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Fastest request fulfillment ever?

Tokugawa... Sena! :P

No, I had actually started work on this back on Saturday 4 hours after it hit, as a fun test for my new(?) computer (more on that later in my personal blog). After what happened to that Shirley photoshop job, I have gotten extremely paranoid of the outcomes of my works. Since feedback is scarce, well, not like I go around art forums anyways, but I figured the other type of feedback was essential. Basically, if people liked it, then obviously it was done well. So fast forward a Sunday where I had to cover for someone’s miscalculation, and a Monday where I had yet another heck of a day to start the month/end the previous month.

So this job is simply a test, it does not mean I am back in the request business, and it does not mean I am fully back to 100% health. This is simply a means to test my new desktop, it’s monitor, its brightness effect on my left eye (its said to be 300nit, probably the first time I have ever looked at that kind of brightness), and well, I have a vendetta against towels in the baths 😛 I noticed my special glasses really brings out the colors unlike I’ve seen before. There is one other test: you might recall my frustrations with these blog sites resizing my images, well, I found it out in the most ridiculous of ways: when my tuspics account went over its bandwidth limit, I had to use an alternate source. That’s when I found out WordPress had two different ways of uploading pics: a raw method of just dumping the image to one’s account, and the other way is to simply insert it into a blog post. I hadn’t realized that till that hilarious day last month when I was suddenly posting those month’s Megami/Nyantype pics so early in the morning. So, I am currently testing that, in the above pic, instead of going to it’s own page, it will go to the full 5MB image.

And yes, I still had one last request to finish, but unfortunately that was done in the laptop I was borrowing. I may have to start from scratch as color profiles have changed… “I think I found a way home. And that last (photoshop) job, that’s how I get there.”

Mashiroiro Symphony Uryu Sakuno

Love that butt, Sakuno!

This was a rather horrible run. From June all the way to the last hours of 2012, not to mention I have a headache, this work made me realize why I hated working on screenshots so much, and it is because they have a light blur to them, and they usually don’t have hard brush strokes.  Not to mention I had to search out the Special itself (over 300MB), and several other factors I’m too tired to mention, this may be the last time I work on an episode screenshot.

sakuno job

Naked Yukikaze completed

Those clouds. Those damn clouds again, they make life so hard XD And I love mother nature and all but those treeeeeeess, Yukikaze’s swimsuit had to blur all over it.

And that tail, it looks so fluffy 😛 I gotta say I have no idea what came over me, but I think I managed somehow. Crazily, when I was so highly unmotivated, I kept telling myself “Is this you?” Is this what you wanted?” And oh my… And here I thought all that hentai anime and manga would help >__>

I must once again remind visitors that WordPress compresses the images to the end of time, if the image above is not 4MB, you must get the full one over at the Sankaku Channel again.

Kasen-sama all fixed up

A cover for a doujin recently translated by CGRascal. Fixed by me in my final phase of CS6 tryouts, I was seriously pressed for time, partially watching Hagure 06 07, fixing my sig at Animesuki, and other various stuff that hindered me greatly in finding an alternate source for hosting uncompressed images. As such, I highly encourage visitors to get the full uncompressed image over at the Sankaku Channel, until I find a host that doesn’t shrink my images almost 60% their original size (I didn’t realize till yesterday that WordPress also compresses images >_>)

Link to uncompressed image at Sankaku Channel

Another DxD girl all fixed up

My services were requested to clean up this scan, now with blemish fixes:

Now I think that’s official, I do better with requests instead of my own goals. That is really strange, if I were to say “hmm maybe I’ll shop this”, I end up poorly motivated for some reason. But if someone were to ask me “hey can you do this” gee whiz, it’s like I’m on a deadline, I gotta a goal to achieve, I see the finish line and I will run to it XD

Though this is the second High School DxD girl that I have fixed. And honestly, I feel the pressure building up inside me….oh look at those gartered legs…. and her big ones, wrapped at the base…. gaah *nosebleed*

Maybe I ought to do a poll, “what Novel should the mangatron read first” 😛

Let’s have fun, shall we?

So as you might have guessed, I’ve been somewhat apprehensive at using photoshop recently due to personal reasons. I powered my desire to do the Koneko shop over on my WordPress blog for several reasons, 1) it was a request, 2) THE GLOVES, and 3) Naked Koneko W/gloves 😛

I of course don’t like my recent behavior regarding photoshop, so I decided that I need to go back to my roots, what is it that makes it fun for me. I got a huge confession to make: I am unable to relax and have fun. I mean, the kind of way a normal human being can. I’m the type of person that can’t do something unless there’s a deadline. An ultimatum, heck a gun to my head, I’ll do it, at times I even take huge risks by letting a little time pass by and lowering the remaining time to work, just to make the deadline more challenging. That’s why I was able to do the Koneko shop as quickly as I did: it was a request, someone maybe, but it was there, just begging me to work on it. Bad habit I tell you, and as you can see, I somewhat suck at doing photoshop for fun.

So here’s what I decided: do something random, anything, maybe I ought to continue RE: the controversy, but below is something I just mashed together:

You might have seen these from the eyecatches, but not together like this. I was laughing while doing this, seriously, it looks like these two eyecatches were actually one scene XD (in case you are wondering, Rias was originally holding a basketball).

So what’s the caption for this? “Bloomer wrestling”? 😛

So hopefully now I’ll cough out those ‘shops I was supposed to upload.

Rebirth of Koneko-chan

Ah, now that is much better. I still find it unbelievable how drastic the difference is from the previous job, just look at it. How did this all happen? Well, it was yesterday when I saw the pic go up on Moeren, so I downloaded that pic (why I didn’t screencap my own, is the same reason last time), worked on it, and voila, what fun.

Except when I upload that to the Sankaku Channel, which I rarely visit these days, and dagnabbit, there was a more sharper version: (click the image to see it in full)

I don’t need to explain which one is the Moeren one, and which one is the one posted on Sankaku, but meine gott I had to do something, I do not like mediocre work coming from me, so I just had to use the Sankaku one and apply my fixes there… which actually needed to be redone almost entirely! BLOODY HELL

Probably another big question, is what has been with the nipples in my recent works? Honestly, I am still not used to it. It’s a really long story, but to make it short, I have been working on manga projects for more than a decade, though lately that has gotten my least amount of attention, but anyways, I encouraged myself to draw nipple-less boobs so as to reach a wider audience instead of being tagged with that mature rating, and it stuck on my brain like, mentally. I don’t know, it looked good with manga, but apply it to color works like this… man, I feel like an idiot. So I had to look back to my previous works, which you can find here on my wordpress blog, and I had to come up with a new rule: “You are not drawing manga this time, what you are doing is a color photoshop job,….SO ACT LIKE IT”. I guess old habits are hard to break, and it doesn’t help that my wireless carrier has been funking my connection the past week.

And lol, they called me a “poor foreigner”. Sorry, guys, I really didn’t mean to upload a mediocre work. I mean…’s not my fault I used a crappy screenshot :p

Thanks to Dahak86 over at the Animesuki forums for the little feedback


So where the heck are the other shops I was supposed to upload?

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of things, like being pissed off at my shoddy connection, catching up on gaming, reading H manga (eh?), and….. stuff like this.