R-15 episode 01: more like Rated R

Why censor her? The girl was just going to lift her skirt to cool her self down after a hot day…

Hmm, when was the last time I’ve seen lipstick on an Anime Girl that looked this good?

Ah, if I ever needed a reason to watch this series, she’d be it…

…except there’s quite a number of twintails to go around,


Chief-chan actually went no-pan…

Listen up TV stations! The censors are too bright, ya hear? Because she says so!

She needs a dakimakura with a clarinet on it, hugging this hard thing isn’t healthy…

Hey, any Infinite Stratos viewers out there? Looks like Clarinet girl went to the same twilight zone as Ichika lol.

Ok, this be the second Anime I’ve seen this season that defies the Laws of Physics. First of all, we have the guy being all heroic and trying to… defend against a missile.
 Forget the absurdity of that, what is important is that he’s facing the missile, and let’s round it off to him having his back to her. Now, the explosion dictates that objects in contention with the force must be blown backwards.
 Now, looking at the bench, it suffered a terrible blow straight down the middle, meaning that girl should be particles in the wind. Even so, the explosion would have blown her up and over the bench, over the plateau, and down the cliff. Yet, we see him on top, her simply having rolled down off the bench, and despite the fairly intact clothes of the two, the poor bench suffered critical damage. I have now just typed this whole thing for nothing.

Hopefully Sadistic Chief-chan will continue to have more screen time, I admit she’ll be the driving force behind my will to watch this series.

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