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Ani site updates: Feb 23, 2012

Also on the main site, was a sort of card game listed for Yahoo Japan’s Mobage site. In order to access the Smartphone side of that site, you’ll need a phone of course, or, if you know how to change your user agent, change it to either the iPhone user agent or Android user agent (Firefox users can use the wonderful User Agent Switcher addon) Look at those chibi’s, so cute, especially Muscle Cop girl 😛

Some marketing:

 Ano Natsu de Matteru

High resolution (1500×996) pics for this week’s episode, #07

Aquarion Evol game

The music from the site

 I am rather interested to know how this game is. Anyone want to give it a go? (for Android, iPhone users go here) It seems like one of those games, if you have been there during the Michael Bay Transformers marketing run, there was a game where the top winners would win prizes before the first movie came out. Apparently, for this Aquarion Evol game, it has a similar look to it, where players log onto the game and rank up somewhat, and the prize for Season 1 is an Aquarion toy. Season 2 is where the real prize is, where the grand prize (1st place?) is a Macbook Air 128GB SSD, and 5 (second place?) winners will win a Neo Diva case.

The toy

Ani site updates: Feb 09, 2012

They got Issei on laundry duty? Okay…..

Hey Rias, nice “wings” 😀

Ano Natsu De Matteru

Not sure if you fellows visit the main site, but they really pile on the impressive hi-res images that my connection can’t handle. Here’s one of the many you might have come across:

Wonderful view. Still trying to acquire them all. It’s a somewhat tedious process, and there seems to be more than 20 of these.

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Bring on the goods. A series like this being over-milked might as well have the accompanying merch, ja? Of course, my choice selection:

I can’t seem to make out what Sora is holding….and somebody please tell Hina that the poor dolphin is being mauled 😛 (by the way, these are apparently “Mini Towels“, a small square towel. I had one of those before, I think those in the western world can equate these to “handkerchiefs” 😀 ) We had a little joke back in the day, buying these printed towels solely for the purpose of wiping our bodies with them. Hey, I mean that in a sane way, seriously XD

Scrambled update Jan 17 2012 again

That’s from Hong Kong (which they imported from Japan of course), which in all my years of eating Pocky it’s the first I’ve seen of the gold box (I previously tasted only Strawberry and Regular Chocolate).

While we’re on the topic of snacks, I’ve been meaning to ask about this:

Sorry there’s no picture of the actual pastry, but that’s what it’s called, and if you’re wondering where it went, I ate it already 😛

I want to know what the ingredients are because it’s Green lol, of course I would choose that over Chocolate, Strawberry, mango etc. And what does Pandan mean? 😮 (This pastry is from Max’s Restaurant, the Corner Bakery that is)

Ano Natsu de Matteru avatars

Animesuki friendly avatars:

I know she’s not named Mizuho. I know she looks like a younger Mizuho Kusanagi (Ha! I got her last name right!). I know I like her, that’s for sure 😀