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Highschool DxD Rias Gremory figure, am I seeing this right?

I’m trying to get my bearings full speed (I still have the tendency to let my glasses dip and not look through them), and came across this. Now I’m a bit out of the loop in regards to figures, make that out of the loop since I stopped collecting them, but I saw this on the twitter feed, and it’s about time a figure like this comes out:

Back in 2005 I bought some Tenjo Tenge mini-busts that featured bouncy breasts. Why they never perfected the technology to bring it to a full figure, I’ll never know, but I think squishiness is a good start:

Would you look at that, you get to grope her big ones with your fingers lol. The smaller your hands, the better! Too bad you can’t use your whole hand 😛

That’s one heck of a pantsu she’s wearing. By the way, there seems to be some 3D files included at the main site, and while the file name has “3DS” in it, I’m not sure if the Nintendo 3DS can open it. A quick search on google says the 3DS can open the files. Anyone care to try? The direct links here and here, or on my mediafire (as a zip) in case you download those links as jpgs.

By the way, don’t forget about that BDVD special #2 (link NSFW) 😀

Let’s repost my figure collection!

Hmm, oddly enough I hadn’t realized that my old posts about my figure collection seems to have gone the way of the dodo, so let’s showcase them again!



Yeah I like them butts and I cannot lie, all the little figures I can’t deny…

And, let’s answer questions that arose after its first unveiling several years back:

-These set of pictures were taken before the Gundam Model showcase.
-The figures aren’t there permanently, as the Gundam Model showcase shows. The figures were lined up for the picture taking, so don’t be surprised as to how am I supposed to use my computer there (which in case you were wondering, that is my second computer, the main one is too large and too powerful to be shoved under the table like this one is)
-As the pictures explain, I am a big fan of Pia Carrot, with those a part of my prized possesions alongside the Mahoraba figures, which were purchased from a friend on those same Animesuki Forums.
-As you can see from the lack of Gundams, the mass amount of Gundams were purchased the 3 months following these shots, all of before I went to Germany.
-The Microsoft Trackball was my choice for several years before I moved to a thumb based trackball.
-That’s a 17 inch LCD, at the time the highest for a consumer.
-Wait a minute, I’m going way off topic lol…
-Back to it, you can easily spot the garage kits I personally put together. Not my very best, hey, I was new at that alright >_>

Da Capo!

A new year, and 23 days later….

…a new post. Wow. So much for my resolution for keeping my blog a real part of my life. So, to start the year, I’ll chronicle a few things that led up to this post.

Pardon the late update, as the posting date was when I created this post lol….

  • Sad as it may sound, I had a recurring sickness similar to one I had several months ago last year, something that changed my eating habits and may have prompted a drinking problem I still face as of this day. Well, I couldn’t eat, so naturally, I drank lol…but not the kind of drink you may be thinking about.
  • Also, next month will also mark the 1 year anniversary of my time here in Germany/Europe. Granted, I was born and raised here, but it was several years ago that I left the old Germany, the Deustche Mark Germany, the Germany that I loved. Upon hearing of this EU I kinda hated this country, but who am I to say, I guess I am just….too troubled by the past that I had, a very sad and frustrating past that I’ve tried so hard to forget. And, it kinda works as I now have very little memory of the memories I sought to forget.
  • Sad things aside, I am looking forward to make this year a year where I will try to change the future that is laid out before me, the future that the past has made, and the future that I will be most happy with. The first thing I will try to do is establish the anime humor that has made me likable throughout the internet, and next I wish to use my voice impersonating skills for something I’ve been planning for months, even before I took up fansubbing. Something hopefully I will carry out and be established with my portfolio should I attempt the career change I had in mind for quite some time now.

And, with that said, those are just the tip of the iceberg for what I have planned for 2007. Naturally, I aim to make anime the same part of my life it has always been throughout the years of my life. So, to finalize my word on this post, I’d like to start the blog upgrades with some things I managed to accomplish in art/anime or manga related contests I’ve entered and fortunately have won something of worth.

  1. February 2003 Local Library Art competition regarding a cover for a Teen Brochure (Runner up)
  2. 2003-2004 Won a couple of Megaman Battle Network merchandise and Astroboy merchandise through local events.
  3. Christmas 2005 Garage kit Japan’s Christmas lottery (First place prize) Which was a Fate Stay Night model kit. You can see it below:
  4. Hobbyfanatics 2005 Winter Contest in which my entry was a special one, albeit it an odd one when it comes to sculpt. An alledged Thai cast of the 1/6th scale Takako Kinoshita Pia Carrot Dim Sum model kit. It is large, heavy and I entered for two reasons: 1, I am a heavy Pia Carrot fan, 2 I wanted to make my first professional looking model kit a Pia Carrot one, and a Takako Kinoshita one at that. A image for oggling purposes. (Random winner)
  5. With 2006 as the year of my “exile” in Germany lol, I was pretty out of touch with contests back at home. But that didn’t stop me from racking up my latest achievement, albeit probably a small one but a big one for me. Manga Academy’s “WTF happened to Manga Academy” contest, where we do a 4-koma, or 4-panel comic in a vertical manner. Having oddly failed at Animenation’s similar contest a few years ago, it was a nice win for me, albeit a kinda unbalanced one…(First place winner)

And so, I expect to add more updates in the days to come. One other reason is I’m waiting for my dad to bring my imported Nintendo DS lite from home, as both my parents went back to the US and decided to let me have Germany all to myself…..well, with my two older brothers to watch me and make sure I don’t drink myelf to oblivion lol. So until I re-acquire my other DS lite, I’ll hold off on that other post I wanted to make concerning “what kind of a traveler I am”.

The new Thermos girl figure. Keeps her hot body looking hot, and keeps her….cold as well?

(net downtimes, exhaustion, and other silly health problems prevented me from posting this earlier)

Having (finally) finished fansub work on a episode and for a group to be named later, I breathe a sigh of…. exhaustion lol. I’m not saying it’s tiring and that I don’t like it, I’m actually happy in helping out…anyways, there’s something that caught my mind(or eyes) when I went online recently. It looks a little something like this:

“What’s that, the Asuka twins?” you ask? Well, not really, but in a way, yes it is lol. That’s Asuka Langley from the Evangelion series, this product is from Bandai. Oh, so now you’re saying “Bah, that’s just another one of those 2123245879 million other figure’s of her” lol. Well, not quite. We’ve seen bouncy booby, squishy booby, nekkid booby, or just plain big booby-ed figures out there, but this one needs a “Unique invention” award or something. Maybe this will help shed a brighter light on things:

So, according to the image (from a magazine I presume, a browse through Bandai’s website proved fruitless), the colder the figure is, the darker the clothing, and vice versa. So in other words, the colder it is, the more clothes she wears, the warmer it is the more nekkid she is lol. Ok, so why didn’t they do this, huh? A swimsuit figure of this kind, put her in cold water then you can see her wearing a swimsuit, put her on the sand out on a hot day and it would look like she’s sunbathing. Ah, the possibilities….I can now see a Gundam changing color from Jungle camo mode to Snow camo mode lol.

Ok, so it’s not like I don’t like this figure, in fact I love it very much. Hell, who wouldn’t? Stocking, one piece dress, with fettucine strap and church shoes, what’s not to like? lol

(By the way, I noticed after upgrading my blogger to the latest version, I see a google ad at the very top of the page. does anyone else see that? I’d appreciate it if you let me know through comments)

Comments welcome.

Hmm, Pia Carrot…. GO mangatron lol

While some may be wondering where in the world have I been, which, I will say still here lol, but busy. Real busy. In fact so busy I can safely say the past 24 hours, I have only gotten an est. 3 hours of sleep lol. Not that it’s a problem, I just thought I’d share with some of you the happenings of the mangatron: anime edition.

I’m a translator! No wait, that didn’t sound right. Right, I’m a co-translator for . Ah, why the secrecy you ask? Well, some of you may already know, some of you may not. But the truth is I want to keep it a secret until the episode I worked on is released. Which, I am 50% done with. In which I will say being a translator is kinda hard, mostly for me because this is my first time working directly with fansubs instead of just being on the outside. Now, all I need to do is finish then we all happy, ja? Now, a little treat for everyone:

That Anime/manga figure I want to talk about”

Ah, Ayano Kunugi from Pia Carrot G.O., also known as Pia Carrot 4! But that doesn’t work in an anime sense because there have been 4 known anime works of the Pia Carrot franchise, and the fourth one is definately not Pia Carrot G.O. So, what have I got to say? AAAAH MY NOSE IT BLEEDS AGAIN JUST LIKE THE MAHORABA DAYS AAHH NOTHING BETTER THAN A FAILING MIZUGI ON A CUTE GIRL!!!XDDD Wait, that doesn’t make sense…everyday is a Mahoraba day for me, all I need to do is watch an anime episode then *gush* goes the blood lol.

Now, for a in depth mangatron style analysis of the figure:

  1. Body: Nice shapely figure a hikkimoru like me cannot deny. Complete with the arms desperately trying to cover up what’s left of the exposed body, with some serious real estate to cover. Overall 9 out of 10 points.
  2. Clothing: swimsuit + frilly things = the win. So, you’re thinking like me. A halter style top with a low profile bottom, you can do no wrong except pierce the things with that lustful stare of yours. Color = sky blue, so that makes underwater viewing a near nude experience. Add the fact that the frilly things are white and a delight, the conclusion is: Choice of swimsuit and color a 9.5 points out of 10.
  3. Hair: oh, the hair. Definately the hair. The next thing I look for in a figure, it’s what makes viewing either a good day or a bad hair day. Add to the fact that I’m a pigtail-con, I’d like to proudly announce I am also a ribbon-on-the-hair-con. Choice of color is Yellow, which adheres to the “never choose the same color for a head accessory that matches your clothing” rule. In which the hair color in question is Brown, so Yellow makes both the hair and ribbon stick out like a flame viewed in a IR scope. This concludes my hair evaluation at: 8 out of 10 due to the fact that the hair may be a bit too long for the character, in which Ayano in the game does not have hair at lengths like this, at least, it has not been shown to be officially this long.
  4. Pose: Ah yes, the pose. Everyone needs to know why the pose is important. What would you like on your order, customer-san? Would you like nekkid and sekushii, or do you prefer clothed and pantsu flashed? Whatever the case may be, all bishoujo-con’s like myself agree that any pose with the legs emphasized is a must win situation at all costs. In this case Ayano-chan has her legs closely posed together, emphasizing her need to support her voluptuously yummy body, with covering as much of her crotch as much as possible. then we have the arms desperately trying to multi-task in keeping the swimsuit on while at the same time maintaining a pose to nosebleed for. The waist, ah, man’s best friend. In which a dog will then tell you that man has many friends. Nicknamed “love handles”(huggers should, or I say, need, to know that), a slender waist is something that screams “hug me, I’m yours”. Pose that in a figure-S stance and I will see you at the hospital and donate blood lost during your nosebleed sessions. Finally, the killer: the head. What’s with the head you ask? Any man alive will tell you that at any time a girl tilts her head she is just asking to melt you with all her…looks. Of course, this has to be evaluated because surely you don’t want this girl’s head in the wrong position. Final tally: 10 out of 10 because you have to admit it, a girl with a small body has got to be the most snuggly beings on earth. Provided the girl likes you, as the mangatron is not responsible for men who hug random girls on the street and get hit with the “you pervert” punch due to my small-girls-are-snuggly theory.

Finally, the overall rating? N/A.


Yes, that’s right, Not Available. You heard me, I said not available. Now don’t go around bear-hugging me to death just because I said not available. In case I haven’t mentioned it, which I haven’t, the figure has not been released yet (as of this post). At least, not widely available. I have not yet givin it ratings of quality(materials, number of parts, etc), eye modeling and overall painting quality. So, until I have this figure in my hands will I then give it my final rating. But for now, reserve your figure now at Hobby Search Garage or wherever you like buying. Trust me, I know all about buying figures. And I do know that I like to buy these kind of figures.

Comments welcome, and no registering required last I checked…

Hobby Search [link in my links/aff area]

Rei Ayanami, look to your left. No, your other left…

(Note: This report was completed a few days ago, but due to health problems, I was only able to post the post today.)

Topic: “That anime related merchandise bothers me”

Merchandise of the day: Anime figure collectibles.

Character in question: Rei Ayanami

Introduction: Here’s the report I mentioned in the previous post. Now, I’m quite the figure collector myself, as I have quite a large number of them in all sorts of poses, all sorts of girls, etc…And, with that said, something bothered me that normally wouldn’t, because, I’m not a fan of NGE (but I do respect it). So your wondering why am I talking about Rei Ayanami, a Eva girl? Please remember to note that although I may sound serious at times, this report is not to be taken seriously and the whole point is to laugh at either me being crazy or the theories I create. Although, you will have to agree I make sense with my musings….The controversy begins….

Part 1: See the big picture. Rei Ayanami, one of the most recognizable girls in all of anime, sadly. lol. Ehem, anyways, what bothers me? Here’s what bothers me:

That picture above. Yes, the one with the blue haired girl, looking at you with those cute red eyes. Looking at you in the direction of her left. Read my previous sentence again please. “Looking at you in the direction of her left”. Oh, “so what?” your saying. Ok, here’s what:

Stare please: or this: or what about this:

By now you probably looked at the first picture again, then stared at the next 3 with either perverted eyes or with a “holy….” look in your eyes. Yes, that’s right, all 4 figures/garage kits have Rei looking towards her left. “Aw, sorry bud, I don’t see the point…” is what some may say, but my points become clear…

Part 2: Gripes. We all know (or should know for some of you) that Evangelion has perhaps the widest assortment of figures for Rei and Asuka. I have yet to see someone with the complete collection, but here’s where my gripes begin: what if I were to collect all the Rei Ayanami figures? What if I decided to display them museum style? That would mean a majority would be facing towards the left, in turn would make bystanders look like they’re in line for something. Of course, if I set them all on a table I would end up looking at them from the far right of the table. I mean, Rei is a girl for crying out loud, I don’t want to stare at her left side all day, I want to see her from the right as well!

Part 3: Theories. Perhaps the funniest part of this whole fiasco. Now, remember when I said I have a large amount of figures in my collection. I know, as a fact, that a majority of all the figures sculpted have the girls looking towards their left, as many of my figures are looking towards the left lol. But, you all know me. Somehow, someway I just have to be controversial. So I actually did research a answer to my own question and came up with this: Rei’s good side is her left. Ok….your probably thinking I’m a nutjob for saying that I know a fictional character that well lol. But, that was the best answer I could laugh up. We all know how we want to take pictures, and say “get a shot of my good side”. Well, quite literally a Angel managed to “get a shot” of Rei’s right side. Do I have proof? Look at this:

Ah look, that’s a screenshot from episode 3 of the TV series. See, even here she’s looking to her left lol…now look closely. See, her right side was hurt pretty badly…ah I feel sorry for her….her right arm…her right eye…lol….ehem, as you can see she got hurt on her right side. So, what is my answer? In real life you may have heard the term “nerve compensation reaction” (at least what I think it is called). No, not “Nerv Compensation Reaction”. It’s when a situation arises that disables the function of a certain part of your body, causing a neighboring/opposite part to react and rise to the occasion. An example would be the eyes. Each and every one of us have a superior eye. Meaning if one is obscured, the other instantly takes control and compensate’s. Snipers can probably vouch for this. So, back to Rei. In this case, the answer I found was that since her right side was damaged that badly, it caused her body to react to it and made her “showcase” her left side more frequently LOL. That’s why when she posed for all these figure sculptors she looks to her left and shows her left side out of reflex! Blast you Sachiel the 3rd angel, you made Rei have a disability that makes her look to her left from time to time….lol… Theory in Layman terms: Rei’s only poses in ways that showcase her left side more often than her right, due to injuries sustained while battling Sachiel the 3rd angel.

Part 4: Conflicting reasons. Ok, now some of you probably think I am officially crazy. What, you never read my episode summaries at the Animesuki Forums? lol. But, it was quite funny when I actually found an excuse for all my gripes. But, back to the conflicting reasons why my answer, if taken seriously, is flawed. lol. First of all, a majority of figure sculptors base their works on official artwok or fan art. Example for those who don’t know would be my lovely paint job, Takako Kinoshita (another figure looking to her left lol):Yes, that figure was completed by me, and the winner of Hobbyfanatics Random Draw Winner 2006. Of course, there are the more rare, original-pose sculpts. So basically I just shot myself in the foot explaining the above lol…second of all, even if Rei wasn’t injured by Mr. Sachiel, she’d still be posing the way she does now. Believe me, I do feel that a girl is best posed with her left side expose`. Adding to the fact that Rei is usually cast in the shadow of Asuka (the figures are usually paired up together. In this case, I didn’t tell you about the gripe I had with Asuka showcasing her right side more often than Rei lol), and I don’t want to get into the “Asuka and her right sided posing” topic lol…

Conclusion: I’m crazy. lol. Of course there’s no conspiracy with the left facing Rei figures, coincidentaly inevitably left facing at that…It’s true I admit I was a little discouraged to find more left-posed Rei figures than I thought there would be after researching all the possible creations of Rei. But I will admit that I really believed there was a reason behind all this, and the allegation that Asuka must be purchased alongside Rei to bring out the figure’s true purpose of the pose. All in all I do like the Rei figures, and it was fun making up an excuse for the great question of “why Rei is looking to her left more often than her right. So, for the grand finale, the conclusion of this report?

“In the case of mangatron vs. Rei Ayanami and her left facing figures, the court finds….Sachiel, the 3rd angel to blame. Unfortunately Sachiel met it’s maker not too long after handing Rei her injuries, so he is unable to attend this hearing.”

Dmn you Sachiel

I’m the mangatron. RE of the controversy. I hope you enjoyed this hilarious take on the world of anime girl figures. Comments welcome, and see you again sometime….

(Special thanks to Hobbysearch Garage for the research material)
Note: The references of Sachiel lean more towards the manga version, in case some of you wonder…