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Luminous Arc 2 4Koma series introduction

To celebrate my somewhat odd Endings Guide submitted to GameFaqs, I’m pleased to announce the introduction to my planned series of 4Koma’s, title “Luminous Arc 2 After Story” which will cover the various plot holes, unnoticed jokes, unanswered questions at the end of the game and whatnot. Of course, the whole idea behind this was to showcase my skills as a mangaka (albeit I took a rather easy approach to things, ie Minami-Ke style >_>) and to also display my somewhat odd sense of humor and the lack or betterness thereof.

Putting that aside, let’s get crikey with it, shall we? The first of hopefully many more to come:

It it wasn’t apparent, you’d have to get as far as chapter 28 and have done Rina’s Final Intermission to get the above joke…

Enjoy and hope there’s more to come!

(Sorry about the watermarking, I haven’t officially revealed my Artist Circle yet so until that’s done I probably won’t let up…)

Comments are open to any and all in case I wasn’t open on that regard.