Hello 2012…..what the heck? I’m capped even more?

Ah, what a way to start a new year. My banner has an all time low 4 girls only, due to the strange lack of 2012-series (bouncy) posters from Nyantype and Megami. Then I find some disturbing new info on why my internet connectivity has sucked major donkey balls.

According to the Philippine undernet (sorry, can’t post links, but citizens of this country would know which sites I am talking about), my wireless carrier (Globe) has made some frustrating new changes since last month:

-The blocking of ports due to abuse of cheapskate users has affected paying subscribers like me.
-NEW INFO: a new bandwidth limit of 400kbps (That’s a download speed of 40 KB a second for those of you who spend time on fiber optic lines and forgot what kbps means :P) has been imposed, time of day uncertain but according to my own tests, it happens around 9AM and well into the night.
-NEW INFO: it seems to be established by some folks (sorry, I don’t understand the language so I’m picking off what little english they use) that there is a 450MB data transfer limit from 10AM to 11PM. According to my own tests, this seems to be true as they royally lied about the 800MB limit that I never reached that they so graciously tried to notify me about.

What does this mean? It cuts into my anime time even more. And that was on rough seas since last year. Again, why don’t I use any other wireless carrier?

From one burning ship to another? No way. Reality is, the data plans and service in this country suck black holes. Now Hong Kong has better prepaid plans lol. (in fact I think they always did.)

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