Hi-Res Infinite Stratos OVA preview

Click images for 720p sizes
Houki taking a bath! Looks like I need a bath too! *strips and pounces on Houki*

I admit, I can’t help but laugh at the articles and blog posts online that do a deep analysis about why Infinite Stratos sells so much. I say Screw It, it’s all about the girls, plain and simple english XD

Seriously, it’s not often we get a series with mecha girls, and not to mention getting an OVA like this, with the girls in casual outfits? Look at Laura, wearing a party dress or something lol. Shirley looks like she just stepped out of a high class all-girls school, and Rinny looks like the weather is cold out lol, but I’m all for Houki and her sleeveless dress shirt, miniskirt ZZZZZZZZettai Ryouiki combo XD

-Fun facts:

What does the above picture mean? It could mean that there are fans of Ichika’s and Banager’s voice actor, or you know…. mecha fans. Analyze that!

Not bad, eh? #11 in Anime category, and #35 in DVD’s in general, I’d say Infinite Stratos is doing quite well…. 1 year later without some Madoka airing. Analy-…. never mind.

-Sad fact: I’ve yet to see a single BluRay/DVD version episode of the TV series. Now where’s that box cutter…. XD

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