idolmAster episode 01: FPS anime

My waifu. Look at those legs!

Ah, idolmAster. Everytime I think of an iMaster anime, I always remember Xenoglossia… if that’s how it’s spelled lol. Really, back when that Xenoglossia came out, it struck me as odd, I was expecting something more like what we have now for Summer 2011.

And I don’t mind more of this kind of first person Anime style for iMaster. It’s fun, I’ll tell you that much. Life at the office is so lively with this many girls, and what, before producer-san arrived, there was only 1 male? President-san was a lucky guy XD

Oh, and this made me laugh:

I don’t need to explain, right? Because I’d love to show her something I have that changes as it gets bigger 😛

And I seriously want to be Hibiki’s hamtaro. I love that girl, she’s got nice proportions, not too big up there, purrty legs, and a ponytail. MY WAIFU. Not saying I don’t like Miki’s big ones 😀 Anyways at the end of the ep, producer-san is no longer a faceless fellow. All those iMaster doujins made me laugh too, at how we the reader was supposed to be him. Oh, and the dancing credits, ah a good reason to watch the credits for every ep, let’s see if I can do that.

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