SCANDAL! Mangatron cheats on Houki

Ah man… I knew it. I’m turning into a Cecilia fan XD

Look at those legs! PANTYHOSE!!!

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6 responses to “SCANDAL! Mangatron cheats on Houki

  1. no.please no… she's mine…stay away;)

  2. No way 😉

    I'm turning into a Cecilia fan and I can't control the changes XD


  3. i guess i'll have a little talk to Houki… i'll calm her down and let her cry on MY shoulders, take her to a nice place(“anywhere but away from mangatron” she'll say)HA!

  4. Why you blackmailing son of a…

    Oh look! Over there! It's Cecilia!

    *snatches Houki and runs into the horizon*

  5. so everything went back to normal(?) u r happy with your wife(you saved her told that im a bad guy(im not lol) and now she loves you more than she ever did) and i'm happy with my darling, Cecilia.
    (from another point of view i saved your marriage;):P))

  6. “You saved my marriage” lol that's the most hilarious thing I read today.

    This sounds like a funny hentai manga story. I cheated on my waifu and went after another waifu, and then my waifu was going to be snatched away from me, I didn't realize what I had and went back to my waifu, happy ending! What did we do, wife swap? lol

    Now I just need to convince my Houki to wear some pantyhose… XD

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