You guys are perverts!

47% thinks there’s not enough boobies? 

Well, a new season of Anime, and with that I change banners again. I decided to do that since there seems to be a bit more space up there, so hopefully I can change it every season. Though I’m liking what I see now, thanks to poll results, it seems like my readers didn’t get enough boobies last season. Happy now? Okay so it’s not much votes, but a good turnout compared to other polls. Sad that the Sengoku Girls didn’t catch on 😛

Interesting info:

Q: Since when did you decide to make your top banner a boobie banner?
A: Well you know, it sells? Honestly lol, I like to look at them. And that’s it.

Q: Why does Kanako from Nyan Koi always seem to be up there regardless of the current season?
A: She holds a special place in my dreams heart. You might have heard already, but it was that Fall 2009 season where I made my on-time return to Anime viewing, and for such a grand adventure, I really wanted to absorb the series with the cutest girls. Enter Nyan Koi, Kampfer, Sacred Blacksmith, Seitokai no Ichizon, and the like, and that’s where we’re at now. Kanako has a personality I fell in love with, and ahem her big ones too of course. It was the pool episode (09 or 10 I think) where she had an underboob scene, and that was enough to splurt massive amounts of blood from my nose. Of course her eyecatch (the image used in the banner) also made me bleed profusely, so there we have it. KANAKO!

By the way I always do multiple vote choices. You know, in case you think there’s a lot of a little bit of no boobies…. er…

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