So it’s been a while since I went digging…

And found some really fun stuff over at Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou’s official page.

As of this moment though, it’s not shown. At least, publicly anyways. I came across pictures of both Yuri and Bouchirou, at the time of this post the profiles of both of these characters were not made public.

Ok Marvelous, what’s the deal? I know I have this running hatred against your constant use of Flash across most of your special webpages, but you didn’t have to leave your files unlocked like that. I mean…. too easy. I used tactics from more than 3 years ago, and you mean to tell me things haven’t changed since then? I didn’t even have to raid directories… Wow…

Anyways, putting that aside, amusingly enough their character profiles are pretty much blank, Yuri has a similar description like Eiko in that besides the name, there’s just a one-liner description. Bouzo on the other hand, has a blank description, aside from name. Oh well…. fun times.

(I uploaded low Q files, in case this is my exclusive lol… maybe in one week’s time HQ versions will be uploaded or if Marvelous unlocks them first)

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