuckle at Opera, but now Firefox is making me punch my screen and rip my hair out.

Sure was a strange weekend though. Had 2 guys over at XDA return to the forum, who were off the forum for a long time, one of them 2 years. Also had some stuff to take care of over there, so I guess I can’t leave that place alone.