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7 Days of Anime August 8-14

7 Days of Anime (7DA) is a column by the mangatron where he grades the episode of the week for the series’ that he follows. Grades are done with 3 things in mind: 1) How well the episode fits into the current pacing [of the main story], 2) How well it maintained a viewers interest, and 3) overall enjoyment level (Animation quality, sounds of music and voice, and use of story elements).
A = Time well spent
B = If it’s your cup of tea, drink it
C= Only the fans will enjoy it regardless
+ = And then some
– = Something is missing…

Asobi ni Ikuyo! Episode 05

Uhm… the next cult in line full of crazies, these folks worship the cat (or the kitty ears thereof). Huh, they should just stick to anime/manga/games. That’s as close as this world will ever get to them, anyways. And we get to see Aoi meet her mama (har har), like anyone saw that coming.

Grade: C+
Pros: Hmm hm, full body suit Wan-chan. I’ll admit if they ever mentioned her name, I forgot already.
Cons: Uhm, let me get this straight. Aoi can put that suit on at will. Great…. And I have to ask this, just what is it with rich people owning a large house and stuff and a lot of the same thing. Is there anyone like that in this world? Just who set up this stereotype for anime/manga in the first place? Don’t tell me it’s Richie Rich. Not to mention they are occasionally portrayed as loners whose life sucks till they come across the main chara’s…

Strike Witches Episode 06

Oooh, an Eila Juutilainen Le Britannia Von PanzerWurfer whateverhernameis episode. You get to know some things about her this ep, like, how she likes Sanya-chan, and how she loves Sanya-chan, and…. er I mean like how she has never used her shield, and how she might be impotent in that regard, and-… wait, I’m going way outer space here…

Grade: A
Pros: You gotta love the Sanya-Eila moments in this ep. Tis really sweet, I tells ya. Like ze end, ja. And, Perrine-chan with her hair that messed up was cute. Her training session was funny too.
Cons: Hmm….bath censors? Yeah, they be bad I say. And, I gotta know…. when the girls go rocket booster up into the great beyond, wouldn’t the stage 1 girls be toast? I mean, they are pretty close to the stage 2 girls when they fired their rockets. Gots to be some invisible magic, I tells ja 😉

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 07

Here, Ookami-chan and Ryoushi go out on a date. It’s supposed to be a mission, but an accident leads to them actually going on a date. Oh wowser, this seems to continue last weeks “girls wearing something you normally don’t see.”

Grade: B-
Pros: Uhm…. this is as girly as we’ll ever see of Ookami-chan. The little bonnet cap thing, the not-revealing dress, the “I’m a 13 yr-old girl” thing going.
Cons: She’s flat chested. OOOOHHHH no that’s not me who said that. In all seriousness though, this kind of felt like the typical date episode, that won’t really progress the relationship of the main chara’s in question. Sucks to be Ryoushi, being an Onii-san for naught.

Amagami SS episode 07

Oh my, somebody ordered the Drama entree. You shouldn’t be laughing at all during this episode, just to warn you. But, it happens, you know. We’re all human, and Kaoru exhibits some of this during the run. Lots of Junichi monologue too. Wait, why is one supposed to laugh. There may be some RomCom moments now and then but it’s drama sometimes too.

Grade: B-
Pros: I’ll admit, that part where Kaoru and Juni were talking outside of the restaraunt, her legs were so pretty. Them thigh-highs, that mini-skirt, oh…. I’m not laughing, I’m melting….melting…
Cons: You won’t laugh this episode. Well, maybe during the non-Kaoru moments, but I did get a laugh when Juni walks away thinking he said a cool thing. Wait, why is lack of laughs a con…

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 07

Another quest. This time they go out to find my lost sheep. Er… not that. But, quests are always about finding things, right? If it is just camp raiding and slaughtering, they’re not a guild but mercenaries. Wait, what the heck does this have to do with Shukufuku?

Grade: B
Pros: Nice battle at the end. I spied me some Chelsea pantsu.
Cons: Well, they’ll be talking a lot, if that makes you sleepy. Me, I like to brave the first half solely for the benefit of waiting for the eye-catch. And got some nice pantyhose eye-catch this time 😀

Highschool of the Tot Episode 06

I have a vendetta against this series, huh? Well, this time, it’s just fanservice. JUST fanservice because the story just plain sucks. I mean come on, the damn bridge is blocked, why are the people persistent on going through that? Not to mention there were some zombo’s among them. Swim the damn river or something, make a makeshift boat, find some way to cross, and for that matter, is that the only bridge in the area? And someone tell me just how common is it for cops to still use six-shooters? I understand patrol cops usually carry those, but given the chaotic situation, you’d think they had stocked up on some shotguns and AR-15’s or something. But no, crappy story gets shoved aside in favour of…. boobies.

Grade: C+
Pros: Boobies.
Cons: See above. No wait, I mean that big nasty paragraph above. Or unless fanservice doesn’t suit you, then yeah…

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 07

It’s le beach episode, something we’ve all been waiting for. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting. And it’s not like only the first half (the beach part) was only the good part, even the second half was a blast.

Grade: A
Pros: Swimsuits, bath scenes, great jokes and what not, even Hata-chan joins the fun. Shino x Tsuda moments too, it’s great. I got a huge laugh from Shino’s bathing suit color choice (knew that was coming) and Tsuda’s eroge gaming fantasy.
Cons: Very few beach episodes go all 20 minutes or so. Always gotta be first half, or less than half a half, or probably just 5 minutes of scenes, or…I’m ranting, aren’t I?

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episode 06

It’s time for some BBQ wingin’! Original Recipe or Extra Crispy? Speaking of which, Joe Stalin said “death solves all problems. No man, no problem.” Well, for more than a decade now, in anime, there’s been a lot of “Love solves all problems. No love, big problem.” I don’t have to explain how it even goes for anime and games, even Hollywood movies usually have a romance element involved. Wait, why is this relevant to Sekirei…

Grade: B
Pros: Whaa! Ripped clothes! It’s assault! Assault I tells ya! I mean, you can clearly see them boobies on there! I don’t know what to think anymore!!!!!
Cons: Gah, a kiss between a boy and… that’s a girl, right? Oh lordy… it really is boobies. But, as the camera panned down low, we don’t see an elephant. Does that mean it’s a girl? Yippe kay yay!

Winner of the week:

Eila Juutilainen Von PanzerWurfer

Uh, I know that’s not her name, but for some strange insistent reason I like calling her that (Read: I really forgot her real name). But really though, her episode this week for Strike Witches was an absolutely touching ep. She likes to sing, she tried to prove she’s very well capable of protecting her Sanya-chan, did a bit of training, and the greatest part was when she used her shield for the very first time, the music was the icing on the cake, very well done and the lyrics as well. If you thought I just watch Strike Witches for the pantsu, well, you guessed wrong, it’s moments like this ep that makes Strike Witches stand in it’s own field of greatness. Hats of to you, Eila-chan. Or maybe because you can see the future too…

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7 Days of Anime August 1-7

7 Days of Anime (7DA) is a column by the mangatron where he grades the episode of the week for the series’ that he follows. Grades are done with 3 things in mind: 1) How well the episode fits into the current pacing [of the main story], 2) How well it maintained a viewers interest, and 3) overall enjoyment level (Animation quality, sounds of music and voice, and use of story elements).

A = Time well spent
B = If it’s your cup of tea, drink it
C= Only the fans will enjoy it regardless
+ = And then some
– = Something is missing…

Asobi ni Ikuyo! Episode 04

 Yet another strange group of people, and the shopping episode. I think these are just as regular as the festivel episode, the swimsuit episode, etc. With the typical “lead male is useless” thing again. I hope this isn’t the sterotyping of the glasses dude…

Grade: C-
Pros: … Honestly, this is typical Asobi ni Ikuyo stuff. So I didn’t see anything “awesome” about this ep…
Cons: Last episode you get the idea that they are using real bullets (we know rubber bullets can’t give a car a flat, ja? Considering they were handguns) but now are we supposed to think they are using real bullets or training rounds or rubber bullets? What if Manami killed someone? Does that give her a free seat in the next CIA boot camp?

Strike Witches Episode 05

Oh look it’s another shopping episode. This one though is a Lucchini episode, I guess 1st season viewers were expecting this. Wait, this is like the second time the shopping was incomplete…

Grade: B
Pros: I know this is a Lucchini ep, but dere-dere Trudy and Trudy wearing a dress was just lollygagging hilarious.
Cons: Well, Lucchini was being Lucchini, not so bad. Let’s see, a Con would be she spent all the money on a girl a heck of a lot more richer than her! Har har har.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 06

 Ahum, this be ye flashback episode. Going all the way back to how Harry met S-… er I mean how Ringo met Ryouko, and… gettin’ a little R&R going, yeah! Heh.

Grade: B
Pros: Hmm, Ryouko wearing a dress? What’s up with this week? Girls wearing things we normally don’t see them wear…
Cons: Ringo-chan never grew an inch. Think about that you loli lovin’…..

Amagami SS episode 06

Ooh, continuing the escapades of our lovely haired girl and her love interest. I gotta say, from the roof, to the library, ro the park area, what a fun ride. And now we know what color Kaoru’s pantsu was last ep during the sneek peak of Juni.

Grade: A
Pros: I absolutely loved the roof scene. Or maybe I’ve been reading too much Amagami doujins… Then there’s the library scene, probably the best payback a girl would have to pay if the feelings are mutual, and, as a leg lover, I had a blast when Kaoru rode Juni’s shoulders.
Cons: They didn’t do it on the roof! Blasphemey! Yeah, I read too much doujins. Forget I said anything.

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 06

Let’s give everyone their own ep, ja? Seems to be the theme this week, and it’s infecting my Shukufuku as well! But I like this one, because the spotlight centers mostly around Chelsea-chan, and…. wait for it, here we go again, a girl wearing something you don’t see her wear everyday. Character specific episodes, girls wearing what they normally don’t, shopping episodes, etc. This is one strange week.

Grade: B-
Pros: Chelsea wearing a dress. Wow, this get’s Pro twice already. Or was this 3 times?
Cons: You can only get teased, ain’t no panchira for you today, boy.

Highschool of the Tot Episode 05

Imagine the movie ‘The Fugitive’, where the bus is at a rest stop, and the criminals in the bus start talking about life, romance, their crappy situation, etc. I think that’s the best way I can describe this ep lol.

Grade: C
Pros: Probably the only thing that will occupy the “Pro” slot for HotD is “them jigglies”…
Cons: Let me tell you something, when a bullet zips by your head, you will not turn your head in the direction the bullet is traveling, you will either duck or close your eyes. Remember what I said previously about “getting out of the way”? I don’t need to remind you that he was still traveling on the motorcycle, so jerking your neck backwards has the neck say “snap me”, and that the fat dude was rather close to him, where powder burns were sure to get in his face. You’re probably wondering why am I picking on this series for things like this? Well, as a reader of the manga, I like the detail of the weapons. But you take a giant shit on them by showing these matrix effects and not treating these weapons as real as they are drawn. Want to screw them up? Might as well drew them like toy guns. /rant

Yeah, I’m supposed to watch it for the boobies, right? Right….

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 06

I am so enjoying this series. The opening scenes were hilarious, from the horror, to the giant robots, to the tiny Suzu remote wrestling her glamorous bodied mother, to the regular Ousai Academy Student Council rule (Shino sounded so desperate lol). Moving on to the actual episode itself, the fun continues with the horror stories of Ousai, Suzu’s continuing height dilemma and fears, Shino’s hiccups and body worries and Aria’s glamorous body continues to, how shall we say, impress 😉

Grade: A
Pros: Hata-chan’s horror stories sounded so convincing, I proudly admit I fell for both of them. Aria’s breast bounce with the box was a laugh too.
Cons: You gotta feel sory for Tsuda somewhat. This guy has it hard er I mean tough dealing with these girls. It seems undoubtly that Suzu is the only female level head around him.

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episode 05

 Er, wow. It looks like Kagari will have 3 episodes to “its” winging. Can somebody tell me the real gender of this… “thing”? lol

Grade: C+
Pros: Oh, I know Kagari’s gender. It’s female, because as long as I think so, she will be a she. Who says you have to be an ashikabi. And, I just love the above pic. I’ve seen many a tsundere, but for some reason Tsukiumi is quite a tolerable one. She says funny things… Fight scenes this ep foreshadow an interesting next ep.
Cons: I still don’t know what gender to label Kagari as…

Weekly Research:

Those clothes.
This week we see some rather nice girls wearing something we usually don’t see them wearing, from Strike Witches Trudy in a dress to a very girly Ookami-chan to an voluptuous Chelsea of Shukufuku. In many cases, anime doesn’t give any more than 3 common outfits for a girl, the common 3 being school uniform (ha), pajamas, and swimsuit. The interesting thing to note is that rarely does anime give us a look into a girl wearing something we would least expect her to wear, for example, Misaka Mikoto wearing pantsu-only no shorts (er…), or Majo-chan from Ookami-san wearing a maid uniform (well they ALL did), or Lacus Clyne wearing a…. you get the idea. I have to say though, Trudy wins this week in this regard.

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7 Days of Anime July 25-31

7 Days of Anime (7DA) is a column by the mangatron where he grades the episode of the week for the series’ that he follows. Grades are done with 3 things in mind: 1) How well the episode fits into the current pacing [of the main story], 2) How well it maintained a viewers interest, and 3) overall enjoyment level (Animation quality, sounds of music and voice, and use of story elements).

A = Time well spent
B = If it’s your cup of tea, drink it
C= Only the fans will enjoy it regardless
+ = And then some
– = Something is missing…

Asobi ni Ikuyo episode 03

With the third episode introducing more characters than the first episode did, this one is standard harem fare. If you never wondered just what is it that makes Kio special, this one will start making you think about that. (Read: nothing to him)

Grade: C
Pros: If you’re a fan of…. well, fanservice, there’s quite enough to overshadow the previous 2 eps.
Cons: You know… it’s all kinda messed up. You have (both!) Rifleman class users having their break (a bath) at the same time, and when trouble arrives their duty comes first before their dignity. Sure, I won’t complain about how cold it must have been that night, or how keeping loaded guns closer to you than underwear worked(har har), or why shooting live rounds at a guy made a difference, but what irritated me most was that Kio remained worthless as ever, instead of running or turning away upon seeing some nekkid girly, he remains facing the same way, and when Manami runs out of bullets, he proceeds to take a helmet in the face. I would say he had it coming, but I’ll just say “serves you right”.

Strike Witches episode 04

Beginning with some nice bouncy Shirley, this episode focuses on some Jetty Strikey’s. Makes one wonder why aren’t they using Jets in the first place, well this ep clears up some of that thought. But it still doesn’t clear up some of that blinding Trudy crotch…

Grade: B
Pros: Hmm… it’s a rather yummy ep. I must say this ep was making me a melted Ice Cream upon laying my eyes on some more Shirley goodness.
Cons: Shirley, there’s some reason as to why you weren’t that fast this ep. For the most part anyways, you were able to fly faster than sound back in S1 because you were almost naked. Goes to show that it’s not them assets that slow ya down, but the clothes 😉 Wait, in what way is this a Con…

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 05

Continuing the narrated tales of Ookami-chan and her friendlies, this one actually focuses on a number of things, namely my Momo-chan, some Ookami-chan backstory, and, probably the only time we’ll ever see this crew suit up like this.

Grade: B-
Pros: My Momo-chan. Yeah, that’s right, she’s mine. Is that a valid school uniform? In fact, there are no school uniforms. There’s a little red hooded girl, a witch, a maid, a sexy secretary, etc.
Cons: It started out all fun and dandy, and ends on a serious note. What the-… I didn’t order some Serious Soup. I like me some Tasty Tantalizers!

Amagami SS episode 05

Let’s start the Kaoru Tanamachi arc. Except… all I can say is “That hair…” Really, I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been saying those two words about her for awhile now, I… it’s just… that hair…

Grade: B
Pros: That hair. Oh bugger, I gotta stop saying that. Er let’s see, how about… nice legs? >_>
Cons: I don’t think we’ve seen any pantsu. Well at least in that way. Well, you aren’t supposed to watch this series for that anyways. You bad doujin reader you 😉

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 05

I gotta say, I like this series. I get such a campy feeling from it. It’s a rather calm and relaxing series with some cute girls. Ah hell what am I saying, that’s always my prerogative

Grade: C+
Pros: I like the Tostitos girls. Or the Dipping Sauce girls. Or…. whatever, they’re quite amusing.
Cons: Hmm, well pretty standard stuff. Hmm, or maybe I’m just looking for a pairing in this series, there’s not many moments between male and female stuff lol…

Highschool of the Tot Episode 04

Hmm…. lately, it may look like I’m highly irritated by this series, but it’s a sort of Love-Hate relationship I have going here. On the one hand, it’s mostly jiggly boobies, but on the other hand there’s a bunch of live dead walking people walking around as if they’re carrying some bags (I never got why zombies always walk with their arms straight down. Why not wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care or something…wait, they don’t care)

Grade: C
Pros: Eh well, you know what goes here. Some more jiggly boobies. Seriously, in real life, this won’t happen like this [where a girl turns and her breasts go up and down [several times]? WTF?], so this is why we watch anime.
Cons: You know, I liked the bit of realism in the manga, so it’s natural to expect it here. Well, they probably won’t get far. While i’m not going to mention the jigglies because let’s face it, it’s every man’s fantasy (ha) but what irritates me is the stupidity. No one dare tell me they are just highschool kids, if they got enough brains to kill (technically the zoms are livving creatures, right? XD) but, come on, when an tumbling high speed object moves towards you, it is not human instinct to move away in the same direction, it is a natural [logical] instinct to “get out of the way”. And don’t tell me that they got lucky. But who cares…

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 05

It would seem like they are making up for the lack of jokes of episode 03, as this episode continues the sex jokes. It did make me wonder though, what would it be like if meet a girl such as Aria or Shino. (I have met many a girl but so far none like these >__>)

Grade: B-
Pros: Got a big laugh out of a number of scenes, like the ero teacher’s breathing and other jokes. School swimsuit ep for those that dig it.
Cons: Sometimes a joke would feel out of place. Something like, moving from one joke to the next, breaking continuity. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, but then expecting the whole episode to be continuously funny is bad.

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episode 04

Let’s move onto Homura this time, also known as Kagari-san. This… uh, “Hybrid” Sekirei is the focus of this ep, so Homura fans will have some fun. Although, I honestly don’t know of any Homura fans… wouldn’t there be fans of both sexes, male and female? Fanboys and Fangirls? lol

Grade: C+
Pros: You’re going to have to wait for the DVD, apparently. If you’re a fan of bath scenes that is.
Cons: Well… this would probably center around me wondering what would become of Homura come series end (that is, the official end AKA manga). Is… “it” going to end up a girl or a boy? So far Minato has a nice harem going, and it would all be broken if Homura goes manly six packs and all…

Winner of the week: Tanamachi Kaoru

That hair.

HAHAHA I did it again. But then the winner wouldn’t be her, it’d be the hair. But since she dons the ‘do, then she wins! Har har ha….on a serious note, she does win because that hair is so good on her, and it’s just something I like to stare at, and her arc starting ep was a real treat for me. Definitely enjoyed it.

Ok I’ll be completely honest here. It was so good, Photobucket declared the screenshot of Junichi looking up her skirt as “not allowed” LOL

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My first 4koma for Asobi ni Ikuyo!

Whew, finally returned to the 4koma stage that I apparently left behind when Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou finished its broadcast run. Though, this one has it’s laughs and pains.

Click image for a larger one

 As usual, the fun times and tough times of the couple of hours done on this 4koma:

–Now, for some who don’t know, “WC” is a restroom. Now I’ve only seen that in Germany, which I presume exists in most of Europe, but I do not recall seeing it in the USA. Maybe in some areas, but man I’ve been to rest stops and restrooms of the entire lower half of the USA (12 years ago), so yeah…
This silly health problem flared up again. It has been popping up from time to time, but I really hated it this time because I was working on this 4koma. At its worst it can give me 95% paralysis on my right arm, at its lowest I’ll be lucky enough to lift 1kg of something. I really, really admire baseball players right now.
–This 4koma was easy, too easy in fact, but guess what gave me a wild ride: the helmet. Now, here’s my reasoning ok, she (Aoi-chan) hasn’t used this suit during daylight. So naturally I didn’t really get good looks at it while watching. Being a NASCAR fan, the first thing that pops into my mind, was of course, NASCARize her helmet. I said no way, no way am I ruining her head just because I didn’t see it right. So there you have, what I believe is what’s closest to what it really looks like.
–The simplicity of this 4koma will hopefully be complemented by the joke presented to you.

Hmm, by the way, I’ve passed 30,000 hits. Thanks readers for putting up with my zaniness! I’ll see if I can come up with a special ‘Thank You’ artwork…

Weekly Research: July 11-17

This week’s research: That ass.

Interestingly enough, this week’s episodes were being such an ass. In fact, all of the episodes for the 8 series that I’m following had quite an assload of ass occupying a large part of the screen’s real estate (the ass being the focal point for about 1 second or more, no freeze frame). Coincidence? Since I’m on a vendetta against coincidence, I think not. If you’re an ass guy, and if you like them girls, and you love them butts and you cannot lie, then this was your week. My my, this is the first time in my life I typed an assload of “ass” in a post…. XD

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7 Days of Anime July 11-17

7 Days of Anime (7DA) is a column by the mangatron where he grades the episode of the week for the series’ that he follows. Grades are done with 3 things in mind: 1) How well the episode fits into the current pacing [of the main story], 2) How well it maintained a viewers interest, and 3) overall enjoyment level (Animation quality, sounds of music and voice, and use of story elements).

A = Time well spent
B = If it’s your cup of tea, drink it
C= Only the fans will enjoy it regardless
+ = And then some
= Something is missing…

Asobi ni Ikuyo! Episode 01

The first episode in the series, we saw a heck of a lot of revelations than normally shown throughout anime history. Did we really need to see this much info? For 12 episodes, sure yeah.

Grade: B-
Pros: It’s them juggulars.
Cons: Is this kind of pacing a sign of things to come? And why him? Lucky bastard or coincidence?

Strike Witches Episode 02

Continuing where episode 01 left off, the 501st Fighter Wing reunite against a powerful new foe. <- how'd that sound? Good movie tagline? 😀

Grade: B-
Pros: That(them) ass(es). And a prediction I made came true… and then some.
Cons: I think I’ve seen this fight before…

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 03

Continuing the (mis)adventures of Ookami-chan and her squad of misfitting friends. Except, this episode shone without her. How’s that for breaking news…

Grade: A-
Pros: Lots of skin this episode. Or rather a great story of 2 of the supporting cast.
Cons: No baring of additional skin from Ookami-chan than her usual outfit.

Amagami SS episode 03

The 3rd episode in the arc of Haruka, the episode title is “Jealousy” but that only happened in the first half. (at least the stereotypical jealousy).

Grade: C+
Pros: Haruka lying on the sofa. Them legs and that large ass sweater = more than eyecandy.
Cons: Hmm this is a hard one… perhaps the kiss behind the knee? Because I thought he’d move north.

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 03

More adventuring from Carina and her good friends. Whoever said this series isn’t ecchi needs to see this.

Grade: B
Pros: Progress is jiggly er I mean smooth.
Cons: uhm…. naked loli? >___>

Highschool of the Tot Episode 02

More manga adventures of school related personel surviving. And zombies surviving too. Everyone needs to eat some time, right?

Grade: C
Pros: Er, ecchi zombies? How does someone get off on ecchi when a zombie is in their face?
Cons: Teacher Nurse… lady is a lot “slower” than the manga showed me….

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 03

Shino and Aria’s school trip follow tradition… and then some. Meanwhile, Suzu remains as small as ever. She can run head first into Tsuda’s crotch, man…

Grade: B-
Pros: Suzu speaking polite english then finishing it with a fresh mouth. And that’s all I have to say about that.
Cons: Sex jokes at their utmost minimum (compared to the previous 2 eps). Probably a good thing?

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episode 02

In three words: Benitsubasa’s phone calls. Enough said, go and watch it now.

Grade: A
Pros: Did I fail to mention Benitsubasa’s phone calls?
Cons: Er…. not enough Yukari? 😉

Give your own grading below in comments (open to anyone, anonymous or Google account)