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Kamisama Dolls episode 11

I knew it from the preview that went up on the website, that this was going to be a fun episode. NOT DISAPPOINTED one bit.

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How do I describe this ep? Uh, I don’t know, other than “watch it yourself” because continuing the trend of starting an episode with a bit from the previous ep, we get a clearer look at Kyohei using Kukuri’s left hand.

Of course the best part happens to be any scene with Mahiru, and I mean every scene of her in this ep was truly amazing, both her voice work (which IMO sounds totally NOT like any of her previous works that I’ve heard), not to mention for once she not only calls Hibino out on her big ones, but she has the pleasure of actually fondling them for herself XD

Mahiru pointed at Hibino about 3 times. Kuuko, where are you? XD

The episode isn’t just about her though, Koushirou was hilarious with his “whatever” face when he said Kirio would react that way to a beautiful oneesan. I wonder how his wife deals with this guy XD

Anime needs more adults like him.

Moyako tagging along for the ride, maybe she’ll be the referee lol. At least next ep has some solo-tentacle action for Hibino XDDDD

40 minutes. 70 images. Possibly my best GIF ever (Camera panning+ stitch!) Bigger version at the channel.