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Let’s repost my figure collection!

Hmm, oddly enough I hadn’t realized that my old posts about my figure collection seems to have gone the way of the dodo, so let’s showcase them again!



Yeah I like them butts and I cannot lie, all the little figures I can’t deny…

And, let’s answer questions that arose after its first unveiling several years back:

-These set of pictures were taken before the Gundam Model showcase.
-The figures aren’t there permanently, as the Gundam Model showcase shows. The figures were lined up for the picture taking, so don’t be surprised as to how am I supposed to use my computer there (which in case you were wondering, that is my second computer, the main one is too large and too powerful to be shoved under the table like this one is)
-As the pictures explain, I am a big fan of Pia Carrot, with those a part of my prized possesions alongside the Mahoraba figures, which were purchased from a friend on those same Animesuki Forums.
-As you can see from the lack of Gundams, the mass amount of Gundams were purchased the 3 months following these shots, all of before I went to Germany.
-The Microsoft Trackball was my choice for several years before I moved to a thumb based trackball.
-That’s a 17 inch LCD, at the time the highest for a consumer.
-Wait a minute, I’m going way off topic lol…
-Back to it, you can easily spot the garage kits I personally put together. Not my very best, hey, I was new at that alright >_>

Da Capo!

Mobile blogging seems to be the new standard for me

Oddly enough this is a desktop browser post. But as it stands, I won’t be desktop blogging as much as I blog via my smartphone, internet is free when using my phone to do stuff but when I tether it get’s rather pricey when taking price + satisfaction and with no regard to time limits/data plan limits into consideration.

Man, and several years ago I thought Germany’s 250KB/s DSL downstream was slow. Having had experienced dial-up again as recently as Jan of last year, I’ll take 250KB/s any day 😀

So I’ll mostly be blogging my anime and manga experiences from time to time. I feel the need to document my side life as during my sickness it sure got lonely around these here parts. I even had to renovate my entire blog since Blogger got updated.

Response to Omamori Himari 05’s loli censors

I remember reading some news somewhere regarding censoring loli's of
late, and Omamori Himari episode 05 is the first I've seen of an
obvious censor on loli's.

Well, as a viewer of Ladies versus Butlers, I figured I'd try my hand
at bastardization. Two reason's:

1. I wanted to see how bad it would've been.
2. I hated doing this. And yet, how did it feel for the tv
station/production studio, censoring something like this? Were they
thinking about the backlash? Did they think it was funny? Law?
Whatever the case, it's not fun censoring something and I'll say this:
I was half “haha looks like I can't see anything” and half “WTF I
can't see anything! And yet, what's to stop me from imagining what's
behind that holy light?”

At least Kuesu won't face this kind of censoring. Right?….

Opera Mini 5 has no overview

Well, maybe blogspot as a whole, but seems my blog can’t be mobilized. That or as I mentioned earlier, maybe blogspot in general. That or maybe 3 columns confuses Opera Mini…

And you may have noticed, I added a logo, admittedly enough to support speed dialing on Opera Mini 5. See above. Although, I’m probably the only one who’d speed dial my blog, surely other people would have other sites to speed dial than mine 😦

Luminous Arc 2 Intermission guide post

This will be the location from now on for any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding my Intermission FAQ for the Nintendo DS game, Luminous Arc 2. Post anything relevant to my Intermission FAQ here, anyone is welcome, no signing in required.