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Fastest request fulfillment ever?

Tokugawa... Sena! :P

No, I had actually started work on this back on Saturday 4 hours after it hit, as a fun test for my new(?) computer (more on that later in my personal blog). After what happened to that Shirley photoshop job, I have gotten extremely paranoid of the outcomes of my works. Since feedback is scarce, well, not like I go around art forums anyways, but I figured the other type of feedback was essential. Basically, if people liked it, then obviously it was done well. So fast forward a Sunday where I had to cover for someone’s miscalculation, and a Monday where I had yet another heck of a day to start the month/end the previous month.

So this job is simply a test, it does not mean I am back in the request business, and it does not mean I am fully back to 100% health. This is simply a means to test my new desktop, it’s monitor, its brightness effect on my left eye (its said to be 300nit, probably the first time I have ever looked at that kind of brightness), and well, I have a vendetta against towels in the baths 😛 I noticed my special glasses really brings out the colors unlike I’ve seen before. There is one other test: you might recall my frustrations with these blog sites resizing my images, well, I found it out in the most ridiculous of ways: when my tuspics account went over its bandwidth limit, I had to use an alternate source. That’s when I found out WordPress had two different ways of uploading pics: a raw method of just dumping the image to one’s account, and the other way is to simply insert it into a blog post. I hadn’t realized that till that hilarious day last month when I was suddenly posting those month’s Megami/Nyantype pics so early in the morning. So, I am currently testing that, in the above pic, instead of going to it’s own page, it will go to the full 5MB image.

And yes, I still had one last request to finish, but unfortunately that was done in the laptop I was borrowing. I may have to start from scratch as color profiles have changed… “I think I found a way home. And that last (photoshop) job, that’s how I get there.”

My H Crab watches Hyakka Ryoran 06

 Well well, having my mind blown by the awesomeness that is Hyakka Ryoran episode 06, I think it’s time I post this. Here we have my pet H Crab taking in the sight that is episode 06, in yet another of my bizarre research attempts. Some things to note:

-Unfortunately I can’t post more about my many other Crabs, I hope everyone understands.
-I also don’t want to post how much of them I have because, I mean, these guys are no secret where I live (how difficult is it to see a foreigner with pet hermit crabs? lol), and it would be very easy for someone in this country to pinpoint 2 and 2 together on who the mangatron really is. These “precautions” are a part of why I don’t do social networking, so I’d like to ask please don’t post these elsewhere 😡
-Damn why did everybody have to know about my crabs?  “Hey man, what you got there?” Oh, it’s just some crabs. “Cool, can I see?” lol I really love my new pets, having personally found more than 50 (thumb sized ones) during my “vacation” at the beach. They’re so funny all the time, some of them would stare at one another twiddling their nose antlers, communicating who knows what.

Anyways, the meat of this research is, what did the crab like about episode 06. It’s a rather funny result, as you can see below.

The crab was set on the keyboard of my laptop, and during the Naoe fantasy, it starts to walk around. I tried to set it back to viewing, but it remained uninterested in Naoe-chan’s fantasy lol.

You’ll probably notice the crab is now on my right hand. That’s because he had previously pinched me (yeah it hurt), so I decided to use my right hand to hold and (gasp) left hand to snap away. Little rant: why the hell are most, if not all of these camera’s right-handed only? You know how difficult it was to take pictures with my left hand? XD So I hope you can forgive the lame focus the camera took of the screen, and not of the crab lol

Anyways, you can see above that the crab started taking note that an anime was playing, and during the fight at the end he remained interested in it. (take note of the scenes onscreen) It sat there for awhile until my hand got tired of holding him up XD

So there we have it. The silly crab didn’t like Naoe-chan’s fantasy but it likes it some action 😉 Now, back to some Company of Heroes! (lawl V1 strike)

I know, it’s lame. Here I am trying to overclock my brain on an RTS when I haven’t even honorably buried my retired-in-good-condition laptop. I should really get back to drawing, though my wrist still hurts (I am able to play (some) games because I finally stopped using a trackball and a conventional mouse doesn’t involve me bending my wrist. Cast works best with a mouse 2 times smaller than my hand lol)

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Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls official art and more

Oh look, another girl with a weapon about twice her size…

A few days ago, I was heartbroken at the minimalistic numbers of Naoe-chan artwork, and so I hunted down the official site in the most complicated way (blog-to-anime-site-to-Hyakka-Ryoran-site) possible since I was using my smarthphone to do this.

Similar to what I did with Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, I’ll be collecting them into one place that would be [hopefully] easily accessible to all sorts of devices, be it tablets or smartphones.

Click here to go to the album

My favorites of course being Naoe-chan 😉

 Look at Naoe-chan’s legs…

Also on board the main site for all things Hyakka Ryoran, is a number of 4koma drawn by Kazahana Chiruwo. I’ll admit, this artist does make me look like a recruit lol (to pat myself on the back, I go Black and White). Although, I think one has to know the characters before hand or have novel knowledge to fully enjoy the 4koma, as I’m wondering if these characters really do have these personalities. I uploaded the 4koma to the Hyakka album in case the main site be difficult to browse (my smartphone has next to no east asian language support, or at least Opera Mini doesn’t, which can probably be said for Opera Browser too depending on ROM language). Strangely enough, 4koma #10 seems to be inaccessible (too ecchi perhaps? XD). There’s 20 (or 21) 4koma so far, with some nice Naoe-chan, Fabio, you got your work cut out for you, buddy.

Here be the sources for these fine arts:

You’re probably wondering why I don’t list some images though, these should be accessed on sites like Danbooru, Moe Imouto, etc. (funnily enough, the official art of the (novel?) designed girls weren’t on Danbooru a couple of days ago, so I got those off There’s also the reason that, I still have not seen Google’s image hosting rules, which I play it safe by not showing 18+ content so as to avoid the Adult tag on my blog. That, and, the Photobucket fiasco had me think twice as to just how often these sites change their TOS or just what is it that ticks them off (tell me why did they have to delete this picture, which was “in violation of their terms”).

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Let the Twintail love flow

Lately, the only anime I’ve had the greater part of my mind on is Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls, and it’s a no brainer who the girl in that series excites me most, Naoe Kanetsugu. So, in a different approach than the Teruya Eiko interview (which I feel should stand on it’s own as the only tail related interview), I’ll talk a bit about why the love flows for my Naoe-chan.

The source

There’s always a reason for wanting something, right? Like, you’d want a car so you can drive it to take you places, or you’d want a girlfriend for some lovin’, or like how you’d want a cell phone to make calls as you’re out and about. In the case of Naoe-chan, there’s a reason why I like her, right? Well, not in the way that you think, as it’s not limited to my tail interview, but rather the source of all things character design.

Raira (or will the licensor-to-be call her Lyra?)

That’s a really big scroll. And a lot of butt to wipe :p

It’s no surprise I like to call on the Luminous Arc girls for some default template designs, but Raira for Luminous Arc 3 is, of course, the girl of that game that tingles my spider sense (this being way before I heard of Hyakka Ryoran). As you can see, Naoe-chan shares somewhat of a similar design to Raira, and for some reason I have an infatuation with girls carrying weapons much larger than normal (It’s known among LA2 players that Dia from Luminous Arc 2 is my favorite of LA2). “But mangatron! They’re all twintails!” you say, but I’d like to show you how I love the twintail and why my love goes deeper than at a glance.

I’m always amused thinking how these girls would look like in real life…

Know Your Twin Tails presented by The mangatron

There’s more to the twin tails than just a girl having two tails of tied hair. There’s the side mount, and the rear mounted styles. In the following image you can see where I’m going with this:

I’m a big fan of Hatsune Miku, green hair and all, which she sports the side mounted twin tails. This style accentuates the tails more than rear mounted, as both tails are somewhat visible from all angles (mostly due to the hair accessory used). This method shows how nicely the hair accessory ties the hair, and makes possible almost all types of accessories to be used to tie the hair. This style also accentuates what I like to call the Twin Tail Wave. (as in, when Miku turns her head sideways, the twin tails primarily go in opposite directions, clockwise or counter-clock. I might need a better name…)

 The Twintail Wave. Note the background tail going to the right and the foreground tail moving to the left

Naoe-chan, and Raira with the rear mounted tails, provide a whole different experience to the twin tail description. By having rear mounted twin tails, when viewed from the front, they can give the illusion that they have a lot of hair flowing behind them with two hair accessories atop their head (Note Naoe-chan’s front view in the pic a few lines up). Now, whatever accessory they use to tie their hair, cannot be very wide (like the gigantic ribbon seen in anime, recent anime think Zakuro from Otome Youkai Zakuro), and it can only be fully seen from the side or rear views. Next, when these girls turn their heads, both tails primarily go in the same direction, what I like to call The Twintail Line Drive (baseball fan here). Rear mounted twin tails can also give the illusion of a ponytail when viewed from the side of a girl running forward.

Line drive up the middle into center field! The Yankee’s lose!

If you ever wondered just how much of a twintail fetish I am and how much I love Naoe-chan, this should probably dispel any concerns as to how crazy I am about them. XD Of course, this post is just the tip of the iceberg for my Twintail love, there’s still various other topics, such as hair color, tail length, hair accessory used, etc. Which is for another time…hehehe…. *cough*

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