2 Groups!?? Isn’t that too much? lol

My aching body aside, I’ve a bit of news concerning my status in the field of fansubs. Many of you have known that the group Ryoumi kicked me out citing…. whatever the reason was lol. So while I helplessly floated around IRC, enjoying my vacation GNU-fansubs owner-type of dude Power2All decided to go to the Ryoumi website and see what my profession is lol. So he sees me blubbering something in the GNU IRC channel, to which he raids me and asks if I can TLC(Translation Check) [un-named series]. So, I figured I’d take a look at [un-named series], to which I realized the raw was 400mb lol. But, I do seem to find the series fascinating, so I decided to give ep 01 a crack. Then, not long after deciding, pichu over at Ryoumi tells me Spinal agreed to have me back, to which he adds “as a TL/QC”. Translator and Quality Control/Check? Something I did with Venus Versus Virus 03 re-translation must’ve made them come to this conclusion lol.

So there you have it, I am now assisting two fansub groups, which….I hope I don’t conk myself out. Because, I am trying to heal myself after all, and I feel my time here in Germany will come to a close soon and I just may…….hang around in the months to come.

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